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This new location has opened where Café Henry Burger used to be.

Papaye Verte
Papaye Verte
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2011 Sep 5
Been to this place twice now. The only decent restaurant around my place. As previously mentioned it is quite pricy for the amount of food you get. The portions are quite small which was a bit disappointing. Dinnertime is nice because you are served shrimp chips with the delicious peanut sauce complimentary. Lunch time there are no free shrimp chips. The patio is nice and private in the summer. The alcohol list is quite limited.

My first visit I had the fresh spring roll served with a peanut sauce - it was very, very good.

The lemongrass soup is very small with about 2 small shrimp and 2 mushrooms - too expensive for clear broth soup and minimal ingredients.

The vegetable spring rolls are tasty but very thin and very small portion of two.

The green curry tofu and vegetables is absolutely delicious!
(chicken, shrimp or other selections are available for this dish).
A must try.

The pineapple shrimp is pretty good.

2011 Jul 2
As my girlfriend and I were winding down our hectic Canada day, we thought we would skip the crowds and order Thai take out from the Green Papaya in Hull. They turned their phone off yesterday - and for good reason - since the restaurant was bursting at the seems (the line up was all the way out the door).

We walked in and placed our order... Light Chicken Curry (which is what they call yellow curry), Nuer Takai (Lemongrass Beef), mango/shrimp salad, rice and shrimp chips.

I have had good and bad experiences at the Green Papaya and last night was ‘in between’. Granted, it was Canada day and the waitresses - God Bless em - were having a rough night.

The chicken curry was pretty good, but dare I say I could have thrown together a better yellow curry at home. My girlfriend seemed to love it though. The portion size was decent and we will be eating it as a snack later this afternoon.

I was very disappointed with the mango salad which was about 12 dollars!! It was made of sliced mango, old red onion, 4 boiled shrimp (almost like they were taken out of a frozen shrimp tray), some roasted cashews and this awful peanut butter dressing. Waste o money! Skip this salad folks! Thai express makes a much nicer mango salad.

2011 Jul 2
The real winner for the night was the Nuer Takai (Lemongrass beef). Man this was ever tasty!!! The dish was made up of little morsels of crispy, gooey, sweet chili/lemon grass flavoured beef. I couldn’t stop eating this even though I was completely full. No left overs of this for today. The Nuer Takai is going to become a new Thai staple for me.

We tied the meal together with shrimp chips which were served with a peanut sauce. These are great!

The bill was $55. I found this expensive only because the 12 dollar mango salad was so bad.

Considering the fact that it was Canada day (and crazy busy), I though the meal was pretty good.

2009 May 17
Well, I decided to give this place a try last weekend. I didn't enjoy my experience.

The food was alright (could be better) and the portions were small. The size of the dishes I paid for (~$15-17) were small. I expected more for the price I paid for these dishes.

The environment in the restaurant was tight. We were seated in between a table of four and two, and boy, could I ever hear what they were talking and I assume they could hear us talking also. It felt like I was having dinner with these people.

Anyhow, I don't think I will be going back to Green Papaye and like it was suggested by Sadie_Lady, the prices could be a bit less expensive.

2008 Apr 7
This place is pretty close to where I live so I had to give it a try. I've never been to any of the other Green Papaya Restaurants or anything of the like, and actually, this was my first sit down Thai experience.
Food was very nice, flavorful and spicy. I regret not getting a soup as a starter, because everyone else in the restaurant seemed to get on and enjoyed it.
The prices were okay... now that I know, they could have probably been a bit less expensive, but the food was good quality, and the house-turned-restaurant was adorable with the wait staff all dressed up nicely. It was a fun experience.
I enjoyed both the Thai food, and the restaurant.
It's in a prime location for watching IMAX before/after as well!
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