Foods from Fratelli


2009 Jul 2
Yes, the Springfield & Beechwood Fratelli's location is closed. Fraser Cafe is moving in there.

2009 Jul 2
According to signage in the window, this location is closed for good. The building has been sold.

2008 Jun 7
Went to Fratelli tonight for a friend's birthday dinner. Boy was I disappointed. I guess I shouldn't have gone in with high expectations after having read the reviews on this site.

I shared a zucchini (fried) with my fiancee... and unfortunately it was the highlight of the night. I then had the veal marsala, which like others on this site is a good benchmark for Italian restaurants. The mushrooms were undercooked, the veal was pretty bland, the sauce was oily and I couldn't taste marsala. The noodles on the side were tagliatelle with an alfredo sauce. I tasted real parmesan so that was a plus. The noodles were overcooked and they were clearly fettucine... My fiancee had the pasta special which was lamb meatballs with a simple tomato sauce on capinelli. The lamb meatballs were more like lamb marbles they were so small. The noodles were dry, not sauced enough, and overcooked.

Food: 1/5. There are many people I know who could cook better.
Drink: Overpriced, so I didn't get any. NA
Ambience: Nice. We got pretty rowdy but so was everyone else. 4/5
Service: The waitress didn't refill water, bread and clearly wanted us to leave. 1/5
Decor: Quite nice. Warm. 3/5
Sound: Well, we made it louder, so no complaints here. 4/5
Overall: 2/5
Recommendation: Save your money, go elsewhere.

2008 Mar 10
The fiance and I tried out the new Fratelli on Springfield in New Edinburgh (on their website they are calling it 'Beechwood' as the location). I kicked myself when we were halfway there because I forgot my camera!!

Having never been to the other Fratelli resto's before, I have nothing to compare this new one to so, here goes. The service was very attentive and it was a Friday night, so it was PACKED! I was glad that I had called ahead of time and reserved a table. We shared an appetizer, can't remember the name now but looking at their online menu, it is the Primavera Tower, though I know it wasn't called that on the menu there. Layers of roasted vegetables and goat's cheese with pesto sauce. Beautiful presentation and this was by far the best dish of the night. BUT, I do want to say that without the sauce accompanying the vegetables, it would have been quite bland.

I ordered the seafood pasta (di mare?) which I believe was served with a creamy garlic sauce. Again, I found it pretty bland tasting, I even had to put salt and pepper on it to flavour it up a bit. I ate it, but I was expecting it to have ALOT more flavour, so I was dissapointed. The fiance ordered pasta as well...can't remember what exactly, but I know it was a tomato sauce based one with some vegetables. He said the same thing as me, very uninspiring and completely lacking in flavour. The dish was described in the menu as having basil but it was so tiny in the actual dish that it almost looked like it was dried instead of fresh. And for me, if something has fresh basil in it, you know it's basil and should have lots of taste.

So all in all, sadly disappointed. Not that I won't try it again, maybe the cook that night was not tasting what was being put out??, but will maybe ask for extra garlic or something next time! If anyone had been to what was in that location before it became Fratelli, Danny's Bar and Grill, you'll notice what a change it is!! It is very nice, same layout as what was there, but completely different atmosphere and very updated decor.

With 4 glasses of wine, one app, two mains, the bill came to around $80 (if I recall correctly) before tip. About what you would expect for a place like this but still, I would have left happier and more satisfied if the meals would have been more tasty.