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2013 Aug 20
Really good.

2012 Apr 18
I just wanted to say that i've fallen in love with PP's wedges!! it's all about the batter, and i almost like them better cold... haven't had kfc in years, but reminds me of cold fried chicken.

2011 Nov 29
I've received about 10 pizzas with extra sauce on top before this incident and they were perfectly done as I reviewed below.

The extra sauce on top may make a pizza heavy and soggy, but that's why you ask for the crust "well done", which I know you backed up, Bacon, several posts below.

In any case, it's been a strange month of customer service (well lack of) and I phoned and emailed pizza pizza with my issue, advising them of this issue.

They've offered me a $20 credit, which is very nice. However that still means I have to get the pizza from the same location. Perhaps I'll call the other location and just drive there....or maybe not....

2011 Nov 28
the website gives you the option, only to be veto'd by the "pizza chef". Happened to me the first time i tried ordering extra sauce on top. picked it up to see that it was added on the bottom and told that they don't do extra sauce on top. i never tried it again.

2011 Nov 28
Schnicken, the classic cop-out by an incompetent pseudo-pizza chef to bail themselves out from a mistake or a deliberate act of cheapness.

Did he bother to explain how the hell the sauce "ON TOP OF THE CHEESE would make the pizza soggy?

Pizza hacks!

2011 Nov 27
I ordered my regular pizza, which has extra sauce on the top. It arrived, no extra sauce. I ended up on the cell phone with the guy at the store who proceeded to argue with me that the pizza would be soggy and that they never put sauce on the top?

What did I order the last 6 times then? Am I imagining things?

I just told him to cancel the order because he was arguing with me. I told him that the previous orders were done excellently.

Apparently this particular guy blames the web for propagating some misinformation. This at the Montreal road/Blair store.

I cannot for the life of me understand why establishments have to argue with customers? Is this crappy lippy customer service month?

2011 Oct 10
I've tried all the variations suggested here -- thin crust, extra sauce, well done, etc -- and still can't get myself to consider Pizza Pizza's pizza as anything other than passable. Nothing about it stands out, and even then I find it less than the sum of its parts.

I get a bit of a chlorinated flavour from their crust, the sauce is ok, and cheese barely there in both taste and amount. It doesn't feel too good going down, and for me lacks the substance or heartiness that makes a good slice. The only positive for me is their pepperoni style (red, sliced, circular, crispy), which is hard to find at the independent joints.

I was pretty excited when they first began their $5 med pep deal .. but I find it's barely even worth it. What this city needs is some $5 Little Caesar's hot 'n ready's (that come without the 20 min. walk-in wait of Pizza Pizza's deal), stat.

2011 Sep 22
This is gonna be my last review of this brand altogether, specifically the Aylmer store.

Yesterday's abomination of a pizza negates all my previous positive reviews... and then some. The pizza was, in a word, garbage.

They had about 5 guys stepping on each other behind the counter, all equally inept in running a pizza joint. This pie was reminiscent of the worst student's effort in Home Ec class.

Strike 1: I asked for extra sauce on top. The teeny-bopper unapologetically said he put in under the cheese. Side note: not sure you can call this thing cheese. It kinda falls apart crumbly, semi-melted and doesn't even brown or crisp. Mystery cheese.

I discovered quickly why he 'hid' the sauce under the toppings. Foul, foul excuse of a sauce. A tanginess reminiscent of Campbell's tomato soup, a sickly orange colour no trace of herbs or even salt and pepper. This was vomited from a can guaranteed. It made me long for the mid-east type offerings that abound in the area.

The mushrooms were slimy, they tasted pickled, canned, thick chunks, not fresh. The crust was like a leather boot, although not as tasty (I tried my boot last night to compare, and to cleanse my palate post-dinner.)

The remains of this pseudo-pie are in my fridge right now, polluting its real-food neighbours. In a pang of remorse (I never like wasting food) I spared the rest in case my nephew who lives with me wants to give it a shot. I have since regretted it. This pizza cannot be characterized as food.

I hope he doesn't eat it, this slop is not even befitting a starving teenager.

Pizza Pizza, I'm done with you.

2011 Jul 28
schnicken, I actually order extra cheese, but the rest is the same as yours.

Indeed, the seasoning seems to be a dry mix they shake on top. I think it's more than just oregano, I find it quite salty in fact.

I ordered from the Parkdale store last week. The pepperoni seemed not as good as my Aylmer usual. More bologna-ish. Also, the extra sauce, rather than ladeled over the entire pizza surface, was just on random slices. Still decent coverage.

As for that earlier bad experience by another poster, I think when you order that many water-heavy ingredients like green peppers, onions, and olives, you're inviting trouble; the pizza is bound to be soggy, no matter the cooking.

2011 Jul 28
Ah! Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep this "well done" thing in mind next time we order.




2006 Nov 26
I am far from the first one to note that Pizza Pizza pizzas' goodness does depend a fair bit on knowing what to order.

Mine is a thin-crust vegetarian, with onions (not included in their vegetarian), no olives, and extra cheese, usually by way of their 'five cheese blend' (or is it four?). Solid comfort food.

Q: out of town recently, I noticed pasta listed on a PP sign. Eh? No pasta was listed on the menu.

And then I noticed it on an Ottawa one, too.

Can anybody explain?

2006 Nov 25
I find that pizza pizza for want of a better word tastes like ass, and not a good one either

2006 Nov 25
No actually I've been dragged to several Pizza Pizza's and been subjected to many people ordering it at various parties and functions. Though franchises have different managers, they still operate under the same basic guidlines and the same basic recipes and products - Pizza Pizza desires all stores to offer the same product when selling thier franchise, otherwise they would simply invest in different pizzarias.

Congrats on lucking out with one you like, but I personally simply cannot reccomend the chain because I feel it offers an inferior and untasty product .

2006 Nov 25
The best pizza I ever have was the pizza (very thin crust) we ate at Princess Cruise. In my opinion, no other pizza place in Ottawa can compare with the pizza at the Dawn Princess. We ordered takeout pizza from many other take-out eatery before. Every time was a disapointment. Every Pizza Pizza store is a franchise business and this means every store has a different store owner/manager. I like the Pizza Pizza store in our area though.

My brother's family came to visit us from Toronto one time. I ordered pizza from Pizza Pizza for a quick lunch before we headed out to visit museums. My brother made a comment "How come the pizza here tastes so good? I normally don't like Pizza Pizza's pizza. This is different." So, I guess you may have bad luck at one Pizza Pizza.

2006 Nov 25
I just don't understand these reviews and I've been BAFFLED by Ontario's love affair with Pizza Pizza for YEARS.

I find that thier crust is flavourless and cardboard-y, thier sauce tastes cheap and is too sweet, they put virtualy no cheese or toppings on thier pizza and the cheese and toppings that do make it onto the pie are sub-standard quality.

I just don't understand why anyone would want to order from this mediocre chain when there are hundreds of great mom-and-pop places just around the corner which make vastly superior pizza.

I'm not trying to be snooty, but I absolutely cannot reccomend this pizza as I genuinely feel it is a poor product where every possible expense has been spared.

2006 Nov 5
I've been meaning to post here again and give my latest tip for Pizza Pizza: try the "Bruschetta" topping! They basically replace the tomato sauce with a bruschetta-style chopped tomato and garlic mixture and the resulting pizza is quite delicious! Exceptionally good as part of a 3 topping choice along with mushrooms and either ham or olives.

2006 Nov 4
I tried many other take-out pizza eatery. Now I just stick to Pizza Pizza. Their prize is the best!

2006 Sep 17
A pleasant light-tasting pizza. I credit these guys with bringing whole wheat crust and broccoli toppings into the mainstream. And the garlic dipping sauce is good with the dryer parts of crust.

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2010 Aug 24
Ordered the 10 crispy wings + fries special they had for $10.

The wings were not that good, the meat on the drums were too tough but the flats were okay.

My sister ended up eating the drums and she liked it.

The breading was good, but the mild sauce wasn't good. Not sure how to explain it, just wasn't good, not flavorful enough?

The fries were decent. Not as good as the ones you'll get from say Gabriel's.

I may try classic wings next time, maybe the breading had something to do with the wings being too tough.

2008 Jun 11
I love the breaded wings, with honey garlic sauce. But you have to get the sauce on the side and, for best results, pick them up.

2007 Jan 9
That's nasty! Which location did you all order from?

2007 Jan 9
The week before Christmas I ordered wings and a small pizza from PP. Then I got stomach poisoning...mmmm Happy Holidays.

Incidentally my roomate and her b/f ordered separate pizzas and they too came down with stomach problems. :S

2006 Nov 2
I tried these on a whim along with an order of pizza and was impressed. They have some different styles, but I got the "lightly breaded" kind that were coated with something similar to KFC batter. Tossed in the "spicy" sauce (not mild but not suicide) they were quite yummy!

2018 May 2
I happened to notice the Metro on Beechwood sold Panzerotti, they have a dedicated fresh made pizza area, and the Panzerotti they made looked very good.

2018 Apr 27
Sort of sad that I'm still looking to Pizza Pizza for an occasional large Panzerotti fix, for lack of almost any other option, but here we are. The garlic dip should be bolognese for starters. But overall it was decent. Big, freshly made (unlike Pavarazzi premade), fresh oil, proper crispiness and good bread/fillings ratio, only $9 including dip and tax for a pepperoni and olive. Easy ordering on mobile web without app or account. Still if anyone knows other local vendors of this treat please inform!