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Apparently what I thought was a name based on Kanata "hockey" humour, is actually a GTA based chain (there is another Hockey Sushi in Thornhill)

Sushi at Hockey Sushi
Hockey Sushi
Hockey Sushi
Hockey Sushi
Hockey Sushi
Sushi at Hockey Sushi
Hockey Sushi
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2013 May 29
A friend took me here as he had a buy-one get-one free meal card. If I wasn't promised a free meal I wouldn't have ever agreed to go to Hockey Sushi. The name alone is enough to repel me. Call me a snob if you will, but when I'm eating raw fish I want the place to sound like serious business.

And yes, this place is in the same family as 1000 Sushi Islands. My friend got the card by eating at 1k enough times.

When I go to these places I usually stick to sashimi and teppanyaki orders.
The quality of food and service is about the same as any other AYCE sushi place. Nothing to write home about, except two of their menu items...
They serve sushi on a Pringle.
We thought that was hilarious, but that's not really what I'm looking for when I go out for sushi...

Their deep fried banana (dessert) was good. It's a tiny slice though so order more than one and some ice cream to go with it if you want more than a mouthful.

Service was a bit better than what I'm accustomed to at this caliber of restaurant.

2011 Apr 8
Had dinner at Hockey Sushi last nightÖ not long after we sat down, I started to wonder if I had driven to the wrong place and ended up at 1000 Sushi Islands instead. The menu is has the same design, the logo is the same, the order form is in the same format, and an ďart pieceĒ on the wall was very similar to 1000 SI.

We ordered our usual tempura, sushi, makis and a few kitchen items. It then when even more similarities between the two AYCE sushi places were evident.

The rolls and sushis include a lot of mayonnaise and deep fried stuff. A few things I ordered were deep fried, which I did not expect. The rolls were very heavy because of this, and it didnít take long until I had had enough.

The tempura was probably the crispiest Iíve ever had, however it didnít really seem so much like a light tempura batter, but more like regular batter.

Iíll end on a positive note: they did have a TV with the Hockey game on last night (go sens go!), which I am glad, otherwise the name of the restaurant would have been misleading!

2010 Dec 23
WOW~ I definately won't spend my money there! Sorry to hear you experienced this.

2010 Dec 23
Er....wow. That's all I need to hear. You can be guaranteed that my family will never eat there. I don't think it makes it any better that you're 5'1" and 120...what a horrible thing to say.

2010 Dec 23
Great food every time. We started coming here not too long ago - which I found odd because we live in the area. Best sushi buffet in Ottawa quality-wise, tucked away behind the Wendy's sign on March Rd. and Carling Ave. We go there at least once a week - so much so that we just got a free dinner from collecting points on their Sushi stamp card. The presentation of their sashimi is creative and clean each time.

HOWEVER, I will never go back because of my experience last night. Usually the servers are consistently friendly, fast and efficient. I'm not sure if one waitress was having a bad day or not, because she has served us before, but each time she brought a dish, she would almost toss it down on the very end of our table. With my teriyaki eggplant order, it almost fell off the table because she placed it so close to the edge. The catalyst of my decision to never go back was when my husband got up to pay with the hostess, and I walked up to the podium with my daughter and our dinner guest. The waitress who had been abrupt with each order all night, looked at me and said to the waitress beside her in Chinese "Look at her stomach. It's so fat. It looks like she is having another child."

I was mortified. Not only did I understand her because I speak Mandarin, but I just finished dining at an All-You-Can-Eat sushi buffet, so I'm not sure what she was expecting. I'm not taking her comment to heart, because I'm 5'1, 120lbs, and have never received a fat comment before in my life. But I am appalled by her lack of respect to the patrons of this restaurant, especially after she demonstrated such poor service all evening.

I expressed my concern to the hostess before I left (unfortunately this happened after my husband had already tipped), to let her know that she should inform her servers to not speak badly about their obviously Chinese customers within hearing distance.

They can keep my stamp card and free dinner, because they just lost 4 of their biggest advocates, and we now have to drive all the way to Merivale each time I want sushi.

2010 Jun 13
Was here with another family tonight and found the food quality to be a little better than before. The sushi really isn't too bad and the shrimp tempura have improved.

One thing I have to mention since it seems endemic across multiple visits is that the men's bathroom is the dirtiest I've ever seen in any restaurant. This was not the first time I encountered misallocated waste here. Sure, hitting the target may sometimes be difficult if you don't have a rear view mirror and insist on not sitting, but when you ignore the stall completely and instead drop a number 2 into the only urinal you must be trying to make a statement! And to top it off, the floor was mostly wet and very slippery (with hand soap) in parts. I reported the situation to the kind lady at the register but given that this is the second such occurrence I'm not convinced any permanent changes will happen. Yeeesh!

2010 Feb 4
I'm pretty sure that is Pej Daddy's original marketing phrase.

2010 Feb 4
They actually say "empty the ocean of unsustainable marine life"?

Wow. Unbelievable.

2010 Feb 3
for $19.99, you can "empty the ocean of unsustainable marine life" edition with sashimi @ hockey sushi. it's all about the good knife skills and luckily today the fish was fresh. always a risky bet with AYCE places...

2010 Feb 3
basket of tempura was a hit @ hockey sushi. well done, crispy tempura, fresh assorted veg/shrimp on the inside. how do they serve this faster than mcdonalds? is it fast food or good food fast?




2013 Aug 2
The Party Tray A for $29 contains 12 (large) sashimi, 12 nigiri, and 18 maki. It comes nicely arranged in a plastic clamshell takeout container and it feeds 2 for a large meal or 4 as an appetizer.

It's a good alternative to fast food convenience. Not the best sushi in town but certainly much better than the stuff you find on grocery store shelves.

2009 Feb 5
Here are some maki rolls and hand rolls. The hand rolls are beautiful, and I found them delicious (especially the "crispy roll"). Well worth the lunch price, this place is probably going to become a workplace lunch favourite.

Hand rolls come in an order size of one, so if you want a few you have to indicate that on the order card.