where to eat in Montreal [Travel]

2009 Jul 22
I am heading to Montreal and am looking for a nice Restaurant for supper. We would love somewhere in Old Montreal but it doesn't have to be in that area. We just really want a nice place with great food and wine.

2009 Jul 22
Hi Bok Choy!

We're already discussed this here: ottawafoodies.com

I would also recommend checking out the Travel Wiki for Montreal, here: wiki.ottawafoodies.com

(which reminds me, I have to list my visits to Olive et Gourmand and 3 Brasseurs there)

Bon voyage!

2009 Jul 22
Any one read up the Maclean's write up on Schwartz's and how it is on the decline? I feel vindicated being a REUBEN's man... also.. how do you bold things or add links? =)

2009 Jul 22
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2009 Jul 22
Last time I was at Schwartz's (April) I saw that they had added a takeout section on the side, completely separate from the restaurant. The food was still good but the atmosphere was missing.

2009 Jul 22
I saw the Maclean's article, too, and was saddened. Last time was at Schwartz's (January 2008) we went at lunch during the weekend and it was fantastic. Hopefully they'll fire the doofus responsible for steaming the meat at night and get somebody who cares.

2009 Jul 22
My only suggestion: PDC all the way! (Au Pied de Cochon).
I really like the 3 Brasseurs for a light lunch and beer too.

2009 Jul 22
mmmm. Poutine, I really wanted to try PDC, but alas...I'm still a poor student so we opted for the cheap dinner. Om nom nom.

2009 Jul 23
Snoopy Loopy - Check out the OF HELP Section (link at top of every page) there you'll find out all kinds of neat things about the site including how to do Bold, Italics and OF Internal Links - snoopy loopy

2009 Jul 23
Clever =) Big community this has become as I'm user 516 =)

2009 Jul 23
Snoopy Loopy - Yup, we certainly are a large group now... having welcomed User 1951 today... interesting 1400 Newbies since you joined almost 2 years ago. LOL

2009 Jul 23
Has it been that long since I moved here? Golly how time flies!

2009 Jul 27
I would recommend to walk up and down the Saint-Laurent Boulevard.
I know it's not "Old Montreal" but you will find excellent little
restaurants everywhere!
My favorite one is right next to the Moksha Yoga Studio which is # 3863.
It's a Portuguese restaurant and it's fabulous.
And across the street there is a Lebanese restaurant which is also very good.
Have fun in MOntreal!

2009 Jul 27
Just got back from MTL...two quick highlights...

Fast food tacos and guacamole in a joint at Ste Catherine and St Laurent (i.e: heart of the tourist trap district). Place was great, forget the name, but they did a lot of excellent, ostensibly authentic, tamales, tacos and sides. Really enjoyed it for a quick bite on the run.

Pied de Cochon....yet again. This place continues to amaze me. Had the cod fritters, zucchini flowers, foie gras cromesquis and the boudin/foie gras tart (amazing but incredibly rich, easily could split it four ways)...an outrageous amount of food for two people. Price with multiple drinks...80 bucks.

I am convinced the best way to enjoy this place is share every plate, under order, focus on the apps and never order more than one main per two people, otherwise you get way too much food and it is hard to enjoy the cuisine when you are overwhelmed by how much food is at the table. I saw an American couple at the table next to me, clearly unimpressed, with half finished plates all over the table...and their bill was in the $400+ range. I can understand why they didn't see what the big deal is....

2009 Aug 5
Don't forget the previous discussion as well.