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All You Can Eat Sushi at 168 Sushi Buffet
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All You Can Eat Sushi at 168 Sushi Buffet
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2014 Jun 28
I like the chicken yakitori? skewers from the St Laurent location.

They are fried and crispy. not really real yakitori, but tasty crispy chicken on a stick!

The worst sushi I had at 168 was the Ginger Crisp.

-when I went to ask the server what it was. Is the ginger fried, is it w tempura.
I'd never been to 168 and no sushi place I eat at has "ginger crisp" anything...

I was told "it ginger, it crispy and good".
Tried asking a second time and told "it good with ginger, try it".

**Turns out it is a big pile of the sushi ginger with tempura flakes rolled up into a sushi roll.
If you like tons of sushi ginger and tempura might like it.

Also Cucumber Chips sushi.
Thought it might be slices of cucumber?
Nope shredded cucumber on a pringles chip w sauce.

Also the "tempura scallop at the St laurent location, it is "immitation scallop nugget" which is prob why they put so much sauce on it, so ppl do not notice...

Will also add the Crispy Tofu was great.
It is so crunch and really good!

2014 Jun 20
Actually I prefer the St. Laurent version to the Merrivale version. But a big part of sushi is preparation. If it falls apart before it reaches your mouth it's not made right.

The staff and service at the St. Laurent version have always been tops!

2014 Jun 11
Portions were unnaturally large and/or greasy compared to the Merivale location. It was half empty on a Saturday night; the Merivale location usually has a lineup.

Maybe we had an off night?

2014 Apr 16
Visited for lunch with my wife and we were happy. The quality was decent enough, the selection was huge. Like the other places, lunch ($16) is like dinner but without sashimi or eel. If you like salmon, the Salmon Rose sushi is your best lunchtime bet as it comes with two slices of salmon. Maki rolls were nicely done, without too much rice. The teriyaki salmon belly was generously meaty and really great!

The shrimp shui mai we ordered never showed up, so the only dim sum item we tried was the Ginger Squid. This was tasty but very soft, almost mushy. Will try other dim sum items next time!

2013 Jun 18
The selection of maki sushi here is quite good. There were at least 12 different rolls to choose from, all quite well made. For an AYCE sushi place the quality of this sushi is just average, but for a Chinese buffet it is impressive!

(Also in this photo: dim sum.)



2012 Sep 10
I understand that they have a full line up of drafts. When you went they were still waiting on deliveries from their beer suppliers as they had a new liquor license.

2012 Sep 10
That's weird.
I went on Aug21st, and they didn't have anything on tap. well they had one, I can't remember, but it definately wasn't Saporo or Magners, since I am a big fan of both. I also have not seen Magners on tap anywhere so I also wanted to try it, but they didn't have it...

Were they lying to me? :(

2012 Aug 22
Having tried many of the popular ayce sushi places around the city, I can unreservedly say this is the best I've seen. The restaurant is clean and comfortable, the staff are attentive and eager to please, and--most importantly--the food was consistently executed very well. The selection is above average compared with other ayce places, but the freshness and taste is on par with even the finer traditional/'proper' sushi restaurants around. In fact, the salmon sashimi--a benchmark we use among all sushi restaurants--was the best we've tasted this side of the Rockies. Furthermore, the fried items--another benchmark we use to compare ayce establishments in particular--were properly cooked: the tempura was perfectly light and crunchy without a hint of excess oil, and the sushi pizza sported a crunchy crust with unspoiled rice inside. (Any restaurant can deep-fry something, but it takes skill and discipline to use good, clean oil at the right temperature--it shows at Sawa.)
Another pleasant surprise was the bar. In addition to the usual beers, on draught included Sapporo, Hop City, and Magners cider. (The Magners got me particularly excited because it's hard to find it on draught around here.) After supper, the owner, Jack, invited us to sample some of the beers we hadn't tried before. He had a good chat with us, and he seems like an earnest guy who's working hard to deliver a quality product.
In its early days, Sawa already has the marks of top-quality. If it can maintain this momentum, it will arguably be one of the top dining destinations in Orleans. If you have a taste for sushi, and even swear by another restaurant, it's worth your time to try this place out.



2012 Aug 18
I have never written a review for a restourant before but because a friend of ours decided not to come to this restourant because of the two reviews I made it my goal to sign up and give an honest review. So here goes: the styling of this place is more like a nightclub then a restourant the booths are red / pinkish leather and there are huge chandeliers above, but there is normal booths along the windows aswell if you don't want to feel like your on the set of scarface. As for the food, we got everything we ordered within about 15 mins which is not bad given the amount of food we ordered. There is also a buffet with pre cooked stuff on the side so you have something to munch on while you wait on your order (all inclusive in one price). Everything that we ordered pre cooked tasted good. The uncooked meat for the table BBQ however is un-seasoned raw meat but they bring you different sauces to experiment with, so make sure you use lots of the sauce or else the meat will taste kind of plain. Overall the selection variety is very good, the food tasted great (if you prepare it right) and I would recommend this place to others, but not too often, because it is all you can eat and that might cause problems in the long run :p


2013 Apr 23
Tried this place last Friday night. Overall, I really enjoyed it. The quality was higher than the other two near-by AYCE sushi places. It just seemed that the food was prepared with more care. Sashimi was definitely higher quality. The photo attached is the Samurai roll - made without seaweed. I thought it was very creative and looked pretty but I wouldn't order again just because the ratio of rice to toppings was way too high.

Tried a few of the item's that FF tried. I really enjoyed those vinegar shrimp, kind of addictive! But I thought the crystal shrimp were just boring and overcooked. It was nice to see taro tempura on the menu, but the tempura batter, like mentioned before, was a bit too thick and heavy.

The service was slow, which was surprising because the restaurant was only about 1/4 full. However, everything seemed to be prepared well so I didn't mind waiting. Very welcoming and pleasant waiting staff. Will go back there for my next AYCE sushi fix.

2013 Apr 16
Tried this new place on Saturday evening. Service was super friendly and pleasant. The food was a mixed bag.

* Salads (Green, Avocado, Seafood) all had the same sickly sweet mango dressing instead of the nice ginger dressing we've had elsewhere.
* Sushi and sashimi were tasty and well-formed. Definitely above average!
* Fried dishes (i.e. tempura) were greasier than other places, with a heavier breading.
* Stir-fry dishes (we had Fried Udon Seafood), had nice wok flavour and were very good!
* Teriyaki BBQ Salmon Neck was huge and very good, although sweeter than usual. Awesome if you love fatty, crispy, salmon like I do.
* Crystal Shrimp were really nice. Worth trying if you are a shrimperor!
* Vinegar Shrimp (sashimi) were interesting -- tiny vinegar-marinated shrimp, with a fun chewiness and mild flavour. (See bottom left of the pic.)

The "Premium Rolls" (e.g. Green Dragon) all come with a too-sweet sauce drizzled on them (see pic). For me, it spoils the sushi experience.

So skip the salads and premium sushi rolls if you don't like your food very sweet. Skip the fried stuff. Go for the regular sushi, the stir fries, and the little gems you won't find elsewhere. Including the Coconut Ice Cream, which had actual pieces of coconut in it!




2017 Nov 12
This is one of the few places that the whole family is enthusiastic about! We tend to go for weekend lunch which is now up to about $17 per person. For the quality and quantity we pay this happily.

Lower-priced sushi restaurants are known to take advantage of ambiguity in fish naming by subtituting inferior species on their menus. Red snapper might be tilapia, and white tuna or butterfish might be escolar. So I basically stick to salmon, which I love!

My recommendations here are:

* seaweed salad
* salmon nigiri
* unagi nigiri
* tobiko nigiri
* red dragon maki
* california roll
* fried salmon belly and neck/collar
* salmon teriyaki
* chicken yakitori
* stir-fried vegetables
* vegetable udon soup
* red bean ice cream

The tempura isn't that great and the Korean dishes are too sweet but we usually end up getting some of those anyway. One pro tip: order the shrimp har gow — not because they're particularly good, but because they come with a condiment dish of sriracha sauce.

Service is quick and usually friendly and they only miss a dish once every few visits.

2013 Dec 16
Quality is very decent and the price is excellent for my appetite. A new dish I tried this time was the Thai shrimp stir-fry (bottom right in pic). I'll get that again!

Salmon sashimi slices were nice and meaty. Pure joy.

2012 Aug 18
None of the All u can eat Sushi places are authentic Japanese. They are usually owned and operated by Chinese folks capitalizing on the buffet market. For this reason, I general take a pass on a sushi buffet. The real reason I take a pass though is the incredibly crappy service at most places. I can't imagine anyone asking you to consume everything on your plate or else! This place tried to charge me for a horrible tasting sushi roll that I refused to eat. I told them flat out that I refuse to pay extra and if they pushed, I would flat out refuse to pay anything.

Don't stand for this terrible service at these all u can eat sushi joints. For the most part, the food is a rip off and the service is terrible. You can make your own sushi at home.

2011 Jan 27
I've been here twice now (would've been 3 times but the line up was too long last time i tried).

The first time I ate there was just a few days after opening. The first thing that I noticed was the decor: wide open, very simple and clean and purple! The next thing I noticed were the huge picture menus which really help when deciding what to order, however some things that I ordered didn't really look like the picture. The food was very good, everything seemed very fresh. I tried some items that I had given up on at other sushi places, and it felt like I was eating them for the first time. The rolls were good, although I am not the biggest fan of the special rolls with all that heavy mayo, cream cheese and sauces. The BBQ mackerel was actually a whole mackerel pike, and it was delicious. Tempura was good, although kind of greasy. The free ice cream was a good finish. After my first trip, I thought the quality was better than other AYCE sushi places in the area.

The second time I already noticed things weren't as good as the first time. Perhaps the first visit is always better, or things just weren't as fresh a few weeks after the opening. The BBQ mackerel was now a mackerel steak, which was still good but not as good as the pike. The fish didn't taste as fresh as the first time, the tempura was still a bit greasy, but overall I thought it was now on par with other AYCE sushi places around.

All in all, 168 sushi is a good addition to the growing number of AYCE sushi restaurants in this area. I will definitely be going back, however I will also be going back to Sushi Kan and 1000 Sushi Islands once in a while because I like variation and they all have their unique athmosphere and menu items.

Oh yeah, and I love the big bowl of genuine Jelly Belly's at the check-out counter!

2011 Jan 26
As much as I am irked by fake reviews, I can offer this information -

I have not been to 168 and I know nothing of the owners, but I live about a block away and have NEVER seen the parking lot so busy. At all hours that the restaurant is open. The place does look like it's always hopping, and my husband and I were thinking of trying it out.

2011 Jan 26
The initial review was certainly over the top and appears to have been written by a young woman who has the hots for the manager. I talked with him on Saturday and he told me that the place has been so busy during its first month that the inexperienced staff has made some mistakes. I live in Brampton and am a friend of the owners, so I am obviously biased. I know their writing style in English and know they did not write that review. The place has been so busy (without any advertising) that they have to be doing something right So far, I have seen only 1 negative review and it was probably earned due to poor service received by a customer. Try the restaurant! You might just like it.

2011 Jan 24
Wow... warmth AND elegance... refreshing AND visually delightful...

They could at least pretend to try to make the fake review look less fake.

2011 Jan 22


2011 Jan 22
The manager is Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great service from the staff and himself.
As you enter the168 Sushi Japan Buffe tRestaurant run by the gracious manager & the talented young chef in the back of the room, you immediately get a feeling of both warmth and elegance in the lavishly EXTRAORDINARY
dining area, surrounded by beautiful light. This wonderful impression continues with the hospitality and creative details of the dishes. Aside from the menu, guests have a choice between several tasting menus for thier own personal selection of the day or night. I selected many tasting menu, which did not disappoint. None at all.

Following some tasty “KALBI BEEF”, the first course I had Is amazing. Contrary to what you may think , this dish was delicious with just the right blend of each ingredient. The food is refreshing and visually delightful. It was almost a shame to eat this beauty!

The final dish, the dessert, was a lovely Red Bean,Mango, and vanilla Ice cream scoops. Also to top it all off with banana tempura ..........yum yum. A perfect end to an exceptional meal.

Despite all the busyness one who had always a multiplicity of tasks on hand.

They managed to give me and my guest amazing service and I would say I've there 6 times since they open.

You should go there its awsome!!!!!!!!!!!




2011 Jul 28
Hello there,

To keep it simple, this is the worst AYCE sushi I've tried in Ottawa. We mostly go to Sushi Kan, Banc Sushi, 1000 Island sushi and the food is excellent. But this one is really the worst.

We only had 1 sheet (half of the sheet) before we couldn't eat anymore.

• Volcano Sushi was greasy as hell

• Sushi rice taste rice vinegar too much, REALLY

• The nori was all soft on the 1 piece sushi (like if was been there for too long and the nori absorbed the rice vinegar)

• Crab meat sushi, where's the crab meat?

• Eel sushi pizza, didn't taste the eel because there was way to much sauce and ... GREEN PEPPERS!

• Deluxe sushi pizza, does deluxe mean mixing everything that's left? And again, GREEN PEPPERS again!

• Tempura sauce didn't taste anything. It was like brown water.

And on and on and on ...

Only thing that was great was the free refill on soft drinks.

Don't even try this place, doesn't worth it.







2010 May 24
Nice little place with a few interesting rolls you will only find here.

while not completely on par with other sushi restaurants AYCE it is still very decent and very good.

Service can be a tad bit slow.



2011 Nov 21
I keep coming back to 1000 Sushi Islands b/c I LOVE their Mango Shrimp Tempura and Dynamite Rolls, but in the last 2 months I've been sick twice immediately after eating there. Other people have expressed the same experience to me before, but I attributed it to them overeating rather than the freshness of the ingredients. Sadly, I find myself personally confirming this after my meal yesterday.

I've never been to Hockey Sushi so I'll give them a shot next time (understanding they are under the same ownership), again because I find 1000 Island's rolls to be some of the best I've had in Ottawa, but for me the Carling location is now a no-go.

2011 May 5
Fried dumplings.
Hot and crispy!

2009 Dec 5
I have gone here several times and enjoyed it each time. Nice quality sushi. All you can eat specials with tempura, soup and other treats included. Try the little meat and onion rolls!
Reasonably good and fast service. Parking can be tricky though. One annoyance is they ONLY take credit cards or cash.
Be careful when you order as some items are single piece and others are 6 per order... which can have you wind up eating a LOT of the same items if you don't read carefully.





2010 Mar 2
I suppose I'm in the minority as well! And my bias with sushi is in Hong Kong...

Was there about 6:30pm, Wednesday night. Restaurant was at least 1/3 full (to over 1/2) during the whole time I was there (3 hrs).

Service was efficient and polite, although the younger girl messed up our order a few times (missing half of the tempera order... nearly giving our sashimi to the table beside us... trying to give us unordered spring rolls... confusing our ice cream flavours). it seems worse now that i type it out, but at the time it really didn't seem so bad as our conversation was more interesting to overlook these things, plus with AYCE, it's just a matter of ordering it again. except for the ice cream mess-up, but that i can live with.

OVERALL the food is decent for what it is (AYCE); the sushi didn't have too much rice; the maki rolls had a really good ratio of filling:rice; tempura was crispy and hot with plump (not wilted/dying) filling, dipping sauce not overpowering; sashimi was T&T quality (not amazing melt-in-your-mouth, but decent), although the salmon was alot better than the other selections.

tamago: denser than what i'm used to, but wasn't too sweet.
salmon sashimi: preferred choice out of the selection; fresh and sweet, not chewy.
white tuna sashimi: i did not expect this... i've only had toro. pretty innocuous though.
mackeral sashimi: didn't seem so good; less buttery and oily than what i'm used to.
squid sushi: just a sliver of squid; didn't get to try it.
tobiko sushi: fish roe; can't complain, is it possible to screw this up?
unagi sushi: eel; this -wasn't- laden in sauce. hurray!
octopus sushi: more than a sliver; good chew.
red/green dragon roll: the difference is the top layer as salmon/avocado. filling includes tempera shrimp PLUS panko crumbs, so that could be a problem for you. i like tasting the difference, so i didn't mind.
spider roll: i don't remember. or because it was so similar to the dragon roll, without the top outer layer.
salmon skin roll: this was the only one i was disappointed with, because i was expecting it to be crispy skin. otherwise, it's fine.
spicy salmon roll: yum! if only it was this flavour + crispy skin... (you see, spicy salmon skin is my favourite)
flying fish egg salad: shredded iceberg mixed with mayo, roe and crab meat; it wasn't bad, but i ordered it not knowing what it was. i don't like to eat things like this.
scallop: deep-fried with a blob of mayo on top. just a touch overdone, but still well-cooked (the residual heat fryer-to-table probably wasn't considered)
salmon neck: caloric-nightmare. lightly battered and fried, but not too oily. nice peppered sauce. it would've been a really nice meal to just have this and plain rice.
straw mushroom and beef rolls: these have shrunk, so i hear. i didn't get to try it. i can say they are twice as big as a thumb.
chicken kidney yakitori: tiny 3 pieces on a stick; did not try.

i have no huge qualms with this place, so i would go back.

*1 dislike: the disposable chopsticks + ice cream spoons, just brings the eating experience down a notch.
*2 dislike: the 'named' items (spider/halifax/yummy roll) isn't described on the menu.

2009 Jul 20
I'm from Vancouver, so somewhat biased about good sushi. Overall I liked it. One of the comments on this page speaks to people expecting too much of all you can eat. I quite agree. If you want EXCELLENT sushi in Ottawa, go to Wasabi in the market, spend $50/each and stop whining. This is just good sushi.

Service was excellent, fast and friendly. Sushi was decent. Did not like the octopus and found a bit too many rolls had tempura batter in them, which seems to be an eastern canadian phenomenon.

Not licensed unfortunately...I like some nice COLD sake with my raw fish.

Oh, my girlfriend wants you to know that the yam tempura was too big :)

Super-full and aside from the pain of cramming too much food in my stomach, feelin' just fine thanks...we got what we went for and will most definitely go back. In a month.