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2016 Jun 14
I am glad they put "Owner" in quotes ...

2016 Jun 14
Notice on exterior of Black Tomato today.

2016 Feb 11
A couple of us popped in for lunch last week and had a lamb and a beef burger. They were both awesome! Smoky and very juicy. The side salad was delicious and the oven baked skin on fries with aioli were great. What a really liked as well is that we finished everything on our plates. Not only in a "so delicious must eat it all" kind of way but also because the portions were reasonable. Too often in Ottawa I leave behind a mound of fries or a hunk of bread because it is too much. With soaring overhead costs for restauranteurs, cutting down portion size might be a smart move.

2013 Apr 24
I went there for brunch with some friends recently and I was initially disappointed when I found out that the slow roasted boar eggs benedict was no longer on the menu. My disappointment was short lived when I found out the menu changes based on local ingredients!

The pulled red deer and pork breakfast sandwich was delicious and my only regret was that I didn't follow our server's recommendation to try the steak & eggs though I made up for that by stealing some from my friend's plate.

Also the boar bacon and boar sausages were well liked by everyone at the table.

2012 Nov 12
I removed the website link.

2012 Nov 11
As a followup to zymurgist's post below of over a year ago, clicking on the website link brings up a huge warning page for me that I am about to enter a reported attack site. Yeah. I'd say that's a huge hindrance to people getting to your information.

2012 Nov 11
I hadn't been to the Tomato in a while but I recently enjoyed a great burger at this place. The meat was from O'Brien's and was beautifully smoked with a lovely pink smoke ring on the burger. The bun was great and the patty was topped with some local bacon. There was a lot more local content on the menu than I remember and the service was great.

2012 Jul 31
i really liked the couch lounge in the back. Good service. My boyfriend and I had a wonderful time and it was so romantic eating under the patio tent while the rain pitter pattered outside.

We shared a seafood pasta in creole sauce which he really liked (i like creamier sauces)and the bread was great. Prices were a tad high and I wasn't really impressed with my two martinis (creme brulee martini, cherry chocolate martini) and the actual creme brulee was a disaster. It's a real shame because the trio of creme brulee had great flavors but it was so improperly cooked that one had the consistency of mousse, the other ice cream and the last one was in between. i had come here specifically for the creme brulee so it was a bit of a disappointment. le tartuffe still has the best creme brulee in ottawa-gatineau in my opinion.

2011 Oct 3
Oh man, major website fail. Ouch.

2011 Aug 19
Wow, I used to love this place but it's changed. I had the pasta, my friend had the special (squash soup and hen). It was on average about $30/entree. A lot more expensive than it used to be (a surprise, but fine), but the quality of the food was not worth the inflated prices. I'm not a picky eater, but if I pay $30 for my meal, I expect something above the average cheap restaurant. There was also NO AIRCONDITIONING, and I was dying of heat and sticking to the chair. What kind of place has this become? If you are going to charge for a good meal, offer one and make your clientele comfortable. Very disappointed, I very rarely complain, but I have to in this case.




2007 Mar 11
I've only been here once about 5 or 6 years ago and the selection was good. But the venue is well-known amongst local homebrewers as a spot for great beer.

2006 Oct 16
Besides the usual suspects, the Black Tomato usually has a few gems from nearby microbreweries available on tap (notably Church Key and Scotch Irish).


2007 Jul 16
I had brunch here several weeks ago. They do a table d'hote brunch menu.
The day I was there the options were:

Black Bean Soup OR
House Made Granola

Breakfast Burrito OR
French Toast with Bananas and Chocolate Sauce

Choice of Dessert

I opted for the Granola, followed by the French toast.

I had a latte to start, and the granola which was really good, and fortunately in a small portion because it's pretty heavy as a starter. It was nicely carmelized and really tasty.

The french toast was was a large wedge of brioche type bread that had been coated in oats before frying. It came with sliced bananas and chocolate sauce, 2 large pieces of thick cut bacon that were a little too crunchy for my taste and 2 sausages that were slightly longer and thinner than the standard breakfast sausage, and a lot less greasy. I wish I knew where they get them. There was also a nice salad on the plate, and fried potatoes (not deep fried, either!).

Upside: The latte was included in the price, which was about $17 so there was a lot of food for the price. And almost everything was tasty. I had to have them box my dessert (Peanut Butter Pie) to go, as there was no way I could eat it after all that.

Downside: This is not the place to go if you have plans after. I was seated shortly after 12:00 and had my bill dropped at 1:40. Also, it is a lot of food, so go hungry, or with someone who has a bigger appetite than you. Also, I liked the table d'hote format, but probably wouldn't have if they'd offered choices that didn't appeal to me.

All in all, I'd go again.