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Eggs Benedict at Stoneface Dolly's
Eggs Benedict at Stoneface Dolly's
Weekend Brunch at Stoneface Dolly's
Stoneface Dolly's
Stoneface Dolly's
Weekend Brunch at Stoneface Dolly's
Stoneface Dolly's
Stoneface Dolly's
Stoneface Dolly's
Stoneface Dolly's
Stoneface Dolly's
Stoneface Dolly's
Stoneface Dolly's
Stoneface Dolly's
Stoneface Dolly's
Stoneface Dolly's
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2010 Apr 24
I went to Stoneface Dolly's for breakfast in April on the Sunday after Easter.

I called the night before to make reservations but they don't take them for the weekend brunch. I asked if it would be likely for our party of 3 to be able to sit right away if we showed up at 9 a.m. and it seemed likely, the voice on the other end said. But the earlier, the better.

So we showed up at 8:55 a.m. Scenario: no regular tables left, only two pub-style tables and a few bar-height seats. We were seated at one of the pub-style tables and had a view of the comings and going on Preston Street on one side and of the bar and restaurant and the other. We also had quite a view of the front door, from which we were no more than 10 feet away.

There was a constant line of people waiting to dine. The owner brought out a pot of coffee for those waiting.

The décor is simple and modern and the space is definitely maximized. The tan walls and deep grey floors give this place a warm feel and the stainless steel and wood accents give it a certain richness. The service only enhances the atmosphere - the staff is welcoming and friendly.

The restaurant is very open. It's bright in areas and dimmer in others because the building is sprinkled with big windows and even a transparent garage door.

The day's special are scrawled out on a chalkboard that hangs by the door.

The food was pretty good. There were a lot of yummy noises to be heard, which was fine since the noise level around us masked them.

One of the diners had one of those specials, the Sundried tomato pesto, caramelized red onion and peppers and goat cheese omelette. It was served with a salad, homefries and homemade brown molasses bread. The omelet was perfectly cooked (not too runny) and delicious. There was goat cheese in every bite! The distinct flavour of the sundried tomato made an appearance at every second bite or so and the richness of the onions and peppers were front and center throughout.

Another diner had the Eggs Benedict: 2 poached eggs on an English muffin or homemade brown molasses bread (the muffin was chosen) with Cappicola ham and lemon diablo sauce, fresh fruit and homefries. The Cappicola was a nice twist on ham.

I had the Eggs Natasha: 2 poached eggs on a choice of an English muffin or homemade brown molasses bread with smoked salmon and spinach and with lemon diablo sauce. It was served with fresh fruit and homefries. I didn't feel like having a muffin and homemade bread sounded exciting. I asked the server about the bread and she said it was pretty sweet. That left me unsure. Smoked salmon, spinach and sweet bread. She saw that I was hesitant and then mentioned that they could substitute the bread for their homemade sourdough. The salmon and spinach were a nice combo in the eggs Natasha.

The poached eggs were perfectly poached. The lemon diablo sauce was phenomenal - light but creamy and full of flavour without being heart-stopping rich.

I bought a loaf of homemade brown molasses bread and made French toast with it.

I asked the server if it was always this busy, this early. She said no, that it usually got like this later in the morning. She thought that maybe people were making up for not having come on the Sunday before, which had been Easter Sunday. She said it was unusually quiet on that day.

The fruit was fresh and juicy and the portions were decent. It had melon, pineapple, orange and grapefruit and a few grapes.

The other 2 diners enjoyed the homefries but I didn't. They were quite peppery, tasted a lot like red pepper and were mushy. It was almost as if they had been cut out of a casserole. I prefer mine a little crispy on the outside and mushy on the inside and with much less of both kinds of pepper. I also thought they lost their potato flavour.

The noise level in the restaurant was high and we were seated in an ultra-busy part of the restaurant, but it was still comfortable.

The prices were reasonable.

2010 Apr 11
I have not been to Stoneface Dolly's for breakfast since they were on McLeod. I was just as content with Jak's taking over the spot, especially since it's within walking distance. But this morning, my friends Amy and Andrew had their heart set on Dolly's, which was excellent by me, since I'd yet to blog about them. So here I am.

Like most places in Ottawa for breakfast, there's usually a lineup. But Bob, the owner, can in a split second take away any impatience you may have at the door with his exceptional ability to make you laugh and enjoy the wait.

I rarely switch things up when it comes to breakfast. Give me any kind of benedict and I'll be smiling all day long. Throw some smoked salmon in there and there's an immediate party in my tummy. And that's just what I did. Eggs Natasha – poached eggs on your choice of English muffin or homemade brown molasses (of course I went for the homemade molasses bread!), with smoked salmon and spinach smothered in their tangy and buttery lemon Diablo sauce. Their homefries are also quite amazing – fried mash with bits of orange and green pepper – yumm.

The others at the table also went with their regular, Eggs Benedict made with cappicola ham and the Big Breakfast, supporting all 4 meats: bacon, sausage, ham and peameal bacon. My husband stayed on the lighter side of things with the Traditional Two Eggs, but the choice of meat offers more than most menus with their vegetarian mushroom patty – nice!

I couldn't help but contemplate the Breakfast Ribs. Not that I crave ribs first thing in the morning (although I could if they were sitting right in front of me), but I know some friends who would probably go there just for that.

Lots of choice, fantastic service and delicious food leaving you more than satisfied. This is a great place for breakfast. Prices range between $8 and $16.

2010 Mar 4
This is my staple - the vegetable panini, which really doesn't look much like a panini. It's delicious, especially paired with yam chips (I managed to resist...trying to be good!).

2010 Mar 4
Just posting a couple of pictures that were on my iPhone...this is one of their burgers. It was crazy juicy - my lunch companion almost ruined his blazer!

2010 Jan 16
Saturday 'brunch' around noon. We were trying to decide where to go, Stoneface Dolly's or Jak's Kitchen. I called SFD to see how long a wait there was, and I kid you not, I got the rudest response from the owner over the phone. He's incredibly cordial with us in person because we're regular customers. I understand that they were obviously busy, but I've seen him tell people to come back another time if they didn't like waiting, and that was pretty much the response he gave me this morning.

Honestly, I love the food here, and the two regular waitresses are among my favourite in the city. But a little phoneside manner from the owner wouldn't hurt either.

2009 Dec 21
there's a reason why i go to certain places during less-than busy hours to tip the scale for the high probability to get better service.

having worked in a resto in the past, i empathize with staff that it is a challenge for any resto to juggle giving good service and dealing with the operations of getting orders out during busy hours with lineups out the door. SFD still rules.

2009 Dec 21
I wonder if perhaps the service is a problem only during brunch because I was there in early November for a late Saturday night dinner with my in-laws, hubby, my brothers and father. I made a reservation, and our table was ready on time. The place was packed, but our server was wonderful. He was very pleasant, just chatty enough and helpful with all of my usual ingredient questions despite being obviously busy. He returned a couple of time to give refills of water and to make sure that everything was okay with the food. There was a minor goof with my food which he fixed quickly.

As for the food, I've been wanting to try this place for a couple of years, and the food definitely lived up to my expectations. I'll be heading back soon to try out some other dishes on the menu.

2009 Dec 21
I unfortunately had a similar experience to Amousebouche yesterday.

My friend and I went for lunch/brunch, expecting the place to be busy, and it was. Still we were seated fairly quickly.

I ordered the blueberry ricotta pancakes, while my friend ordered the Eggs Benedict. She was so in love with her meal, particularly delighted that the homefries really were a hash. I enjoyed the pancakes, and loved the lemon curd as a side.

Nothing wrong with the eats. The service however ... yes, it was busy but even so we didn't receive any personable service. I haven't received service like that in a long time, you know the "take order-delivery order-clean up plates" type of experience. Where's the "how are you ladies doing" even if it is busy. I had to fill our own water glasses even though the server did apologize. Having read a recent Foodies thread about servers not asking whether bills should be split, that was probably the icing on the cake.

Like I said, great food but less-than-impressive service. I didn't leave my guy a tip. I do feel bad a little but I tip based on service. Period.

2009 Nov 5
Mmmmm. Amusebouche, I would suggest giving them a second (or third) chance, on either a Saturday or a weekday.

To be honest, the last few times we've gone, it's been incredibly hectic. They've been understaffed in both the kitchen and on the floor. Consequently, the experience has been below our expectations.

Having said that, there is one waitress, Caroline, who is quite good at balancing the understaffed-ness. When she is working, it's still rather a delight.

As for the orange juice, it's what my husband orders every time we go. It is freshly squeezed, but they don't squeeze it on-site, hence the jugs. It most certainly isn't Tropicana.

That said, I find it really frustrating that they advertise that they sell Bridgehead coffee. They *do*, however you wouldn't know it because it's sooooo watered down.

2009 Nov 5
Well, I'm sad to say that I didn't have the best experience here for breakfast this past Sunday. My friend and I decided at the last minute to go out for breakfast. We thought twice before braving the line up at STD, but we didn't have anywhere else to be, so we decided to go for it. We were sorry we did : ( I ordered the blueberry ricotta pancakes with bacon on the side, and my friend ordered eggs Benny. First up, I ordered a small orange juice that was supposed to be freshly squeezed, and at $3.95 one would hope that it would be. Well, I have to say that it tasted like Tropicana, and I saw the staff behind the bar pour the juice from a plastic jug, so this makes me wonder. We didn't have much luck with liquids as we had to ask our waiter to refill our coffee cups on three separate occasions. When my pancakes came they were undercooked, and the waiter had forgotten my side dish. By this time I was beginning to lose confidence. My friend said that her eggs Benny was good, so I seemed to be the one with the problematic dish. I've eaten breakfast here before without incident, however after this most recent experience I don't think I'll be going back.

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2007 Dec 2
The bread is baked in-house like dinner rolls (balls of dough in a baking pan, matrix style) and is served very fresh, one per diner. But unlike dinner rolls they are huge -- maybe 3"x3" at the base and 4" tall.

Flavour is lightly yeasty and pretty good. Texture is great: moist and pleasantly chewy on the inside, lightly crusty on the outside.

Served with the ubiquitous olive oil and balsamic but I would have preferred it with butter. Excellent for dunking into soups and sauces.


2016 Jun 4
The pancakes are thick and fluffy. These had raspberry in them. Other options include plain, bananas, or blueberries.



2016 Jun 4
Every bite of the Erika Benedicts (sausage patties in the eggs Benedicts) were simply tasty!

2014 Oct 12
I tried the Chicken bobotie eggs benefict for the first time and was delighted. The bobotie consists of minced chicken in a curry sauce served over slices of their locally made molasses bread topped with soft poached eggs covered in a Hollandaise sauce. The pan fried mashed potatoes was crusty and tasty as usual. There was also a small side of mixed fruits.

Service was prompt and professional. Our coffee cups were topped every time they were emptied.

There was a bit of wait for a table at 11am (20 minutes) but it was totally worth it!


Sep 1
The omelette continues to be amazing. Pictured is omelette #4, which contains bacon, mushrooms and cheese. I chose sourdough bread (over molasses) and a salad (over fruit). It all came with the traditional home fries. It is mashed and fried. It might look funny but it has always tasted amazing.


2007 Feb 4
The lamb burger (which is available on their lunch menu for $9.95) is a favourite of mine. It's topped with goat cheese, caramelized (red) onions and peppers. It comes with their house salad and yam chips or potato salad..choose the yam chips.


2007 Mar 17
always delicious! do not miss out on these!



2013 Dec 29
After not having been here for brunch in a while, hubs and I took the opportunity to come on our date week-end as my daughter was at my parents. Again, we were happily satiated by our favourite breakfast in town. I had the Omelette #1 (pictured) a classic as far as I am concerned at SFD: pesto, roasted red pepper, choice of Gorgonzola, Brie or Goat cheese, and mushrooms with a side of greens with balsamic vinaigrette, their breakfast potatoes (my fav in town perhaps except when The Big Rig randomly does good potatoes when they do not serve the deep fried commercial ones) and a huge slice of their own made molasses bread! I was greedy and ordered a side of sausages which was very good but I couldn't finish everything as it was a lot of food!

Hubs ordered the smoked salmon and spinach omelette and loved it too.

I have to come here more often. Service is friendly and refills on coffee and tea are always offered.

Tip: get there near opening time. It fills up quickly!

2011 Apr 24
Went to Stoneface Dolly's for Easter brunch, what a disappointment...the eggs were overcooked, the mushroom patty-disgusting and the potatoes were mushy and tasteless. The only thing I enjoyed was the coffee. And oh yea, we also had a rude server. Never going back there again!!!

2010 Aug 9
The restaurant gives you one of the best brunch setting ever. Located at a quite intersection of Preston it is not difficult at all to find parking in nearby neighborhoods. As you approach the building you can feel the busy yet relaxing vibe of city life.

This place is constantly jammed with customers and I can only imagine why. When you get inside the open concept extended through the kitchen and the patio. The place is mainly light up by natural lighting from the patio, penetrating a very positive vibe.

The noise level is perfect. Sitting is comfortable and the design of the restaurant is also very warm and welcoming.

Egg Natasha- It is basically Egg Benedict with smoke salmon and spinich, topped with lemon diablo sauce.
The pouch eggs are nicely done. However the beautiful journey probably stops there. The spinach is too soggy and too "dead" very over cooked. The salmon does not look too pink and it falls short on amount. The most disappointment is on the muffin. It was very damped.
It is not a very big dish, with the price we are paying you can probably get better.

2010 May 16
I went there for breakfast on 2010 05 16 with my girlfriend. I had Omelet number 3 (red peppers, smoke salmon and goat cheese) and my date had the Eggs Natasha. We both really enjoyed our meal. Highly recommended for breakfast / brunch. I tried many, many places in Ottawa for breakfast and brunch and this place ranks in the top 3 for sure so far.

2010 Apr 11
This is the reason to come to Stoneface Dolly's - I've eaten a lot of breakfast at a lot of restaurants, cafes, and diners in town and Stoneface remains at the top of my list.

Everything about their breakfasts is taken to the next level. They serve Art-is-in bread and Bridgehead coffee. Even the "hollandaise" is given special attention and made fresh (Cait has told me that their eggs benedict is the best in town).

I'm picky when it comes to potatoes. I'll always be disappointed to see frozen hash browns on my plate (when I'm not at a diner at least), but Stoneface serves a really nice fried mash that is unique, but still familiar.

That's the best way I can sum up brunch at Stoneface Dolly's - unique, but still familiar. All your favourite breakfast foods with a twist.

Tip: Go on Saturday to avoid long lines. One of my favourite places in Ottawa is their patio on a nice sunny Saturday morning.