Green Papaya
Foods from Green Papaya

2019 Apr 19
Came here with some friends for dinner. A couple of us shared the vegetable spring rolls and deep fried tofu. The restaurant also serves shrimp chips.

My friend and I shared the Panang chicken (red curry and peanut butter sauce) and spicy stir fried shrimps and eggplants with a side of steam rice each. Another friend ordered the beef pad king. It is not the best Thai in town (Nokham was but its closed now) but its pretty good and definitely spicy enough. Food was served hot. The decor is still fresh after many years.

2013 Nov 20
I have to remember not to order the Pad Thai from here again way too sweet for my liking.

The shrimp with Thai eggplant and beef green curry with bamboo shoots, vegetables and coconut milk were good but I think there is better Thai food to be found elsewhere in the city.

2011 Oct 29
Had dinner at green papaya tonight The food is decent, but the portions are tiny and severly over priced. They charged us $11 for a big bowl of rice for 4 people. When we got home and checked the left overs they didn't include the nearly half bowl of rice that wasn't eaten. A few apps, and 4 main dishes was $114 without tip, and the portions were tiny. In all honesty, even Thai Express in the mall makes a better pad Thai. Never again...and strongly advise people to avoid this place.

2011 May 18
I just spent an evening here with my husband and found the food terrible!!!! For a restaurant that claims to offer authentic Thai cuisine, it really sets the bar very low indeed. We are familiar with Thai food as we have lived in S-E Asia and so at the very least they should not serve pad Thai that tastes like it's made of ketchup, without peanut topping and lime either! The noodles did not have the right consistency and were limp and chewy. The appetizer which was chicken satay skewers tasted insipid and not much better than chicken nuggets on skewers. Plus they left a terrible aftertaste. We paid almost 50 dollars for a meal that we could have chosen to have almost anywhere else for a much better price. We will never be returning to this franchise and seriously urge anyone who loves and appreciates good Thai food to avoid Green Papaya at all costs!

2011 Apr 20
I went to Green Papaya on Preston St. This past Monday for dinner. Honestly, it was the worst Thai food I have ever had. We ordered the fish cakes, which were so rubbery that I couldn't cut through them without a knife and had almost no flavour. They charged 6.50 for these! All of the appetizers were extremely over priced. We also shared two shrimp spring rolls, which were tasty, but were TINY! They charged 6.50 for these, definitely not worth it. Shame on them.
For our main courses we had the Green Curry and the Thai basil with chili. Both were bland and lacking spice.
I won't ever return there.

2011 Apr 14
I had a late lunch here with my dad. I didn't really know what to expect, we wanted to eat on Preston, so we picked this place from lots of other choices.

We started with the shrimp satay and lemon grass tea. The tea was awesome, very fragrant. The shrimp we're 2 skewers of 2 shrimp each, served with a peanut sauce. The shrimp were perfectly cooked, not over done at all, we both agreed we'd be very content with just several order of those!! I think they were $5.

For my main I had the curry of the day, lucky for me it was a green curry with shrimp. These are not over indulgent portions, just the right amount of food for lunch. The curry was perfectly balanced, and the shrimp well cooked. Lots of peppers and bamboo. My father ordered another shrimp dish from the regular menu, can't remember the name but it had a 3 chili spice rating. He commented that it was very good, and not that hot at all. I was slightly jealous that his dish had twice the amount of shrimp as mine. Both our mains were around $12.

Service was decent enough, the only thing that was annoying was the fact that my dad's main arrived 2 minutes before mine.

This would be a lovely dinner date spot.

I will be back for sure, some of the best Thai in Ottawa!

2010 Aug 29
I had lunch with a friend of mine at Green Papaya on Preston. I chose this spot because I was in the area for a meeting and for the fact that they had some vegetarian options on their lunch menu (Kate's a vegetarian). Ok, and because I love eating pad thai. That's probably the real reason.

They've got a decent size lunch menu. Tom Yum Soup, Marinated Shrimp Skewers and Vegetable Spring Rolls for starters. We shared the spring rolls. Two perfectly crisp rolls topped with a sweet and sticky plum sauce.

For the mains there are a few noodle dishes, some rice dishes, or a combination plate with daily specials. For my pad thai I had the choice of shrimp, chicken or tofu. I opted for the tofu. The sauce was good and not greasy at all, similar to the recipe I have at home where the fish sauce takes center stage. Kate went with the green curry with tofu and vegetables Kaew Wan Pak. It took all of me not to ask her for a bite, I love the smell of green curry sauces. They're so comforting. Slight food envy. But had I not gotten the pad thai I would have regretted it.

The service was good and prices reasonable. Just under $5 for the app and $10.50 for our mains.

2010 Mar 16
Definitely above average. The food is delicious, the ambiance is pleasant, the service is great and the pricing is decent. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone who enjoys Thai food in a heartbeat. Perfect type of place to take a date.

2008 Jul 14
I really like the patio here, had the mango salad with shrimp , green curry chicken and pad Thai (my Thai holy trinity). The mango salad was excellent, and had a great presentation and so was the green curry (definitely good portion of coconut milk and not greasy), pad Thai lacked some umpth, so it was ok. I think it's above average Thai food and the patio makes this place a keeper.

2007 Oct 22
We went here last night for a low-key anniversary dinner and were not disappointed - after I had fallen asleep post-hike and S.O. canceled his surprise reservation only for me to wake up and announce that I wanted Thai food. We arrived around 8pm and were seated right away as they were not overly busy. We were given a lovely corner table with lots of pretty (and comfortable) cushions.

To start, we were brought shrimp chips and peanut sauce (yum). We also ordered a chicken satay appetizer which quickly followed. The chicken was hot and delicious but their peanut sauce was a little on the mild side for me.

For our mains we ordered a Pad Thai with shrimp but asked for it to be hot to the tune of three peppers in their pepper rating system. They were very accommodating and even brought us a dish of hot sauce on the side in case it was not hot enough. The pad thai was delicious but it should be said that was a perfect amount for two people who weren't famished (read: portions are by no means huge).

We also had Nuer Takai (lemongrass beef) which was crispy beef sauteed with lemongrass, dried chili and sweet spicy sauce. There was a huge amount of beef and it was served to us piping hot. The beef was indeed crispy but surprisingly tender and the sauce was spicy and totally addictive.

To finish we had a pot of lemongrass tea and shared a bowl of mango ice cream. Even if you are full, I would highly recommend ordering a dish of mango ice cream to share as it is delicious and cooling for your mouth after all the heat from the chilies.

The service we received was excellent. Our water glasses never dipped below half full and we didn't feel at all rushed despite being some of the only customers in the restaurant on a Sunday evening. Before we ordered, our server asked us if it was our first timing having Thai food (it wasn't) and did we need any recommendations (we didn't). We were also offered a fresh pot of tea when we finished the first.

Overall, very good food and really aesthetically pleasing decor. I would probably skip the pad thai next time in lieu of something different but it was a really lovely meal and a perfect amount of food for two people.