New post to my food blog - Floribbean cuisine! [General]

2009 Apr 13
Dear Ottawa Foodies,

The Ottawa winter is dragging on long and hard. Why not come on a little tour of Florida with me? I recently came back from a trip to Orlando, the coast, and Miami. Although my food blog ( is primarily about my little corner of Ottawa at the corner of Carling and Bayshore, I decided to write about culinary encounters on my trip because...well, because I like thinking about and talking about food, and that doesn't stop when you're on vacation!

First there is a fairly long review of a restaurant I visited, then a shorter post about Disneyland. Check through the other posts to learn about some food adventures in my Ottawa neighborhood.

I hope you enjoy it!

Ms. Foodie (and her baby!)

2009 Apr 15
Ms Foodie,
sanddabs are tiny relatives to halibut, plaice, sole and other flatfish
hardly commercially fished so I doubt you'd find them in ottawa
never seen em here, never served them here nor been offered them by my fishguys
last time I saw them on a menu was as a special in SF

they range from 2-6 pounds whole and can be found on both coasts
I like the smaller ones and merely dress them and deepfry, whole, asian style then served with chilis, ginger, garlic, and tamarind juice

please note the size of the dab compared to the fillet knife