Pho Bo Ga 1
Pho Bo Ga 1
Phở at Pho Bo Ga 1
Pho Bo Ga 1
Phở at Pho Bo Ga 1
Phở at Pho Bo Ga 1
Foods from Pho Bo Ga 1

2016 Oct 18
Had a particularly major Pho crave happen and I always know where to go!

Vegetarian spring rolls (always crispy), Complimentary Green Tea, Rare Beef with Beef Ball soup (the balls are chewy but I assure you its perfection if you are into it), Vegetarian Pho with vegetable and fried tofu (I added BBQ Pork too) all delicious.

The broth is great here. It keeps me coming back, as well as the awesome friendly staff!

2015 Oct 13
I have been meaning forever to create a post about Pho Bo Ga 1 and finally managed to take pictures before inhaling everything on my plate. They are open from 11 Am to rather late which is also convenient!

I have been coming to this Pho location since I first moved to Chinatown about 8 years ago. It is literally a 4 minute walk from my house and is my go to location for fast, hot, and delicious soup in my neighborhood. Located slightly of off Somerset on LeBreton it is a gem worth visiting. Great value - great Pho!

The was an ownership change about 2 or so years ago which has made for an expanded menu that offers more Vietnamese food then just Pho. You will be given complimentary green tea with your meal, menus and a paper and pencil to place your order by number or letter! Don't forget to say what size of soup you would like! Personally I can almost never eat more then a small - XL is actually literally a giant Tub of soup.

My BF and I eat here frequently and I most usually order Special B - Pictured (Chicken Sate with BBQ Pork and Fried Tofu in Rice Noodle soup) with Vegetable Spring Rolls (pictured). BF almost always has the classic #1 PHO TAI - (Rare Beef in Rice Noodle soup).

The staff here are friendly and food is fast! Always verbalize special requests (allergies etc) and beverages as sometimes English notes on the ordering pad are lost in translation.

Deep fried banana's and an avocado shake make a great dessert if you have room left :)

2013 Oct 6
i ate phở here or at Phở B G L.A (Somerset/Booth) damn nearly weekly for a number of years as i worked in a kitchen with a bunch of oldhead Vietnamese guys who frequented the two places. i think they're both tenured in terms of Somserset longevity.

have recently started returning weekly to Phở B G for late night jaunts and i will say that you always know what you are going to get here. broth is not off the charts with depth of flavour but it's pretty consistent (there will always be nuances at any phở joint!).

i always stick with beef balls (or something with beef balls) more out of habit/sentimental reasons than anything, noting the portioned amount of same seems to be quite variable depending on whos working.

hours have been cut to a 1AM closing (from 4AM) as the late crowd now seems to head to New Phở B G LA. i prefer eating here for a late night meal, especially when solo, as the ambience is a much quieter and darker (yes, i'm a self-admitted a soup hermit...)

2009 Feb 26
This was the first pho joint I went to, many years ago, so it has a special place in my heart.

Went back recently for the first time in ages, and I do have to agree with what LiveToEat says below: the soup base for my pho bo ga (i.e. pho with chicken and beef) was underwhelming, or at least not what it used to be.

A word of warning, as well: Pho Bo Ga are indeed all about the pho. Those who aren't into pho will have to content themselves with the one dry dish on the menu.

2007 Jun 28
one of the originals, but I went recently and found the soup stock had lost something



2015 Jul 30
Special A (Large, $9.95) again. It's interesting to see how it has changed over the years. As you can see, the broth does not have a strong satay/spicy component, and broccoli seems to have replaced the cabbage and tomato. The broth is subtle and mild, but very nice. I'd say this is now a completely different soup from the Special A of years gone by! Not necessarily worse, just different.

I was in the mood for veggies so the broccoli was perfect. And after I added all the beansprouts, culantro, and basil, I had a veritable veg stew of deliciousness!

2012 Mar 3
The Special A is still very good five years later. The price has gone up a little (as it should) and the broth is a little less flavourful, but the magic is still there.

Reading the other comments, it seems that others have noticed a less flavourful broth. Too bad, as I consider the broth to be the most important component of Pho by a long shot!

2006 Dec 28
Here is the fabled "Special A" (large). Satay style soup with beef, shrimp, and BBQ pork. Lightly spicy, and graced with slices of tomato and shredded Nappa-style cabbage.