Our Wedding [General]

2008 Sep 24
We had a wonderful wedding at the Courtyard Restaurant on Saturday. It was a morning ceremony followed by reception and lunch.

The food at the Courtyard was excellent and we actually found the food the day of the Wedding to be better than our tasting menu. If you are thinking of doing a smaller wedding (we had 53 people which was perfect for the room), I would highly recommend the Courtyard. Their prices for lunch are very reasonable and we did not find that we were being nickled and dimed.

We got our cake from the Girl with the Most Cake. I will post pictures when we get them but in short: The cake looked awesome and tasted great! Beautiful icing made with butter cream - not fondant!

We had a lovely meal on our own at Domus that night and they treated us very well. A wonderful meal which we will get to repeat as one of our gifts was a gift certificate for Domus!


2008 Sep 24
And here's our cake!

2008 Sep 30
Medicine Jar, I love the decorating on your wedding cake! I know what you mean about Courtyard rocking when it comes to weddings. I went to one there last summer and they served Mariposa duck, mmm!