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2009 Nov 15
This place is quickly becoming my #1 favourite restaurant. The first time I went, I ordered the pad thai and decided this was the best, and have not been able to order anything else since. Yesterday I decided to branch out and ordered the pepper-salt chicken. While not 100% as good as the pad thai, it was still pretty good. Reminded me greatly of KFC, but you know, they probably use actual chickens here.

That being said, I'm starting to be convinced that everything on their menu might just be THAT good. We've never had a bad experience here.

2009 Oct 4
So Good has the best vegetarian menu in the city and I have never disliked anything I've ordered. I don't really care that it's not 'authentic' Chinese food.
The salt-pepper tofu and wu se vegetables are especially delicious, and Peter is such a lovely man :D I can't articulate how much I love this restaurant.

2009 Sep 29
While I've had good experiences in the past (when going for that definitive Canadian Chinese type of food), I think I'll avoid it on Sunday nights now. Yes, all places along Somerset are pretty busy between 6 and 7pm, and quality may drop a little, but this past Sunday, quality was definitely not quite to my liking.

I'll point out that it was takeout and that I had to walk home (~10-15 minutes), but even by that point the rice was substandard (and did not reheat well at all the next day). The broccoli with lemongrass and garlic sauce seemed a tad undercooked, and I had expected the lemongrass to be more infused than just sprinkled on it afterwards (my bad there, definitely).

They also added a plain rice portion without asking me, which was mostly wasted since I had one rice dish already. I thought the container housed the spring rolls, so I didn't check on pickup.

I should have stuck to the crispy beef or the likes for a busy night. :)

(I'll also avoid a dish of both broccoli and garlic in the future, anywhere. My body's processing is definitely leaving some rather effluviant byproducts for quite a while...)

2009 Jun 6
I have been here a couple of times and it has been very good each time. This is easily the best Chinese in the city, and I second the best crispy beef.

The food is very reasonably priced, very very reasonable when you consider portion sizes which are HUGE. Each meal is a good size for sharing among ~4 people, or a good 2 meals for a single person. The food is never greasy or MSG-y. Tonight I had the pad thai, it wasn't really authentic from a Thai point of view but was still very good. And the crispy beef is very good.

Peter, the manager, is very nice. While I was there tonight, there was a table of ladies and a couple of them had seafood allergies. He said he would be very careful to take care of them. I believe it says on the menu that they will accommodate food allergies, and they also have a pretty huge selection of vegetarian options: ~ 2 pages on menu.

The only negative comment I would make is that some of the waitresses appear to be a bit inexperienced. They aren't always as attentive/polite as they could be. But, this isn't really a big factor and doesn't really affect my opinion of the place.

2009 May 19
So Good has the best crispy beef in the city!
very casual - good prices - fantastic food!

2009 Apr 15
Came here on Saturday and I loved the place. Good vegetarian options and even the non-spicy mild meat dishes were done with complex flavours. The oil and wine marniaded beef was excellent, tender and cooked to perfection.

I reccomend the place for the food, though only in a casual situation. Don't take people here for a first date unless they already know the place or you are intentionally going casual.

2009 Feb 19
Peter is a definite character, I like So Good the food is perfect comfort food and I have gone there for years.

I really wish he'd fix up the place though, every time I bring someone to eat there I get the same reaction "you want to eat. . . . here?" which I never get taking people to Mekong or Shanghai and I think his food for what it is, outperforms both those places.

So Good is two thumbs up for food and only So So on 'look and feel'

2009 Feb 8
It's a few years since I have been here but last visit was memorable. I enjoyed everything but forgot to order my fried rice without shrimp. Not a big seafood fan but everything else was great. I think it's time for another visit.

2009 Feb 7
Kael's post reminded me i never added my thumbs up to this restaurant, which i'm now doing, in part, due to Mousseline's anecdote. In years past, i brought a number of kids and young adults w/ intellectual disabilities to restaurants and have seen my share of confusion and disrespect toward my companions. Peter (the owner) may not be everyone's cup of tea (friends found him a tad over-friendly), but his manner in dealing w/ Mousseline's kid is a model to be mainstreamed.

Food wise, i can't remember not enjoying myself here. If So Good bears a "Canadian" influence, maybe its had a positive influence, i say, esp. in the area of vegan and vegetarian influences.

Also, while So Good may not satisfy the "its not true Chinese" crowd, perhaps this is a restaurant that should be appraised from a different point of view? If i heard correctly, Peter comes to Ottawa via Indonesia. So, while Chinese (his ethnicity?) is an influence, perhaps its not the sole factor in his cooking? (<- question marks indicate speculation, not declarations.)

If you're looking for the best pad thai in town, this might not be the place, but you can always ask the So Good staff for their recommends and go from there.

2009 Feb 5
Nothing beats their fried tofu with pepper-salt. Mmmmm....keep a glass of water handy!

While the food may be more Canadian than some like, I know that with the wide range of veggie/vegan/omni dishes that I can bring any of my friends here and they'll find something good to eat.

It's nice to find a place where I can get hot and sour soup without egg!

I went (twice) on New Year's Day (yes, I am a pig). We ate in the second time and Peter is too nice! Asked us all how we were getting along with the bus strike, how school was going, winter break, etc. and none of us had ever even eaten there before!

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2009 Apr 15
I have gone here once on the recommendation of a vegetarian and both Veg dishes I tried were excellent. One of them was noodle stirfy with a peanut sauce and a variety of vegetables in there, high in protein and nicely spiced. The second was the pepper salt fried tofu which was honestly the best tofu I have ever eaten.

Granted, my vegetarian friend is a spice fiend, but everything I tried there was excellent. I heartily reccomend the place.

2008 Nov 27
How can anyone who's menu is that vast make anything well?


It's cheap and it is actually pretty good. I've had much better chinese, but for the price and if you are in a bit of a rush, So Good hits the spot.

The So Good Sauce is surprisingly good.

2006 Nov 11
Extensive menu of vegetarian items here, and those hoping for the Szechwan style will be particularly pleased (i.e., no shortage of tasty sauce). Their Buddha's delight is a favourite of mine -- lots of mushrooms!