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I love hot pepperettes.. looking for wholesale meat place.. where I can buy 50-100 at a time, obviously in the Ottawa area.

My favorite place is in the industrial area of Hamilton, Springers Meats.. awesome, homemade and locally smoked/dried pepperettes.

Where to get Pepperettes

2011 Jul 16
Elk Ranch pepperettes at Murray's Market are amazing.

2009 Jan 31
I get mine from Lavergne Western beef on Navan rd, they make all their sausages in house (afaik) and I love them.

2009 Jan 23
kneel It just occured to me after reading Fresh Foodie's suggestion you could probably try contacting some of the local farms like Bearbrook Farms or the Elk Ranch although they are probably a little more expensive than the suggestions made below. My former mother-in-law used to buy some really nice meats at Lavergne Beef - maybe they would have some hot pepperetts at wholesale? Good luck in your search.

2009 Jan 20
I'll check out the cash and carry.. Never been there... as I live out of town.

2009 Jan 20
Thanks for the tips.. I'm ok with Pillers brand, but they are a bit to.. to much automated machine made things... I'm really looking for the hand made ones, which differ slightly from batch to batch. A good greasy chew :-)

2009 Jan 11
the Cash and Carry is a Tannis Foods run place, not Summit
please forgive me

2009 Jan 10
Costco sells them in large portions, in spicy, mild, and turkey--I'm pretty sure a pack holds 50, and they freeze relatively well.

As for other places, the ones at Costco are from Pillers, and I imagine you could find them elsewhere in the large quantities. As for a local place, perhaps Sasloves could do an order for you?

2009 Jan 8
you could check the Cash and Carry (Summit Foods) on Catherine near the bus station


2009 Jan 22
FYI: I stopped in to the Kettleman's near Carlingwood this evening for a pre-class bagel and noticed they also had pepperettes a-hanging there.

2009 Jan 21
try kettleman's bagel co in the glebe. they have single and double length pepperettes hanging over the deli counter. they are not your store bought short ones, these are very long. kettleman's is open 24 hours.

i'm a vegetarian, so i can't say how they taste, but my husband likes them.

2009 Jan 22
They sell the small pepperettes you can find at any deli, but also some longer (maybe 1 foot) more fresh looking ones. Two of them cost us around $2.50 (they're sold by weight). They're available in two flavours: mild and hot. The hot one has a just a hint of heat. Most tasty in that spicy meaty pepperette way.

2009 Jan 23
Bearbrook farms has amazing pepperettes. Not sure where you can buy them now though, in the summer they had a booth at the farmers market. They had a bunch of different ones, from bison to elk to emu.