Burgers, fries, and poutine. Restaurant and its food is travel themed.

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2014 May 27
The World Burger and onion rings.

Don't let my optical illusion photo misrepresent portion sizes. I had to lie on the couch for a while after this gorge.

Ditto the accolades from all the other posts before this one.

Here is the free WiFi speed I got.


Way better than Bridgehead et. al. with their measly <1Mb/s.

No. I did not watch streaming XXX while waiting for my burger. This is a family restaurant !

2014 May 16
In a word WOW! This place makes one fantastic burger. Ordered the world burger and this was one juicy tasty burger. From the world sauce to the high quality bacon everything was so good. The rings are breaded and hit it out of the park. Strong enough onion so you know you are not just eating breading. Did I mention the tasty bacon that was cooked perfect with just a hint of chew to it? This place should be busier than it is. My wife had the jumbo dog and was impressed. Along with the tasty fries that were not over salted, this place is doing thing right and paying attention to small details like salting fries. Poutine will be our next order after seeing they use the dark gravy as a true poutine should. One thing we noticed no pickles on their menu burgers so we had to ask and they gave us a couple after our meal to try out. From now on this will be our place for burgers in Ottawa. Forgot the darn phone so it will be next visit before pics. They are opening a second location downtown shortly.

2014 May 12
Back for a second visit late last week.

Y'know what it's like when a place nails it the first time you go and you think it can't possibly have been as good as i remember and it's going to be a disappointment and then holy crap it's EVEN BETTER than i remembered!...?

Well, that.

With a side of onion rings that gives Dicks a run for their money.

Great burgers. Great rings. If i was going to nitpick, the fries and sweet potato fries are just 'good' and i want them to be as awesome as the rings, but the burgers are so glorious as to make any thin shred of doubt vanish.

Staff are great. Washrooms are clean.

Will be back. Have been sending others. They all agreed so far.

2014 May 9
I really wanted to like this place, but sadly they lost me at the veggie burger patty. It was reminiscent of those old school President's Choice veggie burgers with the visible chunks of corn, peas and carrots that were ubiquitous at barbecues in the early '90s even though all the vegetarians I know dreaded them.

The selection of toppings was interesting without being overwhelming like The Works, and it would have been a pretty solid burger with a half-decent patty. My meat-eating husband had the Paris burger and enjoyed it. The onion rings were nicely crispy, and the fries were decent too. But unless they get a better veggie burger patty, I doubt I'll be back.

2014 Apr 8
I've been here three times and the burgers are SPECTACULAR! I don't even live in the area, but it's worth the trek. Seriously, if you want a quality burger made to perfection you must come here. Their onion rings and sweet potato fries are awesome as well.
Try it out - you won't be disappointed.

2014 Feb 8
Tried the World burger today. Hubby had the world burger, (double patty) I had the classic cheeseburger and we shared an order of sweet potato fries. We thought it better than the burgers on offer at Prime which we had earlier in the week and also preferred them to Dick's Drive-In. We found out that they are 6 oz. patties with, we were told, absolutely nothing in them, just 100% meat. We really enjoyed them, they were nice and juicy and flavourful. The only negative would be the buns as they don't have a lot of substance to them. On the other hand, since they don't, I was able to finish my burger which is normally not the case. If you are looking for a tasty burger, i recommend this place. Total cost for the meal was $23.

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2014 Jun 29
My 15 year old son knows burgers and he says it beats 5 Guys.

It's a quality patty. You can taste it. No fillers.

2014 May 9
Okay, them's some good goddamn burgers. They smell like a burger. They taste like a burger. They get all over your beard like a burger.

Smashing success. My favourite burgers. I hate to say it, but the double-cheese, bacon and double patty World Burger might be a bit too much. Still, fantastic eats.

2014 Apr 8
We tried the food here on Saturday night. The burgers are quite good. My wife had a plain hamburger and I had The Montreal (pictured here) with ham-like smoke meat, Swiss cheese, an onion ring, grainy mustard, and horseradish mayo. Yum! This is just an unpretentious burger with a soft bun and an unseasoned patty--some will love that and others will not. It's really all about the cool toppings.

Ketchup, mustard, and vinegar are available to take to your table.

My kids also enjoyed their jumbo hot dogs!

2014 Jan 26
I'll be honest - I wasn't expecting a lot from World Burger, but came out pleasantly surprised.

The burgers are very similar to Five Guys, but with larger, thicker, less greasy patties. The menu offers a variety of atypical topping choices themed from different cities around the world. For instance, the "Ottawa" has maple mayo, sautéed onions and mushrooms, candied bacon and cheddar cheese.

I opted for a standard bacon cheeseburger, while my girlfriend had the "Sydney" (Onion ring, bacon, egg and Swiss cheese). We shared a standard sized Texas Poutine (poutine with ground beef) as well. The bill came to a very reasonable $22.

The fries were nice and crispy - not burnt or underdone, and the gravy was nice and beefy. A very competent poutine with thicker cut fries to hold up to sitting in gravy.

In the end, I consider World Burger a superior take on the Five Guys burger. It's a nice, "high end" fastfood style burger and I'd rank it as one of the better burger joints in Ottawa that I've tried.

The next time I'm craving a burger in the Nepean area and can't make it out to Hintonburger, I'm hitting up World Burger.

Edit: Their menu is here: yourworldburger.com/


2014 Jun 29
Great rings. Satisfying, crispy, not greasy.

2014 May 25
Delicious rings at World Burger. Thick and not all batter, lots, hot, with side of tasty Chipotle mayo.

2014 Apr 8
The poutine was excellent for a burger joint. Not quite chip truck quality but totally worth ordering. The small for $4.49 was generous as an accompaniment to a burger.

The fries are presalted, which makes for a verrry salty poutine. Not bad for a saltaholic like me, but worth considering if that isn't your thing.

My wife loved the fries here, declaring them to be better than Five Guys, but I think I prefer the extra grease of Five Guys.