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2007 Oct 17
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2007 Sep 21
I've been Moxie's in Gloucester a few times now, and quite enjoyed the food. It a nice price point, where you can get nicer food, but at a price on par with the neary East Side Mario's or Montana's fare.

I do have to say that the waitresses are so skantily clad that it is ridiculous. They seem to have a hiring policy based on "if you can fit into this tiny black dress". It is getting to the point where I feel awkward suggesting we go there, as if I was suggesting we all head over to Hooter's.

2007 May 15
Pete: I've been to both locations and I can definitely tell you that there is a VAST difference between the women's attire at the Bayshore and Gloucester locations. It really does seem like a policy thing at Gloucester and that is really unfortunate.

2007 May 15
At the risk of being labelled a chauvinist pig.. ok.. maybe not really. I agree the skirts can get short here, and it certainly does get my attention, but I like the 'classiness' (minus the foot on chair) of the place better than other places I have been where the the skirts run short, and the service and food run even shorter. This may be a cop out, but I'll say this: I go to Moxies at Bayshore a couple times a month for lunch, and I've NEVER seen a server in an outfit that was not flattering. Some outfits were shorter, some longer, but all looked 'attractive'. I contrast this with places that have a 'short skirt, v-neck' dress code policy where some servers who are perfectly attractive ladies are made to wear very small, and very unflattering outfits. I'm not sure if maybe the Gloucester location has um.. shorter standards than Bayshore. Of course.. maybe it's generational, as when I grew up, if you were a girl who chose to wear 'smaller' things, that came with the increased effort, nay, responsibility to keep all your bits hidden appropriately. Now with such role models as Paris Hilton... I'm not sure young people have the chutzpa to appropriately wear such fashion and still be classy.

2007 May 14
Tiana: my BF and I thought the same thing...and were wondering what the interview process was like. Did they take measurements or have to wear a skirt? Did their hair have to be longer than shoulder length? And if the interviewees didn't fit the 'profile', but were really amazing servers at their past jobs, did they get turned away?
I really was shocked! Can't believe she put her leg up on the

2007 May 13
Foodlover: We noticed the same thing with the skirts at this location last summer. The only women with skirts that were longer than 3 fingers below the crotch were the hostesses.

What made it worse (and I'm being totally serious) is that our waitress put her foot up on the chair directly in front of me when taking our order.

I really felt like the women there were being pushed into 'selling' themselves for tips/increased business and I decided I would not return.

2007 May 13
My first time at this place (other than in Saskatoon) was on a Friday night before the movie. It was really busy and has a nice modern decor. There was ALOT of servers and the service didn't suffer at any time and was polite and attentive, considering it was pretty packed.

Something I do have to mention about the women servers is that most of them had on really, really short the point that some of them had to hold the back of them down while serving outside on the patio upstairs. When the BF and I were first seated, that was the first thing we said to each other was, "Did you see that?" And believe me, the dining men noticed too, I watched.

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2007 May 13
I had the Shanghai Noodles with shrimp. The choices were with shrimp or chicken and you could order it with as much or as little heat as you wanted...mild, medium, or hot. I ordered it mild and it was a really nice level of heat/flavor. Nice sized shitaki mushrooms, baby bok choi, carrots, ginger, green onions, and zucchini (yellow?). It was full of flavor, but maybe a bit too much sauce since there was a pool of it at the bottome. When I got the rest of it packed up to go, I asked to not have the sauce.

I will go again if going to a movie at Silvercity and order something new!


2007 Sep 17
Home of the best sweet potato fries I've ever had!


2007 Sep 21
I've never been a fan of the make-it-yourself style, where they give you bread and a bowl of salsa.