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A thin, unleavened flat bread, made from finely ground maize (corn)

Where to get Corn Tortillas

2009 Jan 25
I get mine at Little Latin America Store
764 Somerset St West

same place I get anything I need for any latin dish
during the summer, they usually have fresh chilis poblanos.......hmmm! chili rellenos!

the brand is La Tapatia

and i agree with Ken, making them is easy

and the Masa Harina is cheaper at Little Latin America or Grace on Bank Street (another place to get SOME Latin American goods as well as Caribbean and Asian goods...got my Plantains there yesterday)

the recipes usually call for lard but I use olive oil or if I am doing something extravagant, rendered duck fat (YUM!)

2009 Jan 17
The "corn tortillas" at Loeb + A&P are actually flour-based, but with bits of corn in them. They work just fine, but I think I will have to try making my own and see how well that works.

2009 Jan 17
You can get corn tortillas at A&P and Loeb you have to look for them though and they arn't that tasty. Or you can do what I do and get some Corn Masa flour at the grocery store and make your own it easy.

2008 Sep 7
Finding that none of the Loblaws/Loebs sell them anymore, but rather the flour tortillas, instead. Having said that, there is a Blue Menu "corn-flavoured" tortilla, which has bits of corn, but is wheat flour based.

2007 Oct 29
I've seen them at Loblaws but I don't remember what location.

2007 Oct 24
Thanks a lot, everyone. I am going to check out La Cabana on the weekend!

2007 Oct 24
La Cabana is definitely the place to go. They have the best quality of corn tortillas around, IMHO... also... they have queso fresco, plantain, ancho chili, hominy, etc, if you need ingredients for other authentic mexican or south american recipes.

2007 Oct 24
I get them at the Loeb on Rideau, so perhaps a Loeb in Nepean may have them?

2007 Oct 23
Not sure, but there are a couple of groceries in the Nepean area that would be your best bet. First there is the little grocery next to La Cabana restaurant. Second, I seem to remember a little ethnic (Carribean? Indian? Latin? don't really remember) near the corner of Merivale and Clyde - a few doors down from the complex that MHK Sushi is in.

2007 Oct 23
Is there anywhere in the Nepean area where I can purchase corn tortillas?



2008 May 10
They sell a variety of corn tortillas here, unlike the grocery store. Tortilla gordo and standard thin tortillas are available, and a variety of brands.

2008 Dec 15
Stopped by Amate today, and found that they do in fact have Corn Tortillas, made with corn flour (rather than the tortillas from the Blue Menu line at PC, which are wheat flour with corn as the second-to-last ingredient).

I was super pleased with how knowledgeable and friendly the staff was, and given that they have received really strong reviews otherwise, I think I will be back for a meal!