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Dessert at Les Fougères
Dessert at Les Fougères
Main Course at Les Fougères
Dessert at Les Fougères
Main Course at Les Fougères
Main Course at Les Fougères
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Main Course at Les Fougères
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Apr 20
Take out dinner from Les Fougères: ricotta cheese and olives with fresh buns, ham, grilled zucchini and cranberries, and carrot cake with cream cheese icing as dessert.

2016 Jul 30
It’s been a while since I visit Les Fougeres. They have had a major renovation since the last time I was there. The room is now anchored in a white colour palette accented with light coloured wood and concrete. Large paintings and tapestries cover the walls. It is a much more contemporary look which I found very soothing. The large windows allow the fabulous backyard garden to be the focal point. We were offered a table on the wrap-around screened-in porch but it was humid so we picked a table inside. We were lucky enough that there was a table right at the back looking out on to the lovely garden.

The new menu provides the option of choosing any plate in either small or large size. I thought this was a unique way of updating the menu to the small plates trend while also offering a lot of choice.

We opted for an appetizer, two “large” mains and two desserts – we did not leave hungry! All dishes were beautifully presented and equally tasty:

• Stuffed zucchini flowers
• Pork roast on a bed of vindaloo spiced lentils
• Duck confit
• Raspberry pavlova
• Flourless chocolate cake

It is easy to see why so many accolades have been showered on this restaurant over the years. I hope to go back soon.

2015 Sep 8
Dessert round.

Top left : Chocolate pecan brownie, with coconut cream. My dish, and again perfectly acceptable, but I think there were better alternatives.

Top right : Maple pie, maple bits & maple ice cream. My FIL has a sweet tooth so he loved this. I had a small taste of the pie and while it was very nice it was way too sweet for me.

Bottom right : Pavlova with summer fruits. My MIL loved this. I came with a scoop of verbena ice cream which makes for an unique dish.

Bottom left : Intense flourless chocolate brownie : Again my wife picked the winner. This was incredibly rich and was a huge portion consisting of 2 brownies and a scoop of raspberry ice cream on top.


2015 Sep 8
Just back from a birthday lunch for my wife.

It was a gorgeous afternoon to sit out on their patio (which is screened all round) so that we could enjoy the beautiful setting.

Top left : Seared Arctic Char + a fishcake. My dish - perfectly tasty although nothing to rave about.

Top right : Beef bavette. This was my wife dish and I think it was the overall winner. The beef was topped with I guess you would call a mint pesto. Sounds like an odd combination but it worked really well. To the side there were some fingerling potatoes done with truffle oil, parmesan & Maldon sea salt (I could have eaten a bowl of these by themselves).

Bottom right : Shrimp parpadelle in rose sauce. My Father was impressed with the quantity of shrimp and thoroughly enjoyed the dish.

Bottom left : Chicken curry. Not very authentic, but it was very aromatic. I didn't get a taste but it smelled really good.

Everyone enjoyed what they had (although I was a bit envious of my wife beef).


2013 Jun 2
Enjoyed a wonderful spring lunch and view of the gardens with a group of thirty friends a few days ago.

Les Fougeres was well able to provide superb service and great quality food to our three tables of ten in a timely manner.

We were presented with several choices for lunch, and I opted to start with the arctic char mousse with grilled bread which was rich and dense in texture. Penne with gorgonzola, fresh rosemary, pistachio, leeks and parmesan was also delicious and the portion was so generous that I was able to bring enough home for a midnight snack. Enjoyed a lovely glass of the house grenache blend which complemented the penne well, but I confess I experienced a bit of sticker shock when the bill arrived and I saw that it was sixteen bucks.

The flourless chocolate cake for dessert was slightly less successful. Beautifully presented with lovely garnishes of fruits and flowers and nice flavour, but a tad overcooked for my liking which sent the texture too far over on the dry side.

All in it was a great experience in a beautiful setting, and thirty of us were able to enjoy the afternoon together with no gaps in service. Les Fougeres is a great place for this kind of get together.

2012 Aug 30
I was here recently with my partner and I'm always satisfied by dinner and service. The four course table d'hote is an amazing deal for $45 and I would recommend it for anyone who hasn't tried this place before. Entrees (and other dishes?) can be swapped for something else on the menu if desired.

I've never had a problem with any of their soups and this past month's Sorrel and Potato was no exception. Properly seasoned and well portioned.

The smoked trout was extra smokey without killing the delicate flavor of the fish. Served with 3 tempura green beans and a bit of Lobster Sauce, it was a tasty dish but the portion could have been a touch bigger as it was dwarfed by the soup and the entree.

The entree was a Val-de-Mont Chicken breast with seasonal veg and sweet corn. A solid, hearty, well combined dish. It had raspberries as well which personally I wasn't a fan of. I haven't gotten used to the whole "fruit with meat" thing yet (preserves are the exception).
Previous experiences with Val-de-mont have been mixed (sometimes it seems dry, or stringy) but the chicken was very flavorful and tender and the veggies were plentiful and varied.

My partner had the halibut and I have to say that after a taste, even though the chicken was good, I wish I had ordered that instead. Wrapped in Pancetta and served with a crab cake and a cute little poached egg in an onion "cup", this is one of my favorite dishes to ever come from this restaurant. Fish perfectly cooked, flavors balanced well, adequate portions.

I skipped dessert.

The whole meal was wrapped up within 2 hours, which I feel is a perfect pace for a restaurant like this. Service was quick and professional despite a nearly full dining room and only 3 front staff that I could see.

Highly recommended.

2011 Aug 4
Used my groupon today for Lunch at Les Fougeres. The groupon was accepted "with delight" by our gracious host who promptly went and brewed some fresh iced tea when we asked for it unsweetened. That is enough to win me over right away.

We shared an order of the game and pistachio terrine to start (see pic). I was impressed that the kitchen prepared a single order on two plates when we indicated that we would be sharing it. Each half order was presented beautifully on its own plate with fresh greens, edible flowers and three house made chutneys: tomato, cranberry and peach. The tomato was my favorite.

For mains we had the fish of the day, which was fresh pickerel. Each portion of pickerel consisted of two sections of filet, about 10 to 12 oz. in total. The pickerel was cooked until the delicate skin was crispy and served on a salad of white beans with roasted cherry tomatoes on the side. There was a lovely puree of fresh sorrel on the fish that had a nice tanginess that worked well with the delicate taste of pickerel.

The food was amazing, service very attentive and enthusiastic, and the ambiance is very nice, in a country sort of way, and included a view of the delightful little garden out back. There are also many tables outside on a screened porch.

Total bill for this wonderful luncheon experience (without groupon) was $62 including tax but not including tip. I wish we would have been able to try some desserts!

2011 Mar 6
Brunch here is great. We started with chicken liver pate which had a little pistachio in it and was served with a small helping of greens, crostini and some chutney. Others at the table had a terrine starter which was equally good and well presented.

For the "main" course (this was a brunch with several courses!), I couldn't pass up the restaurant's signature dish, the duck confit, complete with potato rosti, blanched spinach, goat cheese and a little chutney, despite the fact that it was barely past noon. And it was amazing and more! Perfectly crispy duck with delicious accompaniments. Hubby had the lamb, red pepper and chevre tourtière, which he also enjoyed immensely.

I tried a bite of each of the desserts that others at the table ordered - a very tart lemon tart, perfectly executed and served with a blueberry coulis and a dark chocolate mousse. Both were exceptional and gorgeously plated.

Picked up a couple of meat pies to go (frozen) from the side shop and walked out extremely satisfied. Top notch food and service. Would recommend readily.

2011 Feb 4
$25 for $50 Worth of Fine Dining at Restaurant Les Fougères

2010 Oct 28
My partner and I went to Les Fougeres for the second time last week and were very disappointed.

Our appetizers were tasty - Le Coprin mushroom soup garnished with sautéed porcini, black truffle oil and fresh thyme - was rich and delicious. The mixed greens tossed with sautéed home-smoked lardon bacon, fresh chèvre and homemade vinaigrette were delicious and packed with flavour.

However, our main courses left a lot to be desired. I ordered the wild Baffin Island Arctic char, sustainably farmed scallop, BC Spot prawn, edamame, vegetable julienne and green tea soba noodles served in a kelp and bonito dashi broth, which I found to be astoundingly bland. The fish was also overcooked. My partner ordered the butter chicken prepared with home-tandoori smoked Saveurs des Mont naturally raised chicken served with black lentil daal Makhani, fried paneer; coconut scented basmati; besan dipped red onion rings, which had flavour but didn't blend together very nicely. I'd definitely go to an Indian food restaurant for this kind of meal in the future - much tastier.

I have to admit, for that price range I expect a fantastic meal and experience. This was very disappointing. Hopefully they were just having a bad night. But I have to say, I'd think twice before going back.




2010 Mar 26
Hi Ashley,
I can't help but reply to such inane commentary. You DID overcook the pie... that's why it was dry. Also, how can you trust a kid to enjoy fine cuisine? They would rather eat a Big Mac than a duck confit... does that mean that Big Mac is better??? I hope not.

2009 Jul 10
I had the mushroom tourtière here at brunch once and it was excellent! A nice variety of mushrooms, with different flavors and textures. It was served with a homemade ketchup and relish that were also excellent and a nice light salad.

2008 Jan 18
My husband and I have been getting tourtieres made by Les Fougeres for 3 years now. They are still sold at CA Paradis...just got some last month...but I believe they are only sold for a couple months at the beginning of winter (?start selling them in Dec).

They have a wide variety and changes a bit each year though they have some that are 'regular'. We usually get about 5-10 in Dec before the holidays and put them in the freezer. One year we hosted a Dec 24th party for 20 some people. We put out 4 different types (2 of each) and they were a hit. Great for impromptu gueats or just a nice dinner on a cold wintery day. They serve 6 small or 5 large portions.

The caribou is without a doubt the favorite every time. I serve it with a cranberry sauce with some spices (ginger, nutmeg), OJ, and lemon juice mixed in like a cumberland sauce. I usually have wild rice or egg noodles with it and some great veggies and the meal is soooo Canadian:)

They are not 'deep dish' type tourtieres but more of a gourmet style. The trick to them is also to serve with a good sauce. Most tourtieres need some type of sauce. I really like to use peach chutney(Loblaws sells a good one), or mushroom sauce.

2007 Dec 12
Before I stepped inside the restaurant, I went to check their store right next to the restaurant. I wanted to try their Tourtières. Originally, I picked up their chicken Tourtières ($15 per box). But then I asked their staff what their best seller was. She told me that their duck and caribou tourtières were their best sellers. So, I put the chicken tourtières back to the freezer and bought the duck tourtières instead.

When I went home, I put the whole box in the fridge's bottom rack to defrost for next day baking. Basically, I baked the pie in the oven at 350 degree for 20 minutes (as per instruction). When I checked it out, the crust was not brown yet. So, I added another 20 minutes. I guess that their instruction must be written based on their restaurant oven and not residential oven.

I cut the pie and asked my younger son to try it out for lunch first. I was surprised to see that the duck meat inside was only minced meat blended in together (not meat in chunk or cubes). It looked pretty dry to me. My younger son told me that the pie was okay. I asked him if he wanted another one. He told me “no, thanks”. He asked me if he can have the instant Kimchi Noodles bowl instead (those I bought from Costco).

I also let my elder son’s girl friend to try the duck tourtière. She has a very good taste bud (under the influence of her dad; her dad is a chef in the east coast). She told me that the pie tasted okay. But I asked her if she wanted more and her answer was the same as my son “no, thanks”. Instead, she ate the congee I made for lunch.

My husband and I didn’t feel like eating the pie since we were too full already. So, I wrapped the pie with Sarah wrap and put the pie in my fridge. My husband tried it out next day and he told me that the pie was okay, but nothing special.

I haven’t been able to find any place that can make pie equivalent to those Aussie pies. I missed the meat pie I ate in Australia. They were so good! Can any Australian foodies here tell me where I can find Aussie pie in Ottawa?

2007 Sep 8
If you want the local version, Les Fougeres sells frozen tortieres that are great.

They have been available in the past at C.A. Paradis on Bank St.; haven't been there recently, so don't know if that's still the case.


2007 Dec 12
The soup of the day was Lentil Soup ($7.25). Excellent soup to start my meal! Unfortunately, the main course I had was very very bad.


2007 Dec 12
Their Salad Fougères ($9.75) my husband ordered was also excellent! Crunchy sautéed lardon bacon tossed with mixed greens, Papineauville chèvre and their homemade vinaigrette.



2010 Mar 26
Hi Ashley,
For your information, french bread should never be served hot. EVER. If it is, then it means that you are not experiencing real French cuisine. And I know what I'm talking about: I'm French. From France. So I know a little bit about culinary tradition! :o)

2007 Dec 12
Bread was not warm or hot. After having so many hot breads served in French restaurants, I was very surprised to have the cold bread (basically a small roll) that was served in this restaurant!



2007 Dec 19
Another friend tried their wild boar ($32), grilled with apple, and braised red cabbage. After our dinner, he was away on business trip. So, I waited for his return for his feedback on his dish. He later told me that it wasn't good.

2007 Dec 12
This is the grilled salmon ($29) my friend ordered. My friend finished the whole plate and she told me it was not bad.

2007 Dec 12
This was the pan roasted grain fed veal tenderloin and sautéed sweetbreads, served on sour cream whipped potato purée. $31 for my husband's dish. He told me it was okay.

2007 Dec 12
This is the chicken I ordered ($27). According to their website, the menu reads as "Pot-au-feu of Val-des-Monts grainfed chicken with lemon, caramelized onions and fresh thyme, deboned and served with Cendré de Lune cheese from Warwick on homemade Bekings egg pasta tossed with porcini, raddichio julienne and white truffle oil".

I have to tell you that this is the worst chicken I've ever tasted - extra dry meat with bland taste. I can't finish it. It tastes as bad as how it looks. Yuk!



2010 Aug 16
We ended up at the Les Fougeres shop at the weekend and stocked up on various goodies. The highlight was the tart that we picked up. We thought it was a lemon tart which we've bought before and thoroughly enjoyed. Anyway when we got home we saw it was actually a passionfruit tart. I was skeptical at first, but OMG it's amazing.

Beautiful shortcrust pastry and a curd like filling with just the right amount of tartness. This is the last piece of the pie ... won't be around for long.

2007 Dec 19
This was the dessert I shared with my hubby - Mignardises plate with chocolate truffle,
pure fruit jelly, nuts & biscuits ($8.50) according to the menu.

It was my fault that I didn't read the menu carefully. I only read chocolate truffle and thought that it was a chocolate cake with some truffle thing (my imaginary dessert for a fancy restaurant!). I personally never expect a dessert of this sort in a restaurant (especially this highly rated one). When I order dessert, I expect something that I can't easily bake/make. If I know this is what I would get, I would definitely order something else. (The almonds nuts and biscuits were good though.)

From now on, I learn to read menu carefully so that I don't make the same mistake twice.

P.S. The cappuccino I got was only luke warm. I hate drinking non-hot coffee. Another disappointment!

2007 Dec 12
This was the lemon cheesecake with ladyfingers and fruit compote ($9.50) that my friend ordered. Taste was okay. But nothing special though.