Where to get Seal

2010 Mar 16
Nothing better on a hot summer day then to suck the juices out of a seals eyeball.

2010 Mar 13
I have the chance to try seal over Christmas in Quebec City. Actually it was in Wendake about 15 minutes outside Quebec, they opened a luxury hotel with a restaurant which features first nation ingredients. It was a wonderful experience. The seal itself, wasn't unlike liver taste wise.


2010 Mar 13
phoque that FF, no need to pelt us with all the blubbering! Some people have different tastes. When I was a young pup, sure, that was OK. But today that is not best cooking method fur me!

2010 Mar 12
Raw seems to be the preferred way to enjoy seal (memories of Anthony Bourdain's visit to Quebec). I'd expect the best cooking method to be one that "seals" in the flavour. :P

2010 Mar 12
...or maybe you need to listen to Kiss From A Rose to bring it all together?

2010 Mar 12
Maybe seal needs to be eaten raw or stewed to bring out its perfect sealiness? Just sayin'.

2010 Mar 11
Ron Eade gave it a go, and pronounced the loin kind of meh:


I can't get over how dark it is; it looks black.

2010 Mar 11
Really? Seriously? :\

2010 Mar 11
Just saw the pics on the news. That looks fantastic! Anybody know where you can get some? Restaurant or raw?

And no, I am not a troll. Just a foodie who is willing to try just about anything.......twice.


2010 Mar 10
They're serving seal meat in Canada's parliamentary restaurant now (www.reuters.com).

Have any publicly accessible restaurants dared to serve it yet? (This brings back memories of a group of Ottawa Foodies at Atelier, joking about what they could do with a "Seal Club Sandwich".)