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Foods from Yummy Sushi

2014 Aug 1
Went by earlier this week and windows were papered over. The business has been for sale for a while, so maybe a new owner is moving in? Will let you know if I see any changes.

2014 Jul 31
Are they still in business or closed ?

2011 Apr 30
Perhaps I am a glutton for punishment ordering take out from an AYCE sushi place but I read the raves and wanted to give it a try.

The a la carte prices are seemly cheap for sushi but that's because it is a reflection of the quality of the sushi. The pieces of fish were so thin, the octopus wilted over the rice. I have never seen octopus droop like this. Other pieces of fish were equally thin. I do have to give them credit for making the rice in the nigiri sushi smaller than most places. The portion of rice would have overwhelmed the fish substaintially had it been a standard size.

The rolls that came in my combo were so so.

The tempura was surprisingly good foro the price.

Service was pleasant but I don't think I'd bother going back because I am not into quantity, I'm into quality.

2011 Jan 5
The food here isn't bad and it's quick to come out. The space is nice too, giving a nice dining atmosphere. However, the manager is something else!

I started eating at Yummy Sushi over a year and half ago. When I started, I went with a few friends every Friday evening after work. We always tried to make nice with the owner since it had just opened but every week he would refuse to acknowledge having ever served us - which is fine, even though it really comes off as unpersonable. Up until yesterday, I had also never seen any other staff member touch the cash register, leading me to believe that he's extremely 'cautious' with the money. I brushed this all off since it's conveniently located and again, the food's not too shabby but last night was ridiculous. I've stocked up on many 'customer loyalty cards' as a result of going so much and tried to use them last night. Despite having seen us over 100 times and knowing that each stamp is worth over $25 (making each card valued at $300 with 12 stamps), he refused them because one card was 'expired'. I tried to reason with him saying that these 'loyalty cards' should not have expiration dates because clearly we've spent a lot of money here over the years. But he sternly refused - always ever so cordially of course - and made us pay for our meals despite having ample cards with ample stamps collected from his establishment.

He's probably the stingiest and cheapest restaurant owner I've ever come across. I will not be eating there again.

2010 Oct 20
Actually most sushi cannot really be made ahead of time. Even for cooked items like shrimp sushi, the taste and texture do not last long. And for the raw fish items, they can't be left out at room temperature for very long, for obvious reasons.

As for shrimp sushi, I gross out my kids by eating the whole thing, even the tail. I started doing this after finding out it's very good for you. Chitosan can be bought at health food stores (powered shrimp shells) because it's effective at lowering cholesterol. And the shrimp chips you sometimes get as appetizers at Asian restaurants are also made from chitosan.

The tails are crunchy and taste fine, in addition to being good for you. Yes they are yummy.

There is a breaded shrimp dish at May's Garden where the shrimp are breaded and deep fried, shells on, and you really can eat the whole thing - head and tail !

Wiki on chitosan:

2010 Aug 31
I’ve been to almost all “All You Can Eat” sushi spots in Ottawa and they are all run pretty much the same concept…But this spot holds ONE DIFFERENCE that I really like…

The one simple difference with this joint is that you can order ONE OF EACH roll if that’s what your hungry belly desires. I find that all the other spots don’t give you a choice: If your craving spicy salmon rolls – you better be ready to chomp down 6 of em! But with this spot you can get all adventurous and try out all sorts of delectable rolls that you were always afraid to try before! And another bonus is that you will never have to pay for any leftovers!

- The service is great! It’s quick and really friendly and they’re open late.

- The prices are the same as any other AYCE sushi spots: $20 – $25

- The restaurant is spacious and has an open concept (doesn’t have booths for privacy like Sushi Kan). I purposefully look for little details at restos that give me a good idea about the cleanliness of them: bathrooms were clean and they have a huge fish tank at the front – spotless. That tells me that they are careful about hygiene and cleanliness.

The sushi was YUMMY.

Bon Appetit!


2010 May 18
Yummy Sushi is a great little sushi place. I've always had a great experience and it is great value for the money.

With regard to the negative comments listed below, although they may be warranted, you have to remember that you cannot expect an all you can eat sushi restaurant to provide the same service of an A la carte restaurant. Nor is it the same as a buffet - if a sushi restaurant has integrity (as does Yummy Sushi) they make sushi to order which will take time.

If you want a great dining eperience at any all you can eat sushi restaurant, you will have no complaints if you follow the simple (and obvious) rules of getting fast service at an all you can eat sushi restaurant:

1. NEVER GO TO AN ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI RESTAURANT ON THE WEEKEND! Unless you enjoy waiting forever for your table and then waiting forever for your sushi, you should go Monday to Thursday only.

2. NEVER GO DURING PEAK LUNCH HOURS. Sushi is not fast food and quality locations don't make tons of pre-made sushi. If you want to be in and out in an hour you won't get quality - go buy pre-made sushi at the grocery store.

3. DON'T ORDER MORE THAN 20 PIECES PER TABLE AT A TIME. Again, sushi takes a while to make and decent restaurants will strive to serve you your meal all at the same time. Order small and order often to have a good pace.

4. REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES EATING SUSHI. If the sushi is good, you can bet everyone else is pushing to get some. Not only are you competing with others restaurant patrons, but also with all the takeout orders. Be patient.

5. MISTAKES HAPPEN, DON'T FREAK OUT. The restaurant is making hundreds of types of sushi in very little time. You may get another table's order - just let them know and realise that yours is probably on the way.

Enjoy guys!

2010 Apr 25
This is the last time I go to yummy Sushi! The quality of the fish is really bad! The sushi is full of rice with almost no meat. The sashimi was really smelly and disgusting. Imagine that I was served some white tuna that was yellow. The waitress told me that it is normal. For me, it tasted worse than cat food.

A couple of friends wanted to try it out because it was close enough to our place. It was so disgusting that we did not even go for a second order and left a couple of pieces from the first order. We were charged 3 $ each for those pieces. I told the manager that it was not fresh; he bluntly responded, “ well maybe you ordered too much”.

He was extremely rude and had no managerial skills.

I definitely do not recommend this place! I have tried most of the other sushi restaurants in the city (KINKI, WASABI, GANJI, ETC). I am comfortable saying that it was the worst sushi restaurant in Ottawa by far!!!

Don’t get fooled by the fact that it is all you can eat sushi. It is all you can eat rice.

A piece of advice, pay 5 more dollars and get a quality meal somewhere else.


2010 Apr 17
This place is great. Second only to Sushi Kan for all you can eat.

I'm glad to finally have an AYCE sushi place in centertown. Very convenient.

I would recommend this place to anyone. :)

2010 Apr 7
i have been to yummy sushi at least 2 times and both times i got sick the next day. There are alot of things wrong with yummy sushi. 1) they dont use sushi vinigar 2) they slice their fish the size of paper 3) their rice balls are as hudge as my fists and they fed me so much rice balls i ate the thin sliced fish ontop and they charged me extra for the rice balls i did not eat. The service was bad. If your in china town and looking for sushi, i recomend Sushi 88, the sushi there is worth the money, good quality, good service the food is great.




2010 Mar 2
I suppose I'm in the minority as well! And my bias with sushi is in Hong Kong...

Was there about 6:30pm, Wednesday night. Restaurant was at least 1/3 full (to over 1/2) during the whole time I was there (3 hrs).

Service was efficient and polite, although the younger girl messed up our order a few times (missing half of the tempera order... nearly giving our sashimi to the table beside us... trying to give us unordered spring rolls... confusing our ice cream flavours). it seems worse now that i type it out, but at the time it really didn't seem so bad as our conversation was more interesting to overlook these things, plus with AYCE, it's just a matter of ordering it again. except for the ice cream mess-up, but that i can live with.

OVERALL the food is decent for what it is (AYCE); the sushi didn't have too much rice; the maki rolls had a really good ratio of filling:rice; tempura was crispy and hot with plump (not wilted/dying) filling, dipping sauce not overpowering; sashimi was T&T quality (not amazing melt-in-your-mouth, but decent), although the salmon was alot better than the other selections.

tamago: denser than what i'm used to, but wasn't too sweet.
salmon sashimi: preferred choice out of the selection; fresh and sweet, not chewy.
white tuna sashimi: i did not expect this... i've only had toro. pretty innocuous though.
mackeral sashimi: didn't seem so good; less buttery and oily than what i'm used to.
squid sushi: just a sliver of squid; didn't get to try it.
tobiko sushi: fish roe; can't complain, is it possible to screw this up?
unagi sushi: eel; this -wasn't- laden in sauce. hurray!
octopus sushi: more than a sliver; good chew.
red/green dragon roll: the difference is the top layer as salmon/avocado. filling includes tempera shrimp PLUS panko crumbs, so that could be a problem for you. i like tasting the difference, so i didn't mind.
spider roll: i don't remember. or because it was so similar to the dragon roll, without the top outer layer.
salmon skin roll: this was the only one i was disappointed with, because i was expecting it to be crispy skin. otherwise, it's fine.
spicy salmon roll: yum! if only it was this flavour + crispy skin... (you see, spicy salmon skin is my favourite)
flying fish egg salad: shredded iceberg mixed with mayo, roe and crab meat; it wasn't bad, but i ordered it not knowing what it was. i don't like to eat things like this.
scallop: deep-fried with a blob of mayo on top. just a touch overdone, but still well-cooked (the residual heat fryer-to-table probably wasn't considered)
salmon neck: caloric-nightmare. lightly battered and fried, but not too oily. nice peppered sauce. it would've been a really nice meal to just have this and plain rice.
straw mushroom and beef rolls: these have shrunk, so i hear. i didn't get to try it. i can say they are twice as big as a thumb.
chicken kidney yakitori: tiny 3 pieces on a stick; did not try.

i have no huge qualms with this place, so i would go back.

*1 dislike: the disposable chopsticks + ice cream spoons, just brings the eating experience down a notch.
*2 dislike: the 'named' items (spider/halifax/yummy roll) isn't described on the menu.

2009 Jul 20
I'm from Vancouver, so somewhat biased about good sushi. Overall I liked it. One of the comments on this page speaks to people expecting too much of all you can eat. I quite agree. If you want EXCELLENT sushi in Ottawa, go to Wasabi in the market, spend $50/each and stop whining. This is just good sushi.

Service was excellent, fast and friendly. Sushi was decent. Did not like the octopus and found a bit too many rolls had tempura batter in them, which seems to be an eastern canadian phenomenon.

Not licensed unfortunately...I like some nice COLD sake with my raw fish.

Oh, my girlfriend wants you to know that the yam tempura was too big :)

Super-full and aside from the pain of cramming too much food in my stomach, feelin' just fine thanks...we got what we went for and will most definitely go back. In a month.

Sushi -1



2010 Nov 14
I've been to the "higher-class" sushi restaurants in Ottawa (Sushi 88, Kinki, Genji, etc.). I do have high expectations about my sushi.

That being stated, I didn't expect out-of-this-world sushi from an AYCE location such as Yummy Sushi. I tried Sushi-kan before and enjoyed the food and service, but I enjoyed Yummy Sushi even more-so.

My friend and I were starving one day and checked it out. It seemed little more than a hole-in-the-wall sort of place. It was very nice and open which took me off guard. Our food was quickly served and we basically had the restaurant to ourselves for a while. During busier days, it takes a long time to arrive -- I expected this -- and I was pleasantly surprised to find the sushi was still very good quality.

My only gripe is the service, since orders sometimes never come and the waiters are sometimes inattentive. I can understand being a waiter is hard work and it's easy to confuse or forget about orders, but it does take away from the experience.

Overall I don't think it's necessarily a bad dining experience, and my friend and I go once a month for our sushi fix. Their new sushi stamp card for one free dinner is a nice reason to come back!

2010 Feb 16
No photograph for this review.
Yummy sushi... not so yummy sushi.

I don't know about most peoples experiences, but mine... well, first of all let me start by saying I have an iron stomach and never get sick from any food.

But after eating from here.. my head started to pound. I did not feel good afterwards.

We were a party of 3 and decided to eat some nigiri, rolls and appetizers. One thing they did well was the fried tofu, tempura and fried scallop. The nigiri had too much rice and the fish looked dead. It just tasted fishy more than the buttery taste you're accustomed to when eating "fresh fish." Gross.

The rolls were packed with rice and the rice itself was warm. Not much selection to be honest with you. The crispy roll was one of the disgusting things I've tasted on the menu.

The servers weren't awful, but weren't stellar either. No tip for you, server guy.

2009 Jun 23
Nothing special, just bad food.
total came up to 16 dollars (wasn't worth it), Left with a churning feeling in the stomach.
It was probably wiser to pay the extra for better sushi instead of spending the attempted savings on tums and stomach meds.

2009 Jun 7
My experience in Yummy Sushi:
The beef soba, maki and appetizers were not bad.

However tempura was not crispy enough, and white tuna & mackerel not very fresh, 2 of my friends got stomach upset after the meal. Be careful, I think 1000 Islands is better, although a bit farther, but worth the trip ;P

2009 Jun 5
A co-worker and I decided to give this new place a try. Overall a very good experience for an AYCE. The service was fast and attentive, which is rare in my experiences of AYCE sushi places in Ottawa. The tea arrived nice and hot right away. The menu is extensive and even non sushi eaters would find more then enough to eat. We both ordered hand rolls; one of them was a spicy tuna. It was very tasty, the seaweed had a nice crunch. The only thing is, there was not enough fish and it was white, either they made a mistake or it could have been white tuna...
The shrimp tempura was very good, very crunchy, and not too greasy. We ordered a few rolls; I have had better, but still pretty good. The 2 things they need to improve on is the sushi rice. It contained too much water and was "cakey" and soggy. I ordered a green salad to finish my meal. It was nice and crisp (iceberg lettuce), however they serve it with bottled Italian dressing??? A ginger, sesame type of dressing would be much more appropriate. For $12.99 each, I find this to be an excellent lunch deal.

Oh.. and the other great thing is we were served every single items that we ordered, unlike other places...