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Rangoli Indian Cuisine
Rangoli Indian Cuisine
Rangoli Indian Cuisine
Samosa at Rangoli Indian Cuisine
Rangoli Indian Cuisine
Foods from Rangoli Indian Cuisine

2007 Mar 12
This is one of my favorite Indian restaurants. I have been several times, and the food is always tasty and plentiful. The butter chicken is excellent, as well as any of their saag (beef, chicken, or lamb). As Andreas points out, the naan is big. They have a huge selection of indian sweets, but I've only tried a few (gulab jamun, jalebi, and one other), as I'm usually quite full after dinner.

2006 Oct 18
I've been there twice now, having ordered the lunch special involving butter chicken each time. I have enjoyed it thoroughly each time! The naan is bigger than your head (unless you have a really big head).

2006 Sep 25
I've only been here once. I found the desserts to be quite wonderful but the main meals tasted like they were using canned sauces, which I did not enjoy. I could do that myself at home.

2006 Sep 24
My family and I certify this as authentic Indian (punjabi) and delicious.

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2006 Oct 18
Tastes good, without being too greasy. Sized bigger than your head (unless your head is extremely large).



2007 Apr 1
Vegetable samosas were excellent -- possibly the best I've had. I found the filling to be drier than usual but not at all in a bad way. The pastry was crispy but not greasy.

The condiments were top notch. The cilantro-chili stuff was fresher and nicer than I've had anywhere else, and the tamarind sauce was less pungent than usual.

Highly recommended.