Known as "Solomon Gundy" in some Atlantic regions (e.g. Nova Scotia). Also called Rollmops when rolled around a pickle.

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2010 Sep 21
I bought a jar of mixed pickle dipped in oil. Its made up of mango, lemon, chili etc. When i bought, it was not inside refrigerator. Now since i have opened it, how can i preserve it for longer time? Should i keep it in room temperature or should i put it inside refrigerator?

2008 Sep 16
zymurgist - i was at the YIG tonight where i had previously seen solomon gundy. that particular brand was no longer stocked and had been replaced with (you guessed it!) 'Feature' brand herring fillets.

2008 Sep 7
Schmalz == lard

2008 Sep 7
CC: Hmmmm...Schmaltz traditionally refers to liquid chicken fat doesn't it? Herring in chicken fat? - doesn't seem likely does it? lol

2008 Sep 7
Seems to be the one in wine sauce, but 725g jar.

2008 Sep 7
Which of the Feature Foods is sold at Costco ?

.... which Feature product is closest to Solomon Gundy ?

.... and what in the heck is Schmaltz herring ?

2008 Sep 7
I said you could buy Solomon Gundy, I didn't say that it actually said this on the label. :-)

2008 Sep 7
I've seen small jars of Solomon Gundy in the cooler at the YIG near Merivale/Meadowlands. It stood out because I had seen you mention it before in the forum.

Next time I'm there I'll try to get the brand name and/or snap a pic...

2008 Sep 7
Hey Zy... your looking for herring labeled Solomon Gundy ? Don't you mention that you can buy it at The Ottawa Bagelshop here ? ---> <---

Here is the Feature foods herring products:

I think the 'Bismark' herring would be the closest to Solomon Gundy.

Notice that one of the original owners of Feature Foofds was a guy named Solomon Krongold.

... notice that there is also a herring food spread that is made in Jamaica called Solomon Gundy.

2008 Sep 7
lol! I've only had pickled herring a handful times in my life Zym - that is, once a year since I was a small child. According to my mom, German tradition is to eat pickled herring on New Year's Eve to ensure good luck for the new year. I personally think it's pretty horrible (imagine a child of 5 trying to enjoy a very salty fishy nugget - my New Year's past is filled with memories of my sister and I trying to "sandwich" our minute pieces of herring in elaborate combinations of crackers, cheese and whatever-else-was-available to mask the taste enough to choke it down) , but, to this day, I never fail to buy a jar for New Year's (and I always bring it to parties and harrass as many people as possible into eating a piece at midnight). Anyway, my point is that to make your kids eat pickled herring forever, you just need to threaten them with bad luck for an entire year on New Year's Eve and guilt them into partaking in the duty of tradition :P


2008 Sep 8
No "roll mops". Looks almost like the photo of the jar I posted, but bigger

2008 Sep 8
Oh, man. That's good to know. I acquired a taste for pickled herring when we were in Copenhagen, and it'll be good to get some here.

Sure, it won't be the same (since the stuff we had doesn't sit in liquid for months on end), but it'll go well with aquavit nonetheless!

Zy, is this 725g of which you speak the stuff labelled "roll mops"?

2008 Sep 6
A large 725g bottle at a really good price - easily the cheapest you are going to find. Brand name is "Feature Foods", and you can usually find it in the fridge right next to the entry to the "big salad room". This stuff is exceptional! I've been enjoying it a lot lately on salad