Foods from Istanbouli

2009 Apr 9
FYI the original location is closing down soon to make room for yet another condo in the neighbourhood, but they already have the new location open at 81 Holland at the end of Armstrong. Woo-hoo! Right around the corner from my house!

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2010 Feb 12
Last night I thumbed my nose at the controversial series of articles this week by the Ottawa Citizen, and went to my trusty-ol' Istanbouli for a Chicken Shawarma. They did not disappoint - awesome as ever. And look at that - 24 hours later and I'm still alive! People need a serious reality check ...

2008 Jul 8
This is by FAR the best place to get shawarmas. Always fresh and delicious. Chicken of HIGH quality- never any bones or cartilage or membrane or other sketchiness found way too often elsewhere! Other places are nasty by comparison!

2007 Mar 11
I stop here at least twice a month on the way home from work to pick up 4 large Chicken Shawarma for the family for supper. Very yummy, and the owners are extremely friendly to talk to. Delivery is fast as well when you are lazy.

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