Foods from Moxie's

2009 Dec 22
I ate there this past Halloween. Other than that, I hadn't been in a Moxie's in years - I think the last time was at the Bayshore location.

I was rather impressed at how the chain had changed since my previous visit - it's much nicer than I remembered. Our waiter was prompt and helpful. I had a peach bellini which, though more of an unexpected alcoholic peach slushy than the kind of peach bellini I've had before, was still enjoyable.

The Avacado Spring Rolls were kind of a miss with me, if I went back I wouldn't get them again, the flavours just didn't seem to complement each other all that well.

As my main course I had the slow roasted pork ribs which were nice.

2009 Sep 17
I've never been a huge fan of Moxie's (been there a handful of times) and tend to avoid it since I've never really enjoyed their food, even though I do enjoy the atmosphere. On Monday night though, I was game to giving it another try.

The service was good, the server was very patient with us and even allowed me to sample a small quantity of wine before I made a decision whether or not to order a regular glass (which I didn't).

We ordered from the apps section:
- dry ribs: came to the table looking like KFC (tasty enough though)
- ahi tuna crisps: tuna seared rare atop a sesame-dijon crust, with some ginger shiitake salad (very gingery but also nice, moderate bit of spice)
- szechuan breen beans: cooked in sesame oil, ginger, and spicy sauce (a bit too saturated with sauce but still tasty, dish had a spicy kick)
- crab and scallop cakes: two 'large' cakes served with aioli sauce (sauce similar to ranch dressing, cakes were okay but nothing spectacular)

Overall the food wasn't spectacular but fine for an evening out.

2009 Jul 6
Excellent food, excellent service. A bit crowded on Tuesdays because of the movies, but they have a large space and usually pretty good turn over. My favourites on the menu are Salmon with Almonds, Beef Vindaloo, & Toffee Pudding. They have a 3 sampler of desserts that is also good.

2009 Apr 4
Yes they show a lot ... I mean this is like a modern Hooters. I do agree that the servants are showing to much but the food is impressivly good. For a chaine of restaurant that give quality food like thatI admire it. This restaurant, to me, should be more successful than other chains...

2008 Mar 28
We tried to eat lunch there; while being taken upstairs to be seated we were suddenly told the tables were reserved and we could either wait 20 minutes for a table, or eat at the bar. We chose the bar, but the bar did not have seating for the three of us. So we left and went to a dim sum place nearby.

p.s. The uniforms were not that interesting either. Definitely not "classy sexy". Perhaps it will be different in the summertime, but I don't know if we will go back there now.

2008 Mar 5
I haven't been to Moxie's in awhile, but everytime I have been there, I didn't think that the end of the world depended on how much clothing the servers were wearing! I only once found that a female server there was showing a bit too much. Everyone arguing or debating here needs to give their heads a shake and worry about something more then clothing on servers. How about we start with the kids at home with no parents raising them, or even better, feeding them proper food!!! The review option on this site is about food and drink, nothing else. I think the forums are the place to talk about the other topics. I have worked in the industry for 20 years, and have seen alot in that time. No one is ever asked to let it all hang out, and if they were and did not want to, that individual certainly has the choice if they want to work in any certain establishment! Watch all the little teenagers walking down the street and let's worry about how little they wear, not a server in decent work attire. Bon Appetit!

2008 Feb 14
User 882:

"I really felt like the women there were being pushed into 'selling' themselves for tips/increased business and I decided I would not return."

I have decided not to go back. Not because I'm insecure but because I think it's unfair that women have to look/dress in such a manner to be able to pay off their loans.

I do not patronize any place that encourages this and just because some women choose to dress in this way on heir own time does not mean I would frequent an establishment that mandates it.

I have nothing against the specific women who work there at all. But as far as the only hiring criteria being "passed experience and bilingual" that is rubbish. Again, I'm not saying that the people who work there are not good at their jobs but I feel very confident that the hiring staff is going for a certain look/age and will not hire outside of it regardless of the qualifications of the people being turned down for positions.

2008 Feb 13
To all of you people who are sitting here bashing Moxie's ..if you don't like it stop going there! I am a server there currently and I've been serving at different restaurants in Ottawa for about 4 years now, and Moxie's by far the best paying one. I am currently in my last year of medical school and I've managed to pay for my school this year without any loans. If I have to wear a skirt to do so, then so be it. Take a walk through the market on a Saturday afternoon and I guarantee you, you're going to see much shorter skirts and more revealing shirts. I'm definetely not a hooker or a stripper I'm just trying to make a living. When I see women come in who look like they don't want to be there or look me up and down with a snotty face when I walk up to the table I feel like I should be twice as nice to them to try to make them feel a little more comfortable or make them realize I'm not just some skank in a skirt. Honestly take a better look at the uniforms the skirts aren't that short. Ohh and as for the hiring criteria you have to have past experience and be bilingual! The majority of the men that do come in upstairs are regulars who we've all gotten to know, and even their wives and families have come in! Imagine that a wife who trusts her husband and isn't insecure!!
I just don't understand how so many people continue to go there but you get at least one table a night who are rude and go out of their way to try to make you feel like crap probably because they can't wear the uniforms we do. That's the way I try to see it so I don't let them get to me!!

2007 Nov 11
Regardless of everything I've said about Moxie's in the past their Chicken Tandoori pizza is amazing and I will definitely come back again for it.

2007 Oct 17
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2007 May 13
I had the Shanghai Noodles with shrimp. The choices were with shrimp or chicken and you could order it with as much or as little heat as you wanted...mild, medium, or hot. I ordered it mild and it was a really nice level of heat/flavor. Nice sized shitaki mushrooms, baby bok choi, carrots, ginger, green onions, and zucchini (yellow?). It was full of flavor, but maybe a bit too much sauce since there was a pool of it at the bottome. When I got the rest of it packed up to go, I asked to not have the sauce.

I will go again if going to a movie at Silvercity and order something new!


2007 Sep 17
Home of the best sweet potato fries I've ever had!


2007 Sep 21
I've never been a fan of the make-it-yourself style, where they give you bread and a bowl of salsa.