Airport foodie suggestions? [General]

2009 Jul 15
Hi everybody,

I will be passing through a few airports on my way to India in August and I'd like to get your advice regarding foodie or souvenir suggestions. On my way out I'll be passing through Frankfurt airport (Terminal 1 - arrive 6:30 am, leave at noon) and on the way back I'll be going through the Paris airport (Terminal C - arrive 6:05 am, leave at 10:30).

I only have a few hours in each one so I'd like to be as strategic as possible! I know some deride airport shopping as it is overpriced, but I don't have time to go out into the city (boo hoo!) so this is the only taste of Germany/France I can get.

I know you are all a cosmopolitan bunch - any particular products or shops you recommend?


2009 Jul 28
Here's the pic, if you're too lazy to click on the link...

2009 Jul 29
No need to buy those beans - you can download the label from their website! I did that, and printed it off using a colour printer. So I will be carrying my label with me to India, to pose with me in various colourful locales!