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2008 Jan 4
Well, despite my initial bad experience, I've actually been eating here several times a week, largely because it's a couple blocks away from both home and work.

I don't think the quality has improved, but I am definitely irked about the prices that keep going up every few weeks. I thought Shawarma was supposed to be cheap :/

It's not bad, but I've had much much better elsewhere for less.

2007 Nov 23
Best shawarma place in town. And I've been to plenty in Ottawa (but then again, I always hear great things about Shawarma Palace and I haven't been there yet.

When ordering a plate/platter, I love how they just pile on the food into a little mound. I can stuff it all if I really want to, but if I want to be moderate, then I can easily split it between two meals, it's that much food.

I'm a big fan of their rice, it's not just plain white rice like other places give you.

2007 Aug 29
Shawarma's King used to be the best in the city but since a change in management, the sauce isn't as garlicky and the quality has gone down. Very dissapointing.

2007 Aug 17
Sorry, I found their shawarma very disappointed. Flavourless and overcooked meat. My favourite is Cedar Valley in Orleans. Excellent.

2007 Jul 19
Maybe I'm just fussy but I didn't like the meats in their shawarma. Some bits were rock-hard overcooked, and well the other half was lumps of fat. I ate half of it and threw the rest out, then drove to my beloved Gatineau to get a better one.

2007 Apr 26
I'm a fan of garlic potatoes, so Shawarma's King totally rocks my socks. There's nothing quite like feeling the garlic sauce coursing through your veins the day after you eat it.

2006 Sep 25
Just a great blend of fresh ingredients with strong (but not too much) flavoured sauce. You might want to avoid kissing loved ones for a bit, but well worth a trip out of your way.