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2012 May 24
That lasagna, blurry pic notwithstanding, reminds me of the typical Mtl diner/pizza joint lasagna, with the nutmeg and bay leaves in the sauce, sparse ground beef, and browned mozza on top. Only difference, it cost nowhere near $15, more like $8.95 or $9.95 at a push.

2012 May 22
ordered the bellavista lasagna, it said it was suppose to have mushrooms and peppars and all that jazz, but i dont think it had any of it in it, i felt it was really cheesy and only meat sauce, it was good tho, price was under 15 bucks, i hear there pizza is amazing tho, i have to try i hear its even better than k and s from some ppl, i have to see for myself! either way there pasta is alright i'll order another diff pasta next time tho

2009 Nov 5
I've never heard of this place before, but those photos have me drooling! I'm definitely going to check it out.

2009 Nov 4
combination @ bella vista. got the basics down pat and the blue collars love it.

2009 Nov 4
meat luver's @ bella vista. be sure to hit the gym after this bad boy.

2009 Nov 4
meat luvers @ bella vista. thick crust. toppings heaping. blue collar loves bella vista.

2009 Jan 16
As time passes so does the pizza. This used to be my favorite place for pizza but now like most other pizza places they are skimping on ingredients and the overall quality has gone down over the past ten years. I used to go at least once a week for pizza now I do not go at all. The owners have now reitred so you can imagine things just get worse.

2007 Oct 2
I'll take an "old" waitress over a part-time high schooler anyday! They've had time to perfect their craft.

2007 Oct 2
"The waitresses are older, yet the service is always great"

Like an older waitress is expected to give poor service?

2007 Oct 2
I eat here on a regular basis, as I work nearby. Bella Vista's pizza has a thick crust with generous toppings. Reminds me of the classic pizza I grew up on and still remains my favorite.
The waitresses are older, yet the service is always great - make sure to ask for the new knives if you eat in!



2007 Jul 19
I have been eating pizza at Bella Vista for about 25 years, maybe more.

Its my favourite pizza in Ottawa. I have had pizza at Colonade, Newport, and Lorenzo's all of which are good but there is something unmistakable and addictive about the cheese Bella Vista uses. The taste of that just keeps me coming back.

If you eat in, and your not driving, order a large draft! They are huge!




2009 Dec 31
Was diagnosed with celiacs in July 2009.
Was craving Pizza.

Thirty years ago we always ate at Bella Vista when we first moved to Ottawa.
Went back over the years many times.

Then I heard they have Gluten Free Pizza.

We tried it a few months back.

Decor the same , like walking back in time.

GF Pizza excellent. Have been going there every few weeks since rediscovering it.
Had GF Spaghetti and meat sauce with pepperoni last visit. Piping hot and tasty!!

A nice treat if you want GF Italian food.!!


2007 Jun 24
fantastic are in my neighbourhood and can't wait to taste your gluten free pizza.Thank you on behalf of all celiac sufferers....i will let other people know about your place.