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2015 Apr 1
Chef Patricia Larkin has moved on after more than 6 years at Black Cat. Chef Michael Farber of Farbs Kitchen and Wine Bar has now taken over the kitchen. Of interest: both chefs worked at Domus Cafe in 2007-2008, and at Beckta prior to that.

2013 Jun 16
Oh my deliciousness! I had a Sunday off and was planning to go for brunch then skate on the canal last February.

I was intrigued by the menu and was happy to gnosh here on some amazing food. I tried something totally left wing. Some sort of homemade bread - similar in style to Naan but not as thick. Which had some very tasty veggies, duck meat and egg. The seasoning was exceptional. Though one to usually salt my food, I didn't need to.

Unfortunately I got a call to go into work as my colleague was ill.

I completed my meal with the most divine pomegranate sorbet. Worht every penny despite the exhorbitant cost.

The homemade english muffin was initriguing and since I now had a 7 hour shift I took one to go. Not a fan of the lemon butter. It was tasty but not worth the cost. It would be better as part of an eggs benny.

I would love to go back for a lunch or dinner and see what other colourful creations they come up with

2013 Apr 29
First time in a while back at BCB and it was a wonderful evening. Started off with nicely crafted bourbon old fashioneds and our favorite grilled octopus in ponzu sauce. Enjoyed the slight charring and the tangy sauce - it is always a reliable choice and the composed salad on the side was a nice complement. My main was thai mussels in a spicy coconut broth. Deliciously sweet, plump and just barely cooked enough to retain their fresh, perfect texture. Served with frites and spicy mayo.

I've found that at BCB the daily special is always a good bet and the dinner special was seared scallops and pork belly with apple slaw. It was outstanding. The scallops were sweet and cooked just enough, and both they and the delicious maple glazed pork belly were seared to a caramelized crispness.

Dessert was a rhubarb coconut cheesecake served layered in a mason jar. So good - and not sure what the cheese was, but it was pleasantly devoid of the cloying sweetness of cream cheese that I dislike in most cheesecakes. The cheese had a pleasant tang that was offset by the sweetness in the other ingredients.

Service was pleasant and informative and the wine by the glass suggestions really enhanced the mains. The atmosphere here is pleasant, modern and cleanly elegant without fuss. We were celebrating and opted for a booth, which does provide for more of an intimate dining experience.

All in our meal was $180 including two cocktails, three glasses of wine, taxes and tips in. Really nice experience, good service, nice atmosphere, exceptional food.

2012 Jun 16
Oh Black Cat, how I really wanted to love you...

I went to black cat last night for dinner with my husband and a couple of friends. We got a couple of bottles of their house wine; they collaborated with a winery in Niagara for and it was good. The red was sweeter than I normally like, but still a great house wine.

We had the sharing plate appetizer, which came with pork terrine, a tuna dish, truffled popcorn and another pork dish. I can't remember the name, but it was similar to a tartar, but cooked. Everything was delicious.

Two at our table had the scallops, which were amazing. My other friend had their duck breast special, which tasted fantastic as well. I ordered the steak frites, as this is what I was told I should try here. This is where my love waned...

Our server was super sweet and attentive the whole night. However, when my steak arrived it was mid-well to well done. I had ordered medium. I informed the server and she took it away to have it fixed for me. I am not sure what happened back in the kitchen, but she immediately came out with it and told me that this was "their medium", but if I was unhappy with it, they would make me another steak with their "mid-rare". I told he server that medium is pink right through the middle and that this steak was all brown, no pink. She told me it would be a while and went to have a new one done up. Good, right? No..

Over the next 15 minutes, while my friends were eating, the waitress came over at least 4 times to see how we were and to say things like, "I'm sorry there was a miscommunication and you wanted mid-rare, not medium". Or, "I'm sorry your steak is taking so long, but if you had of ordered mid-rare..." It was honestly like I was being a bit belittled. Then to cap it all off, when she came to send us off with our bills, she said it again! It was almost like a sincere apology could not come out without a comment about how I was unsatisfied with "their medium". It made me sad and kind of ruined the ambience.

I'll go back to try their burger for sure, but I am left with a bad taste in my mouth.

2012 May 11
I was unfortunatelly really disapointed with my experience tonight at the Black Cat Bistro. I had high expectations which were not fulfill. Service was okay and management (owner) did not seem to care for custumer satisfaction.

I had the Halibut (32$)and as a big fan of fresh and tasty fish, this peace was way to cooked and too dry for me. My partner had the BCB steak (34$) with fries, and altough the meat was cooked at his taste, it lacked flavour and the plate looked a bit empty. We are both big foodies and had the same thought that we could have done the same at that price, we were hoping for more.
For dessert we shared the lemon tart (their speciality). Let's say it was just a tease and again I was expecting more.

Overall, I'm suprised that this restaurant was voted best of Ottawa this last year.

P.S. The bread was good!;)

2012 Apr 21
Black Cat has new house wines, specially made for them by Ravine Vineyard in Niagara.

The house Red is a Meritage, and the house White is a Chardonnay. $9 a glass, making them the least expensive wines on their menu.

Tried them both last night. They're both really good! The Red is quite smooth; the White is a good balance of acidity and toasty oak flavours.

I'm more than happy to support one of my favourite wineries in one of my favourite restaurants. I hope they sell it by the boatload.

2012 Jan 19
Can't believe it has taken me this long to try out the Black Cat Bistro. We were walkins tonight and lucky to get a table. Suffice it to say that we were delighted with the service and the food. Apps included foie gras with a delicious brown hazelnut butter and blueberry compote. I could be happy eating only this for the rest of my life. Also tried the chargrilled octopus (see picture) which was really spectacular. Perfectly cooked, tender, succulent, and served with fresh olives, artisanal cheese, house mayo and a Yuzu dipping sauce that was spicy and addictive. My main was the steak with sage frites which was properly cooked and very tasty. I was craving beef, but I wish now that I had ordered something more interesting, because my friend had the veal sweetbreads, and they were outstanding: Crispy fried exterior wrapped around the delicate meat and served with shitake mushrooms and a delicious puree of rutabaga that was slightly sweet. If tonight's meal and service were typical, BCB provides excellent, inventive food at reasonable prices. Our meal including 1/2 litre of wine was
$160 including tax and tip. The desserts looked impressive too, but we will have to save room for them next time.

2011 Apr 2
Our Friday evening out started at Tennessy Willems
but walk-ins are not welcome so we decided to head over to the Prescott before spotting this place and wandering in. They offered a few beers on tap that made it hard to make a decision. After trying Kichesippi last week I couldn't resist. We started with the special off the board Pork Terrine and the Alberta Beef Carpaccio. The pork terrine with the sour cherry sauce and house pickels was not really our taste with everone snapping up the carpaccio. Not a big selection of mains tonight. The menu is different from the online pdf,with the steak being a strip and no burger I went with the chicken breast with black pepper spatzel,oyster and shiitake mushrooms,squash and lemon jus pretty unremarkable for the price. The other mains at the table were much better with the lamb loin being the big hit of the evening. The atmosphere was a bit rigid for me after our last outing at Fraser cafe but for some probably right on the mark,just not a place for me. I guess having our hearts set on pizza the change was just too much of a shock. We will have to conform and start reluctantly making reservations it's just so hard when you are a last minute craver.

2011 Mar 27
Dined for the first time at BCB last night. What a great experience.

I'll start from the beginning ...

When I arrived, my friend was already seated. I was surprised that she didn't yet have a menu nor water. But shortly after my arrival, the server came to bring us both.

The highlight of the evening: the service! Our waitress was exceptional. Big thumbs up all the way. I am such a sucker for great service and that is exactly what we got.

Our server raved about the complimentary bread. Neither my friend nor I thought there was anything great about it, although we were both big fans of the maple butter.

We started our meal with:
- Joe's Shredded Duck Confit Salad: The salad is comprised of arugula and as the name suggests, duck confit. I currently can't eat goat cheese so I had to forego it. It was quite tasty although pricey for what it actually is. There was a LOT of arugula on the plate with shredded deck interspersed and crisp fried shredded onions as a garnish. The dressing was very appealing. A very nice tasty dish overall.
- Local Heirloom Beet Salad: this was my friend's order and the plate looked divine.

For our mains:
- Truffled Quebec Chicken Breast: BCB certainly doesn't skimp on their portions. The piece of chicken was substantial and perfectly cooked and seasoned. It came on a very generous bed of spatzle cooked with mushrooms and squash. There was so much that I had to pack up half my plate.
- BCB Signature Steak Frites: my friend had to send her dish back since the first steak was to well done. The second attempt was a bit better although half of it was still more done than she would have liked. She didn't complain again but the server (exceptional as she was) was adamant that she would speak to the manager. In the end, BCB removed her main from the bill. WOW! I'm all about restaurants being responsive to the patron but even this I found overly generous. Big thumbs up.

- While I was stuffed to the rafters, my friend enjoyed the Flourless Chocolate Pave. It was a dense and smooth brick with delightfully yummy-looking accountrements. I had a little nibble from the corner and it was definitely rich and decadent.

- I stuck with my usual virgin caesars. BCB does this up alright, nothing great but nothing bad either.
- I'm not a wine girl but my friend enjoyed a regular caesar as well as a red with her steak.

A few comments on the aesthetics ... The restaurant is beautifully decorated. The plates themselves were a hit or miss. The beet salad and chocolate pave were gorgeously plated. The other dishes less so. But taste beat out looks so it really wasn't important.

All in all, a wonderful meal.

Will I return to BCB ... you betchca!

2011 Mar 6
I saw this on their website:

An Advert for Burger Tuesday:

special different burger every Tuesday!
WHEN: starting March 1.
WHO: a new creation every Tuesday by our talented kitchen.
*Richard's burger still being served Monday – Thursday




2007 Nov 19
I had the Santa Margherita Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Doc Brut. It's a good Italian Sparkling wine from Veneto Region. It was a good choice for my appetizer, The Black Cat Dips( foie gras Torchon, slt cod pate', goose rillettes, and olive tapenade). Very clean nose, pleasantly fruity, with hints of apples and peaches blossoms. Delicate and crisp. $ 10 by the glass.



2012 Feb 4
Dropped in here to try out their Burger Tuesday event – every Tuesday chef Larkin invents a new burger creation which is offered on that day only.

The night I visited the “everything bagel burger” was on offer – a beef patty on a toasted brioche bun topped with cream cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, avocado, horseradish and bacon. All burgers are accompanied by a cone of delicious skinny cut fries and a side of mayo.

When the burgers arrived at the table we wondered how we were going to open our mouths wide enough to take a bite (we somehow managed). They were excellent and VERY filling. To find out what the burger will be each Tuesday you can check out @BlackCatOttawa on twitter - they range from traditional to pretty distinctive - vegetarian, bison, turkey, scallop & shrimp.

I think this is an excellent way to experience the fabulous ambience of this elegant restaurant without breaking the bank.

2011 Feb 26
Richard's 8oz Angus Burger is definatly my favourite burger in the city. Cooked medium with traditional topings I have yet to find a better burger in Ottawa.


2012 Nov 12
One of the best crème brulée in town, IMHO.