Burgers, fries, and poutine. Restaurant and its food is travel themed.

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World Burger
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2016 Nov 4
We stopped by the other day as I was craving a cheeseburger. I ordered it all dressed and it was overloaded with pickle and mustard. This made it very acidic and overwhelmed the burger flavour which, when it peaked out, was great. Not sure if you can add your own condiments but I would go this route next time if possible.

2016 Apr 29
I have to chime in that I had the panko-crusted burger last week... the Tokyo I think, and it is now my new favorite thing.

2016 Apr 29
I had no idea what to expect when I first ate here. World... Burger... Yes, geographically specific renditions of burgers. The burger itself reminded me a bit of Five Guys (in the best possible way, I am a fan), I couldn't help but draw the comparison, however the topping variety is mind blowing. Also, the onion rings here are excellently crispy served with a spicy mayo, probably chipotle, I am forgetting exactly. Anyway, tasty, hot burgers, highly customisable, killer rings, moderate prices. It might be my new burger joint? Definitely ranks in my top 5. Counter service for ordering, but they serve to your table. Accessible. Mid range $. Noisy/boisterous atmosphere when it is busy! Recommended!

2016 Jan 4
Stopped by for my second visit and had the Montreal burger. It was very good with the onion ring giving it a good crunch, the smoked meat added a bit of oomph and the grainy mustard really gave this burger a great taste. Cheesy, salty and crunchy.

2015 Nov 12
The Venice burger is to burgers what bacon is to the pig.

2015 Nov 8
World Burger has become our go-to burger spot, which, in our world, is pretty significant standing-- even with some decent spots close by, we make the drive here when we want one.

As varied and interesting as all their different burgers look, there's been no bouncing around the menu at all since trying the Venice burger, with steamed cheese curds and pesto mayo as its standout toppings.

Fries and onion rings are solid, too, and the place has always been friendly with good service.

2015 May 15
Here's another reason to like World Burger. We went in for lunch today although I wasn't all that hungry. When we went to order, I said " I don't suppose I can get a kiddy burger, can I"? The woman at the cash said, "sure you can"! And said it with a smile in her voice. And that's what I had along with a share of the sweet potato fries. The chef actually came out to ask if I wanted the bun toasted as it seems they don't normally toast the buns for kids. DH had his regular full size burg. The owner also recognized us which was nice. No wonder I like this place so much.

2014 Oct 18
I'm sorry you're so lonely, Mr. Beer. Here, let me introduce you to some friends: Mr. World Burger and his Sweet Potato bride!

Now, you all play nicely. IN MY BELLY!

Delicious. The burger is a bit on the salty side, but otherwise outstanding. I've only been in a couple of times but they always seem to remember me.

Who can say why?

2014 Jun 30
I was here again on Friday and this place is still consistent. I got the usual World Burger and rings but this time there was a miscommunication and when I got to my seat and reviewed my bill I noticed instead of an order of onion rings I was charged for an extra ring on top of my World Burger. When I brought it to their attention the guy said don't worry about it. Free rings BONUS! Now that is customer service.

2014 Jun 29
The food is great, the service is great, and it's never crowded (surprisingly).

This place is my favorite burger place in Ottawa. Definitely underrated. Not that I want it to be crowded . . . :-)

They have shaded tables setup in the front outside now too.



2014 Jun 29
My 15 year old son knows burgers and he says it beats 5 Guys.

It's a quality patty. You can taste it. No fillers.

2014 May 9
Okay, them's some good goddamn burgers. They smell like a burger. They taste like a burger. They get all over your beard like a burger.

Smashing success. My favourite burgers. I hate to say it, but the double-cheese, bacon and double patty World Burger might be a bit too much. Still, fantastic eats.

2014 Apr 8
We tried the food here on Saturday night. The burgers are quite good. My wife had a plain hamburger and I had The Montreal (pictured here) with ham-like smoke meat, Swiss cheese, an onion ring, grainy mustard, and horseradish mayo. Yum! This is just an unpretentious burger with a soft bun and an unseasoned patty--some will love that and others will not. It's really all about the cool toppings.

Ketchup, mustard, and vinegar are available to take to your table.

My kids also enjoyed their jumbo hot dogs!

2014 Jan 26
I'll be honest - I wasn't expecting a lot from World Burger, but came out pleasantly surprised.

The burgers are very similar to Five Guys, but with larger, thicker, less greasy patties. The menu offers a variety of atypical topping choices themed from different cities around the world. For instance, the "Ottawa" has maple mayo, sautéed onions and mushrooms, candied bacon and cheddar cheese.

I opted for a standard bacon cheeseburger, while my girlfriend had the "Sydney" (Onion ring, bacon, egg and Swiss cheese). We shared a standard sized Texas Poutine (poutine with ground beef) as well. The bill came to a very reasonable $22.

The fries were nice and crispy - not burnt or underdone, and the gravy was nice and beefy. A very competent poutine with thicker cut fries to hold up to sitting in gravy.

In the end, I consider World Burger a superior take on the Five Guys burger. It's a nice, "high end" fastfood style burger and I'd rank it as one of the better burger joints in Ottawa that I've tried.

The next time I'm craving a burger in the Nepean area and can't make it out to Hintonburger, I'm hitting up World Burger.

Edit: Their menu is here: yourworldburger.com/


2014 Jun 29
Great rings. Satisfying, crispy, not greasy.

2014 May 25
Delicious rings at World Burger. Thick and not all batter, lots, hot, with side of tasty Chipotle mayo.

2014 Apr 8
The poutine was excellent for a burger joint. Not quite chip truck quality but totally worth ordering. The small for $4.49 was generous as an accompaniment to a burger.

The fries are presalted, which makes for a verrry salty poutine. Not bad for a saltaholic like me, but worth considering if that isn't your thing.

My wife loved the fries here, declaring them to be better than Five Guys, but I think I prefer the extra grease of Five Guys.