Schnitzel at Central Bierhaus
Dessert at Central Bierhaus
Central Bierhaus
Central Bierhaus
Lobster Roll at Central Bierhaus
Sausages at Central Bierhaus
Sausages at Central Bierhaus
Central Bierhaus
Soft Pretzel at Central Bierhaus
Sausages at Central Bierhaus
Lobster Poutine at Central Bierhaus
Sausages at Central Bierhaus
Foods from Central Bierhaus

2018 Aug 31
I had actually been avoiding this spot as I am not a fan of Bavarian food. However, the man had always wanted to go and so we did.

We were both quite pleased. I had the maple glazed pork belly - sadly 2 out of the 3 baguettes were overcooked, but the one that wasn't was heavenly - the crispy kale is quite yummy and the mix of all ingredients go very well together.

We began with a pretzel, which I did not enjoy but then I'm used to stadium pretzels.

The man had the sausage special and was pleased. It was a very large portion!

I was going to order a flight of beer, but the flights are grouped together by type "lager" etc., and I didn't really want that type of pairing. I'm game for the bar to surprise me.

2018 Jun 2
The 2-piece Fish and Chips ($18) is pretty good overall, but the fish is breaded rather than battered and I wouldn't describe this as their strong point. Good enough in a pinch but if you want something more unique get one of the sausage, burger, or schnitzel dishes!

2015 Oct 20
Tried the wild boar and blueberry sausages today as part of the sausage platter. Excellent, and as noted below, portions are large.

2015 Oct 10
CB is quickly becoming my family's favourite restaurant. The kids love it, the wife loves it, and I love it. So when my parents asked us where they should take us on the final evening of their recent visit, Central Bierhaus came up.

My dad had the new menu item pictured here, Boneless Beef Short Rib (~$26). He was really happy with it! I tasted a little of the beef and it was succulent and flavourful. My mom had the Sausage Plate (with Weisswurst) (~$13) and was very happy with everything. She found the portion size particularly impressive.

Wifey and I each had the Atlantic Lobster Roll, which I've described in the appropriate food entry.

My daughter loved her Pepperoni Pizza (~$8) from the kids' menu, while my son managed to eat about half of his Lobster Poutine (~$15) before requesting a takehome bailout. Our server thoughtfully offered to bring a second kids' menu dessert for our son, even though he had ordered an adult item.

This brings me to one of the most endearing traits of Central Bierhaus. The entire staff seem to be super friendly and well-informed. They patiently explain the attributes of menu items and provide helpful guidance to Das Bier Buch. Honestly, I have no idea why any Kanatians would go to a chain restaurant with this gem in their hood!

2015 Aug 10
Great atmosphere, nice staff, excellent beer, reliable food, and good kids' meals made this place the perfect choice for a Sunday evening family get together. As a bonus they had live music provided by a rather talented duo.

I started with my usual Grimbergen beer.. so complex and delicious, almost fruity. My meal choice was the Pork Wienerschnitzel (left of pic) -- two schnitzels on a pile of cheesy spätzle, flanked by dual mounds of braised red cabbage and asparagus. This dish would be perfect for sharing between two people who want room for dessert! I ate the whole thing but I was stuffed. It was uniformly well executed and enjoyable. Note: there's an option of veal or pork, and Jäger style (with gravy and no breading) or Wiener style (breaded and fried).

My wife enjoyed her Grilled Flat Iron Steak (top right) and my brother raved about the exceptional Confit Maple Pork Belly (bottom right) he had. Everyone was pleased with their meals and the experience. I'm personally quite mystified why anybody would go to The 3 Brewers nearby instead of this place.

2014 Aug 17
This review is a couple of weeks old as I visited mid-July (the place had been open for only for about 2 weeks - according to our server). Located in the space previous held by O’Connor’s Irish Pub in Kanata close to the Landmark Movie Theatre - it is quite a large place (with fittingly large TVs).

The specialities are sausages and oysters and of course, beer. The beer menu is substantial – it is presented in a spiral bound “book” and offers a very large range of beers from all over the place including Ontario, Japan and Kenya.

The menu attempts to offer pub food with a twist, although the night we were there 2 of the 3 dishes we tried failed miserably.

- The lobster poutine was the best dish – quite a large sized plate of fries, chunks of lobster, cheese curds and a creamy sauce – very rich, filling and good! The large amount of sauce did end up making the fries at the bottom pretty soggy but overall this dish was enjoyable.
- The lobster tails were disappointing – chewy and unflavourful, there was a wilted piece of unseasoned kale on top and the polenta rectangles which surrounded the plate were mushy.
- The Arctic char was tasteless – a thin piece of fish on a bed of chopped sweet potatoes, unfortunately it was cold by the time it got to the table which didn’t help, but even if it had been hot it would not have been particularly appetizing.

I liked the beer menu and wished they had a sampler option where you could try small glasses of several types (similar to what’s offered across the river at Les Brasseurs Du Temps) – that would have improved the visit immensely.

If I go again I will try something off their speciality food menu.

Dessert 6


2019 May 4
The desserts at the Bierhaus are always excellent. I would even say this is my favourite dessert place in Kanata.

They used to have 6 desserts available but now they're down to just 2 plus their dessert pretzel. The night we were there, the choices were Apple Strudel and what our server described as "white cake with pecan crumble." I opted for the latter because I'm not big on apple desserts.

As you can see, the description did not do it justice. This was a spectacular square of what I can only describe as the lovechild of sour cream coffee cake and sticky toffee pudding with ice cream. Love love love!


Beer 3



2015 Jan 11
The pretzel was larger than I expected, which explains the bold $8 price point. Served with a selection of local mustards, this is an excellent shared starter. Nicely salted, tender-chewy. The dough is a little sweeter than I like it but it's totally enjoyable.


2014 Oct 16
My second visit here was much better than my first because I ordered the lobster poutine. At $14, it was a generous enough portion to be a satisfying lunch. Decent pub fries, cheese curds, some small pieces of lobster, and a nice bisque as the gravy. I preferred this to other versions of this dish I've had because the taste of the lobster was not overwhelmed by the sauce.

Our server, Austin, was top notch. He helped suggest beer based on my preferences, even offering to bring me a sample and then returning with two samples, including the Newcastle Brown Ale that I went on to order. At some point I mentioned the disappointing sausage experience I'd had on my previous visit, and he ended up discounting a portion of my bill to make amends for that.

I love the huge selection of draught beers at this place. Now that I've found a menu item I enjoy, I'll be sure to return.


2015 Oct 10
Their new menu features an Atlantic Lobster Roll ($18) that is quite great! It's loaded with a generous amount of lobster and is flanked by a huge pile of their excellent fries and a simple but nice green salad. I chose this menu item because I thought it would be relatively light and I'd still have room for one of their excellent desserts. Nope, maybe next time.

To be honest, I'm not really a fan of lobster rolls. I find the bread and too-sweet dressing takes away from the subtle flavours and textures of lobster meat. But if people ask me where to get a good lobster roll, I'll be sure to mention CB!


2015 Aug 20
A close up of the epic Sausage Flight.

2015 Aug 20
The Sausage Flight ($30) with sauerkraut is truly epic. More than enough for two hungry people, it's a great way to try the whole inventory of sausages. Unsurprisingly, I didn't like the sweet ones very much and I absolutely loved the smokey, porky, and homogeneous ones!

Goes well with beer. Grimbergen recommended. :D

2015 Jan 11
On my third visit here, I decided to give the sausage plate a second chance. Sure glad I did! All the components were markedly improved since what I had last July.

The bun was no longer cut in half nor sweet; it was fresh and crusty. The potato salad was warm in perfect German style and nicely dressed. The sauerkraut was crunchy and tangy, with a light sprinkling of caraway seeds.

The star of the dish, the sausage, was excellent! This time I chose the Weisswurst, which arrives bathing in a bowl of its poaching liquid. Excellent flavour, and I was thrilled that it lacked the parsley flecks that seem ubiquitous in Weisswurst in this town. Highly recommended.

2014 Aug 18
My experience on July 23 was similar to lemontart's. Excellent beer, cool atmosphere, really disappointing food. I opted for a basic Bratwurst just to establish a baseline. The sausage that arrived had little in the way of flavour and the interior was mushy and moister in the very center, almost as though it had been cooked from frozen a little too quickly. The potato salad was also bland and too sweet for my taste. The sauerkraut was fine. The dry and (again) sweet housemade bun was inexplicably sliced in half hamburger-style. After eating the sausage with potatoes and sauerkraut, I ended up smearing liberal amounts of the good grainy mustard on the dry bread to get it down. That bread either needs a new recipe or lots of butter.

The draught Innis & Gunn beer was absolutely fantastic.

I would return for another beer and to try the $8 pretzel. :-)

2019 May 4
The Schnitzel Plate is a solid choice here. I chose pork ($19) because it has good flavour and costs less than the chicken and veal. I opted for the "jäger" mushroom sauce. The schnitzels here are always breaded, Wien-style, so they can't really call it a true Jägerschnitzel. No matter, the Wienerschnitzel with Jägersauce was excellent!

The platter comes with excellent sauerkraut and rotkraut (red cabbage) and also some asparagus spears. The schnitzel lies on a bed of spätzle, which are nice but have a cheesy sort of sauce that makes a rich dish a little richer than it needs to be. I still had dessert though, so you be the judge. :P

Unfortunately, they didn't spell spätzle correctly on the menu. I see it incorrectly written as "spatzel" so often. German lesson: say SHPET-sleh. If you pronounce it correctly, it's easy to spell!