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2013 Dec 29
After not being here for a good few months, decided to give it a try again for dinner. Pictured is steamed rice with paneang chicken (red curry with peanut sauce) and mixed seafood with vegetables. We also ordered pad Thai with shrimps. Overall, it was a tasty meal. It came with a free appetizer of shrimp chips with a peanut sauce dip. We ordered lemongrass tea which came in a cute elephant tea pot.

After the meal, I felt really thirsty so there must have been a lot of salt in the dishes which explain why they were so tasty. I think I prefer Som Tum for the lighter touch or even the Green Papaya in Gatineau. The prices have also gone up so it was not a cheap meal and we did not even ordered any alcohol. Rice was $3 and so was tea and a glass of juice ($3 each).

2011 May 15
Wow, didn't know everyone was really into this. It's cool though. Hope this clarifies:

@ladywhobrunches-that's what happened. One of my fellow diners wanted split checks even though we ate family style.

@hipfunkyfun-My bill was 7.63 b/c the only thing on it was soup (add tax).

I hope everyone else has a good/better experience there.

2011 May 4
Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here, but it sounds like NewbieFoodie wanted to eat family style, but pay in split bills.

I'm not disagreeing with that (though usually if we eat family style, we pay the bill as one...), but I'd echo HFF's call for some clarity as to what the reviewer ate.

2011 May 4
Good point... go back to the price per person and it's less shocking, albeit a reminder that, generally, rice and soup cost pennies even with restaurant overhead factored in.

2011 May 4
Newbie Foodie - those prices you toss around in your review are high, but your dinner was only $7.63. that is a very reasonable price. what specifically did you eat, since according to my math, it wasn't curry ($13-14), soup ($6.75) & rice ($3).

2011 May 4
re newbiefood's upthread post...

The 'family style on request' thing is funny... some places do it, some don't.

When it comes to soup specifically, afaik, Thai places in particular never do (unlike some cantonese-type places that practically drop a massive bowl of soup on you before you've finished taking your coat off).

When you put it in terms of "$42 for soup" or "$18 for rice" it's fairly horrifying.

2011 May 4
I'm just retyping my review from yelp. So, if you see this twice, my apologies.

Expensive, SLOW service, small portions, mediocre food, surly waitresses, and "miscalculated" on bill.

I will try to just state the facts, but I will say this is the WORST dining experience I've ever had. Here's why:

1. Waited over an hour for food. got there at 6:15pm didn't eat until 7:30pm. Young waitress brought our soup out at 7pm or so, and then said she would tell the cook to start our food. But that was 45 minutes after we'd already ordered!?

2. Charged $6.75 each per tiny cup of Tom Kha. I asked for family style, and the young waitress just said "we only do single servings", but that also means they charge you per person which equaled to almost $42 per soup. Didn't say "individual servings" on menu. Btw, curry is 13-14$ a (very small) serving there.

3. Charged $18 for a bowl of rice (served 6 people). They justified it by dividing the sum into 6 individual checks at $3.00 a person.

4. The young waitress tried to steal from me! We all paid cash for our divided tabs. I gave her a $20 for a $7.63 check. She gave me change for a $10. I told her there must be some mistake, b/c I paid with a 20. She refused to admit that I paid with a 20. My friend next to me finally chimed in and said "I saw it, she paid with a $20". After some attitude, the waitress brought back correct change. Just a small point...I talked to her twice about the details of our check and she was totally rude about it. It's hard not to take the "miscalculation" personally.

Here on business from California, USA. We dined at the Queen Street location.

2010 Mar 20
THUMBS UP. My first time to this restaurant and it was great. Prices were a little high for some stuff like the soup. But other stuff were very decently priced like pad thai or coconut milk curry and what not. Atmosphere is great, staff super nice and the food was impeccably delicious. Mango salad was to die for!

2009 Feb 5
I returned to the Green Papaya today for a send off lunch. My first visit was last year at the location on Queen near Kent. Although the food was well prepared I was disappointed with the sweetness of the food since I prefer more savoury dishes. Today I returned to the Queen Street location in the building that formerly housed the Mayflower restaurant. I decided to order the combination plate today which included two spring rolls, curry of the day (shrimp curry today), stirfry of the day (chicken and cashews today) and rice. The shrimp was cooked in coconut milk with green curry just the way I like it and the stirfry had lots of cashews in it whereas some restaurants tend to skimp on the nuts IMO. The only alteration I would make is to add a little ginger to the chicken since a little flavour would have been nice. Needless to say I was pleased with the meal and, after giving this restaurant a second try, I would not hesitate to go back.

2008 Jul 10
I went to the Green Papaya today to attend a birthday lunch. We went to the location on Queen near Kent passing by the restaurant on Queen east of Bank. The lady that made the reservation didn't realize she was booking a table at the further away location but thankfully they are only one block apart. After the initial confusion of having two locations so close together we finally found our way to the correct spot and settled down at our tables.

We had reserved a table so menus and glasses of water were waiting for us. The waitress came around right away to offer beverages. I was the only one that took her up on the offer and chose a lemongrass tea. I took a quick glance at the wine list for future reference and noticed they had a wide variety of spirits available and about half a dozen reds and half a dozen whites to pick from and nothing spectacular. They also had a few beers on the menu including Singha, Tiger, Tsing Tao, and Sapporo which appealed to me since I prefer to match Asian foods with Asian beer but that's just my personal preference.

Two of the six people chose the daily special which included two fried spring rolls, rice, the curry of the day (seafood with pineapple today) and the stirfry of the day (beef with ginger and shallots today). One diner ordered the pad thai although I didn't get a chance to ask how it was and the other two chose a chicken stirfry. They said they enjoyed it. I ordered the same stir fry as the chicken but opting for the seafood instead so it included squid and shrimp. The squid had a nice texture to it and the shrimp was nicely cooked but I found the sauce too sweet almost as if it was made with pineapple juice. I prefer sauces a little more savoury so it wasn't a big hit with me. The stirfries came with a side order of coleslaw and just a spoonful at that. I found this to be an interesting choice of sides when eggplant or asparagus would have been a better choice IMO. I would not rush back for another meal here.

On a positive note the price is reasonable and the waitress was pleasant and prompt.

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