Foods from Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise

2007 May 22
I saw Kiwiw's review and the name rang a bell - so I went to their website and sure enough this place is connected to Sri Chimnoy. I haven't been here, but I've been a huge fan of their place in Halifax - Satisfaction Feast for almost 20 years now! I look forward to trying out their Ottawa location.

2007 May 18
I just went to Perfection-Satisfaction-Promise... wow. I will admit to being a veggie-phobe first. I live near P-S-P, and often walk by, and it always smells great! Anyways, I had the special, which was a cucumber dill sauce with more cucumber, celery, onions and sprouts inside a tortilla. It came with a very tasty soup and a nice salad as well. It was great! The portion was huge, and I couldn't believe I'd avoided this place for so long. My boyfriend ordered the "painted potatoe" - mashed - with the poutine topping... loved it. He also got the lentil soup, which at first he thought it had too much lemon, but once he added some pepper, it was perfect. The service, of course, is fantastic. I plan on going back over and over again!

2007 Feb 20
I've been going to this place for ages. I love it, and so does everyone that I've taken there. The premise for the majority of the menu is that you choose a potato or rice bottom and then the topping (examples include steamed veggies, chickpea curry, chili, gravy). The lentil soup is excellent. My usual (if I'm not getting the special - usually excellent) is the Rainbow Salad Combo with the chickpea curry and the herbal dressing. Also, save room for either the carrot cake or chocolate tofu cheesecake (the best non-cheese cheesecake I've ever had).

The staff is uber-friendly. Their religious beliefs are obvious but not intimidating. The atmosphere is calming and casual.

2006 Dec 10
I LOVE this place. I eat there at least once a week. BEST VEGGIE BURGER EVER! Great salads. Their lunch specials are pricey but worth it.

2006 Nov 22
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