Fish and Chips at The Glen Scottish Restaurant
Fish and Chips at The Glen Scottish Restaurant
Fish and Chips at The Glen Scottish Restaurant
The Glen Scottish Restaurant
The Glen Scottish Restaurant
The Glen Scottish Restaurant
Scotch Egg at The Glen Scottish Restaurant
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2013 Nov 19
Been here twice for lunch and both times I ordered their "Classic Breaded" Glen Batters, with Half Chips and Half Caesar (extra $1). Last time I took my cousins from Hong Kong to try out. My cousin's husband also ordered their Guinness and found it quite smoothy and tasty. But the Seasfood Pasta my cousin's son ordered wasn't good for his taste. He found the mussels not that fresh and the sauce too salty (his dad tried it out and said the same thing). Overall, good experience!

P.S. The sweet potato fries were disappointing to my cousin since they were over-burnt and dry. My fries (regular ones) were quite good.

2013 Nov 14
Well my wife convinced me to give it a try last night. Apparently since my last review, the cooking staff has made a major change and also removed all but 1 microwave. It has improved 100% since my last review. Wife- Sheppard's pie with sweet potatoes topping instead of regular potatoes and Bison meat. My wife is known for not swaying far from the regular so ordering it was a surprise and she just loved it. Big portion for dinner and her lunch today. I ordered the Pot Roast sandwich which was sold out (we arrived after 7pm) which was not a bad thing since it tells me that its fresh and not just microwaved from past experiences. I had the Fish and chips - and they were like I remembered them - hot, great batter and the kicker - not at all greasy. So, a major improvement and we will be back again.


2012 Sep 1
Sadly I now have to agree with Boxers review - wife and I went this weekon her call - The food and service was awful. My wife's Sheppards Pie was ice cold in the middle and my Fish was greasy and cold fries. They took my wifes away and left mine and waited 5 minutes so they could microwave it - meanwhile while waiting my fires were now ice cold and the fish was pure grease on the plate - I sent it back. We try and support local spots but its now 2 times in a row and we will go elsewhere. Too bad becuase it was so good for so long

2012 Aug 9
What happened to The Glen?

Used to be my favourite place for fish and chips especially at their old location. Went back a few times at their new location only to be extremely disappointed every time.

The service has gone downhill and more importantly the food and quality control is now surprisingly abysmal. The room temperature (hot) was also uncomfortable, perhaps this is a ploy to get the tables to turn over quicker.

In three visits, 4 out of 5 orders of fish and chips were undercooked. The worse experience was my kids order of f&c which were limp and dripping of oil, which also soaked the fries. Also charged for ordering an extra tartar sauce, really? Service was horrible, had to speak to a manager to address the f&c that were undercooked and soaking in oil as the waitress thought they were acceptable and wouldn't take them away.

The mushed peas were tasteless, didn't know this was actually possible. The only good thing were the fries unless of course they are soaking in oil.

After 3 dissapointing visits we will not be back. What happened? They had a really good thing going. Are we now paying for their new digs at the expense of cooking their food, hiring competent staff and keeping the room temperature at a comfortable level? I hope they can turn this around. An old stanby gone by the wayside.

2011 Jan 29
I have been going to The Glen for a few years. Overall it's very good but it can vary. Be aware that the batter is nothing like what you would get in the UK -it's thin and not very crisp. Be careful for the mushy peas, too - sometimes they seem to have been kept past their best by date and taste quite sour.

Service is generally fast, and always friendly. Some of the servers wear too much perfume so watch out if you have an allergy to it.

UPDATE: I fear they may have taken on too much with the larger premises and extended menu. At our recent trip, although we ordered the same thing at the same time, one order arrived 7 minutes after the other, with exactly 12 chips (!!), and inedibly dried out "mushy" (what a misnomer!) peas. Too bad, but it really does seem to be really hit and miss there these days.

2011 Jan 16
Went last night for some drinks and grub. Fantastic food from the apps on up! Best fish and chips around bar none!

2010 Nov 12
Hi all, long time lurker first time poster.

I almost had a stroke when a co-worker said The Glen was shut down.

Turns out they're in a new location (just down the road) ... check out their website.

2010 Apr 9
the mconville special @ the glen. if you think these are huge, i guarantee you haven't traveled to the UK where this is just standard. but compared to most canadian pubs, these are mASSive slabs of haddock. maintain your youth, physique and your sexual stamina by ordering 1/2 portion of fries and 1/2 garden salad.

first one is breaded, 2nd one is battered. both are extremely thin. the breaded was limp, tasteless. more tartar sauce please. 2nd was crispier, thin and good. still more tartar sauce please. you get the whole lateral cut of haddock for each piece.

i can tell no beer was used in the batter. beer doesn't add noticeable flavor to the batter as hot oil neutralizes its flavor -- it is the CARBONATION that adds fluffy airy and healthy tasting middle layer with an outer more solid crisp created during frying while at the same time protecting the meat on the inside for a poach-like cooking and resists absorption of the cooking oil. again, i'm an asshole with the bar raised to a different standard as i've also enjoyed heston B's fish & chips where he uses an ISI soda siphon to aerate his batter and the results are divine and worthwhile the extra step.

portion-wise the glen is fantastic value. batter-wise, it's up to your preference. more tartar sauce please!

2010 Apr 9
CHIPS@!#$@#%!!!! you know you've landed at an authentic pub when you are corrected to use the C word instead of the F word.

having had perhaps the pinnacle of perfected triple cooked chips at heston blumenthal's the hind's head pub in bray, berkshire, i've been ruined for chips with the bar set so high.

and now the fries at the glen: be a rockstar and request them extra crispy. and indeed they came out crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside -- evidence of double cooking process of root veg including a longer cool down period in between batches to dehydrate the outer layer allowing for a better crisp on the final frying. and since they're cut of different sizes, you get the highly regarded varying levels of crisp texture to your chips.

downside: more frying = more acrylamide, the carcinogenic byproduct from cooking starches. the bane of the baking and frying process. so order the half size and be kind to your future self.

2010 Apr 9
be a rockstar, go full out with your scottish kilt (no underwear), bagpipe and montgomery scott accent and upgrade with a side of mushy peas. it appears the glen does it with pureed pees followed by the addition of white beans. nice to round out a dish after the heaviness of an f&c dish.




2015 Jul 22
Four years later the price has gone up a little, but the McConville Special is still a worthy feast. These are two very large pieces of fish indeed. I struggled to finish my lunch here.

To the naysayers: this is perhaps a different style of fish and chips than you are used to. The batter is very thin and serves as a sort of blanket to seal in moisture, in contrast to the thick and crusty shell you're expecting.

The breaded haddock is more crunchy (and rich) of course, but it maintains a measure of thinness and also seals in the moisture. The result: delicate and simple flaky haddock that is somehow reminiscent of a wonderful wiener schnitzel.

2012 Apr 22
Yes i know, I was being a little facetious.

Being from Newfoundland, I prefer cod, but have had great fish and chips with haddock, and other fish as well.

I have had the fish and chips at the Glen a few years back and enjoyed them, and appreciate the different batter/breading options.

2012 Apr 22
Hey Pie Face,

Haddock is excellent in fish & chips; it is similar to cod (indeed, it is in the same family of marine fish as cod), just a little firmer and coarser in texture. Also, I have had great fish and chips in Florida and Bermuda that used Mahi Mahi and Grouper!

2012 Apr 22
@Rainman , Maybe I am biased, but Fish and Chips should be made with cod.

2012 Apr 22
After googling the best fish and chips in Ottawa and visiting the top 6 or 7 over the past few months, I have come to the conclusion that most people aren't aware of what constitutes good fish and chips. The Glen's version is definitely not a contender, the batter was soggy, when peeled away from the fish it was actually kind of slimy...The waitress let us know that the recipe for Scottish fish and chips does not include any leavening agent, so the batter does not rise and does not become crispy. Now I could be wrong but I think that the majority of us looking for good Fish and Chips are thinking of the English style consisting of a nice thick fillet of haddock or halibut with crispy batter, served with homemade fries with some substance to pair those up with salt and Malt vinegar and you have yourself a meal.

2011 Mar 24
Enjoyed the McConville Special for lunch today. $14.95 for two giant haddock filets, one battered and the other breaded. I still can't say which one I prefer so it's great to be able to get both! The half-chips half-salad option is an excellent one. The salad was a pleasant surprise, including carrots and corn. I opted for the Balsamic Tangerine dressing, which made for a nice accompaniment to the fried fish.

The fish is nicely cooked -- still moist, and without too much batter. I remembered having not-so-great chips at the old location (too dark and crunchy) but on this visit they were quite delightful! Light and crispy, with a nice potato taste. Great with malt vinegar and ketchup, or even the Curry Sauce that's available as an add-on.

The homey service here is warm and pleasant. The new location makes it a worthy addition to the Stittsville area. I like that they confirm whether or not you want tartar sauce and a lemon wedge. Waste not, want not!

And Rickard's Red on tap is always a good thing!

2009 Aug 10
After 18 years in Kanata, I finally went to this restauraunt specifically for the fish and chips. I ordered the McConville Special, for one piece of battered Haddock and one piece of breaded.

Best fish and chips ever. While the chips were not astounding, the fish certainly was. It was the most jucy and succulent fish, gently breaded or battered. Large pieces of real fish with excellent value for money. The lemon and tartar sauce helped lend the essential tang which complemented the savoury fish beautifully. It's not too greasy, has no chemical tang and are served piping hot.

Anyone in Kanata simply must try this place out.

2009 Apr 30
Undoubtedly some of the best Fish & Chips in Ottawa.

The Glen only serves "the freshest" Haddock (and in my experience totally boneless). One has a choice of having the fish Battered or both Battered & Breaded (dipped in breadcrumbs just before frying).

We both ordered the Fish & Chips, I the Small Battered (1 piece), and he the Large (2 pieces). You have to have quite the appetite to get thru the Large order. The Fish pieces are moist, huge, lightly battered and somewhat crispy (although I understand you can ask for extra crispy if that is more to your liking). The dish comes with Fries (although you can sub for other items). The Fries are hand-cut and tasty, especially so when sprinked with vinegar (regular or malt is offered along with ketchup) or dipped in the homemade Tartar Sauce.

Very very Yummy!

2008 Aug 9
Fish 'n' chips is something I always enjoy eating out since I refuse to own a deep fryer. I went with fairly high expectations having read your reviews, I was a little disappointed.

The chips - were great.

The batter - not what I was expecting. It wasn't crispy at all, and I think the colour came from a little paprika rather than the frying process. I will say the portion was huge for the price, but I prefer the golden crispy batter at Merivale Seafood. I mean it wasn't terrible, I ate it all! My boyfriend said his breaded piece was crunchier, but he asked me in the car if the battered one 'was supposed to be like that', he likes to get me going.

Side of bread - I like a little bread to absorb the grease. It came with the butter already on it, which I don't think I have ever seen before! And it was burnt. I am not kidding, it was burnt bread and butter! The top of the loaf was burnt and someone accepted the delivery. I had thought maybe they baked their own and I would have forgiven it. But I asked (I didn't complain since we were eating with the future in laws and I didn't want to make a "scene"), and the waitress said it was from a local bakery but not who. The rest of the bread was good, just thought it was too funny to not share.

My Two Questions
Was it worth the calories? - Yes
Would I go back? - Yes. But I'd stick with Merivale for fish and try something else.

2007 Mar 18
Wow these guys are awesome! I have to have them at least once a year, and every single time they are spectacular. You can order them breaded or fried, or mixed if you get 2 pieces, but as someone else mentioned 1 piece is a lot of eating, and the 2 pieces is too much for a lot of people. Fries vary somewhat but are always good to excellent.




2007 Mar 18
I've only had it once and it was OK for a fried blood pudding but I really prefer mine boiled.


2009 Jul 5
I tried the scotch egg at the Glen on a Friday evening. It was fun to try once, but, I will probably not order it again. It is very filling so if you do order, you should definitely share it with a friend because it is very filling. Just as Monty said, it is a hard-boiled egg, wrapped in sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. But I would add that there is ALOT of sausage meat. It was yummy but just a bit heavy.

2007 Sep 20
A cold, hard-boiled egg removed from its shell, wrapped in sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried.

Not even a traditional Scottish dish, this is the only restaurant I know of that serves them in Ottawa