Foods from Fratelli


2010 Feb 14
Ww went here with a group of 6 people on a Saturday night. The place wasn't too busy.
For the appetizer we shared two of the deli platters-not all of the items in the description made it to our table, but the meats and cheeses were good quality.
Three of us had pastas: gnocchi with red sauce, pasta primavera, and mac and cheese. There were no complaints, but no signs of enjoyment either.
The salmon was overcooked and bland.
The pizza was bland.
The "veal special" tasted reheated and bland.
Service was also bland--not particularly friendly, but not rude either.
Out of 5 possible frowny faces, this place gets a 3, translation: we will not return and would not recommend this place.

2009 Nov 15
Seemed to be one of the few places in Westboro on a weekday that was open for lunch.

My dad and myself were seated right away, and were given bread and oil which warm and tasty.

I ordered the gorgonzola & pesto pizza.. which had caramelized onion, & toasted pinenuts. Greasier than what I would have liked, but I didn't really know what to expect for an authentic pizza.

Dessert came in small portions, but if you eat your whole main then the size seems swell.

Good espresso too!

2008 Mar 11
Took my dad here once. He is un-adverturous when it comes to food.

He liked his pasta.

I was bored.

2007 Nov 25
Went here last night with my husband and his dad and step-mother for a birthday celebration dinner. We had reservations for 8pm. When we arrived, there were still lots of tables seated, a good sign, given Ottawa's tendency for people to finish dinner by 8, not start dinner at 8. ;) Here are some brief notes on our experience.

The good:
- We were seated promptly.
- Wine was served at the correct temperature (our red at just slightly chilled, the white chilled).
- Food arrived promptly.
- I enjoyed my calamari and my father-in-law liked his veal marsala.

The bad:
- Even though we had a reservation, we were given the worst table in the house: right beside the door, and huge (more suited for a party of 6 or even 8) so we had to yell to hear each other.
- Mediocre service at best. We got the general impression our server was more interested in finishing for the night so she could go home than in giving good service.
- Most of the food was just ok. My risotto obviously got its creaminess from the added mascarpone rather than from the cooking process. My husband's chicken was on the menu as 'Grilled chicken breast with spinach, gorgonzola, and toasted almonds', but was more like chicken smothered in a creamy sauce with a hint of gorgonzola, and sprinkled with a few bits of spinach and almonds. His step-mom barely touched her main dish, a chicken-based pasta.

Basically, this is a chain Italian restaurant (think Olive Garden or East Side's) but dressed up with nicer decor and a decent wine menu. We won't bother visiting again.

2007 Feb 19
Went here for a delayed Valentine's Day and birthday dinner last Saturday night. It was also my first time at any Fratelli location. First impression was favourable although not on the strength of the food, which was good enough at best and overpriced at worst. Still, the atmosphere provided by the room, service and clientele would have me return.

I placed an admittedly pedestrian order, starting with caesar salad. The dressing was nicely done but the quality of some of the lettuce wasn't great. For my main I had the cannelloni, three modest tubes filled with ricotta cheese and spinach and topped with tomato sauce and cheese. I cleaned my plate with the last of the bread but I daresay this tasted like something I might microwave from frozen. It was improved with some nice tasting sausage from my girlfriend's penne calabrese dish.

Perhaps I expected too much from my menu choices but the restaurant did everything else right and the kitchen should be held to the same standard for every item on the menu.

I did leave on a positive taste note though as the black and white chocolate terrine was out of this world good. I also enjoyed the house coffee made with amaretto and other liqueurs.