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2011 Jul 28
Ah! Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep this "well done" thing in mind next time we order.

2011 Jul 28
Yes, I now ask for the Italian seasoning stuff (free extra) when I order. It's only been two times.

It is simply just a shake of oregano type spice sprinkled on top.

As I said before, my crusts were impressive. And that's saying alot since my pizza was quite heavy from the sauce.

My order: Medium, regular dough, no special crust, classic tomato sauce, extra sauce on top, mozarrella cheese, easy on the cheese, mushrooms, bacon crumble, original pepperoni, Italiano blend, well done.

With this order, I finally got what I wanted. I'm sure taste might be better at a smaller pizza joint, but I haven't really found one yet.

2011 Jul 28
Momomoto - i think the italian seasoning is just a few shakes of an italian spice blend from Club House or McCormicks.

after getting a pizza like Dita did one time, we always order 'well done' and usually get a pie that has some structural integrity and a good crust.

zymurgist - you can still specify which location, either online or via phone. we do it every time we order.

2011 Jul 28
As an interesting counterpoint to the sad, sad pizza that Dita got, we ordered from Pizza Pizza last night and I think that the crust was the best we've ever had from there.

Very crispy, and very flavourful. And actually blackened in some parts, too! How often does that happen (in a good way) to Pizza Pizza?

We ordered the Italian Melt, which I believe had garlic sauce base (i.e. no tomato), sausage, mushrooms, provolone, and "Italian seasoning".

So maybe they brush the seasoning on with oil, and they were nice enough to put it on the crust for us?

If anybody else has any experiences with ordering pizzas with the "Italian seasoning" on it I'd love to hear if you got a bitchin' crust like we did.

2011 Jul 27
In general I like their pizza, but since someone mentioned their online ordering system I have to comment on a very negative aspect of it since they switched systems about 5 years ago.

Either online or by phone, I used to be able to specify which outlet to get my pizza from, but I can no longer do that. Now they send it from the one up on Bronson which is pretty far from my place. I used to be able to specify to get it from the one right around the corner just west of Parkdale.

The new system is idiotic. And I wrote them about it with no reply

2011 Jul 27
I have had similar experiences in the past with pizza pizza. However, since using their online ordering and ensuring I get my pizza well done - I've had no issues.

I like my pizza easy on the cheese and extra sauce. This is vry difficult for many pizza joints (I've been ordering the same pizza for 20 years +).

Usually what happens is that the sauce is way too watery and hence they add MORE cheese to make it stick. (defeating the reason I asked for more sauce in the first place).

Sadly, thus far (in Ottawa, Montreal I had no problems finding a pizza joint) I have been unable to order from anywhere except Pizza Hut (and even then it was hit and miss). I'd love to find a small joint to order from instead.

When I ordered online with Pizza pizza. I took Bacon's advice below (easy cheese, extra sauce on top, well-done). I received exactly what I've been looking for. The pizza had a ton of sauce, yet hardly any slidage and it was not mushy!

Of course, it could simply be the chef from the one I order from and eventually I'll be back to searching once that chef leaves LOL.

2011 Jul 26
Wow Dita, that DOES look like a pizzaster!

...Which is in striking contrast to the totally yummy 'chipotle chicken something something' on whole wheat crust that i had a few nights ago.

The crust was Pizza Pizza standard, always good, never awesome but good enough.

Nice amount of cheese without overkill, and the chipotle sauce was TASTY - a bit sweet, a bit of kick, really nice background to the (grilled, not marinated) chicken and other toppings (onions, peppers), all of which remained on the pizza even when consumed at awkward angles in front of the tv.

2011 Jul 25
Like I previously said I have had both Horrible and good experiences with Pizza Pizza. Unfortunately this was an awful experience. My pizza arrived and the box was wet underneath I opened the box and the olives, green peppers and onions were raw and not cooked. As you can see from the picture the toppings didn't even sit on the pizza they all fell off. The dough was all wet and soaked it was as if they poured water or something on my pizza. It was brutal - I threw the entire pizza away. Worst pizza delivery experience ever.

2011 Jul 18
On Sunday I picked up a large 2 topping pizza, 3 cans of pop, dipping sauce and a pretty large container of wedges for $13.99 (special)

Without specifying special instructions, my pizza came out fantastic with its thin crust, easy on the cheese, copious topping goodness.

Although stultifying (in that I actually like pizza pizza), it was another pleasant 'pizza pizza' pizza.

2011 Jun 21
Second visit in a week.

The guy wouldn't give me the $4.99 Medium pepperoni deal plus all my add-ons. Instead he gave me a $6.99 deal which I thought included mushrooms, plus $1.50 for extra cheese, total $8.49 + tax.

I wasn't too upset to discover there were no mushrooms. The pizza was cooked well done as I asked, extra homestyle sauce on top, and regular pepperoni which I much prefer to the hard, chewy NY style.

They really ladel on the sauce which I love, it's very tomato-ey and tasty. Not too sloppy, either. Once the drooping corner is eaten, the rest of the slice stands, a tribute to the crust.

I sprinkle some of my own oregano and olive oil on it, and presto, a delicious pizza for less than $10. Another $1.50 for mushrooms and we're really in business.

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2011 Dec 31
They have a special on right now 8 bucks for a large Pepperoni - pretty good deal if you ask me

2010 Sep 5
I'll chime in and defend Pizza Pizza as well.

Whenever I think of ordering pizza, I always check here first.

The pizza is just about right. Tastes good (crust could be better though), nice thickness, and a good amount of toppings/cheese.

Their garlic dipping sauce is my favorite.

The online ordering is really good, fast, seamless, can customize the hell out of everything.

And Pizza Pizza has great deals constantly.

They're also really close by, only takes between 15-20 minutes usually for delivery.

Only thing I hate is they charge $3.50 for delivery. I think it was $3 before? So they raised it.

But fast, cheap, tasty, fits the bill a lot of the time.

2007 Sep 13
MelodySoul, you hit all 5 points that make Pizza Pizza one of my favourites:

* Excellent choice of toppings
* Online ordering
* Garlic dipping sauce
* Bruschetta topping (instead of tomato sauce)
* It isn't sloppy and gooey

I agree with the nay-sayers that there are tastier cheeses and better breads available out there if you know where to look. But Pizza Pizza is very decent for such a ubiquitous chain.

The crust isn't great (hence the garlic dipping sauce), but I think it's way better than any frozen pizza.

2007 Sep 13
I know most pizza connoisseurs regard Pizza Pizza as the worst out there but I like it. I'm not into the greasy, sloppy, really cheesy pizza that most small shops deliver. I like the huge list of toppings and options available, I love the online ordering and let's not forget the garlic dipping sauce...gotta have it! My favorite is the bruschetta chicken parm, comes on a thin crust and it's garlicky and delish!

2007 Jul 31
The appeal of the place, for me, is its simplicity. They make a servicable pizza.

If I wanted a pizza that was six kinds of awesome (roasted asparagus, proscuitto and marinated mushrooms or the like), I'd make it myself. But every few months or so I get the craving for the fast food equivalent (i.e. the classic super) and it just works.

2007 Jul 30
I too do not understand the love affair with this establishment. YUCK!

A crust that I would label frozen supermarket crust, low quality ingredients and even lower quality cheese, makes me wish for a rubber biscuit.

2007 Jun 7
I've had a run of consistently good pizzas from the Rideau Street location after falling in love with their online ordering system. The level of detail, as FF points out, is tremendous.

I actually think the crust is a selling point because it's so unlike the thick, doughy crust that is prevalent in Ottawa. The sauce has a nice, basic tomato taste which can be augmented by the variety of free options available.

I've found that ordering extra cheese is key to getting the same amount that most places dole out by default. My current favourite is the classic Canadian: pepperoni, mushrooms, extra cheese.

2007 Mar 30
I actually like their pizza. Others seem to complain about not enough cheese but actually I really hate how greasy pizza gets with too much which is a key reason why I like this one. The Classic Super with Pepperoni, Green Pepper and Mushroom is yummy and dependable. It's not as flavourful as some but it's pretty non-offensive at the same time. The whole wheat crust option is actually really nice.

2007 Feb 26
The pizza from Pizza Pizza is passable. The crust is vegan (yay!), and they have no problems leaving the cheese off. I agree that the white crust isn't great, so I've taken to ordering the whole wheat. I like that their toppings are very fresh. My one complaint is that the cost really adds up even for just four toppings.

2007 Jan 6
More dodgy-quality food porn.

Two pies: a thin-crust with the 'four-cheese blend,' onions, mushrooms, and green peppers, and a regular crust (note somewhat trivial difference) with Mr Kmennie's strange but usual topping pick: double cheese, green olives, and pineapples.



2010 Aug 24
Ordered the 10 crispy wings + fries special they had for $10.

The wings were not that good, the meat on the drums were too tough but the flats were okay.

My sister ended up eating the drums and she liked it.

The breading was good, but the mild sauce wasn't good. Not sure how to explain it, just wasn't good, not flavorful enough?

The fries were decent. Not as good as the ones you'll get from say Gabriel's.

I may try classic wings next time, maybe the breading had something to do with the wings being too tough.

2008 Jun 11
I love the breaded wings, with honey garlic sauce. But you have to get the sauce on the side and, for best results, pick them up.

2007 Jan 9
That's nasty! Which location did you all order from?

2007 Jan 9
The week before Christmas I ordered wings and a small pizza from PP. Then I got stomach poisoning...mmmm Happy Holidays.

Incidentally my roomate and her b/f ordered separate pizzas and they too came down with stomach problems. :S

2006 Nov 2
I tried these on a whim along with an order of pizza and was impressed. They have some different styles, but I got the "lightly breaded" kind that were coated with something similar to KFC batter. Tossed in the "spicy" sauce (not mild but not suicide) they were quite yummy!

2018 May 2
I happened to notice the Metro on Beechwood sold Panzerotti, they have a dedicated fresh made pizza area, and the Panzerotti they made looked very good.

2018 Apr 27
Sort of sad that I'm still looking to Pizza Pizza for an occasional large Panzerotti fix, for lack of almost any other option, but here we are. The garlic dip should be bolognese for starters. But overall it was decent. Big, freshly made (unlike Pavarazzi premade), fresh oil, proper crispiness and good bread/fillings ratio, only $9 including dip and tax for a pepperoni and olive. Easy ordering on mobile web without app or account. Still if anyone knows other local vendors of this treat please inform!