Pizza at Domino's Pizza
Pizza at Domino's Pizza
Pizza at Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza
Pizza at Domino's Pizza
Pizza at Domino's Pizza
Pizza at Domino's Pizza
Foods from Domino's Pizza

2013 Apr 20
I see it now Ken, and that is the most delicious cheese, the well-cooked layer close to the edge. Domino's is still my go-to place in Ottawa.

2013 Apr 20
Plenty of cheese for me Bacon I.V. There is a thin layer right to the edge that crisped into the crust. Hard to see but it's there. The peperoni mushroom was the same tasty a little less salt for that contrast between eating slices and sipping beer. Can't wait for left overs at supper, gets even crispier reheated.

2013 Apr 20
Ken, it looks light on cheese and sauce. I usually get extra cheese as a topping and complimentary extra sauce, but different strokes, as they say. I guess yours is plenty tasty and salty with the olives. The crust is excellent, too.

2013 Apr 20
Have to say the Ottawa shuffle has not become the norm at this place. Consistent every time we have ordered. Picked up two pies last night around 6pm and the place was a swarm of activity. It was ten minutes between online order and our pizzas being ready. Two medium two toppings for $20.88 great deal. Buttery, crispy,chewy crust, big difference from Slice last week and without the gouge out of my wallet. We tend to prefer the Brooklyn pepperoni a bit less salty than the other pepperoni.

2013 Feb 2
Another good couple of pizza's from Domino's last night. I can say with four pizza's ordered they are consisent so far. Tried their sausage as a topping last night and liked it. It comes in small chunks a bit larger than a crumble with a nice fennel flavor. Ordered the two pepperonis again on different pizzas and figured out the difference. The Brookylin style is larger in size not as salty and has a bit less fat giving it a less crispy more crumbly texture than the regular pepperoni went great with the sausage. So great to actually taste topping on pizza again. Picked up again last night and the service was great very friendly asking questions about their product giving me a genuine about our satisfaction. I noticed a flat screen tv in the entrance with my name and the status of my pizza when I arrived READY cool. Got some coupons from the cook with promo codes that I did not see available online two medium two topping pizza's for $16.99 SWEET!

2012 Dec 24
As they say, it's complicated.

2012 Dec 23
I didn't see any anti LGBT references in the article either. But hey if someone chooses not to eat at a certain restaurant because of it's policies more power to them. I would much rather eat at Dominos and get friendly service than let my wife pick up at some Ottawa places that serve pizza/every other food under the sun who give quite the rude attitude towards women let alone their undocumented attitude towards LGBT community.

2012 Dec 23
It isn't Domino's Pizza but their founder and his companies (along with hundreds of others) who are suing Obama for his anti-constitutional Affordable Care Act. And I don't see any anti-homosexual policies anywhere.

Finally at least 27 states are also suing, and many companies are laying off due to Obummercare.

2012 Dec 23
I was wondering if that would come up about Domino's policies. As a personal choice, I would not eat there for those well documented stances.

2012 Dec 22
Just so you know, Domino's politics may not be something you want to support. They have been accused of being anti LGBT and have recently sued to keep contraception off employees benefit plans.




2013 Apr 22
After drooling over the recent Domino Pizza pictures, I just had to try one myself.


- Slick online ordering. Discount coupons on their site and didn't have to get discount codes elsewhere. (note: the outlet closest to my home provided many more discount options)

- The pizza. Cooked as ordered, well done. Nice browning for full flavor. The pan pizza retained it's crispness with the help of a piece of corrugated cardboard . This allow the crust to breath and and sweat with steam. Nice touch.

- Toppings were plentiful and to the edge. I had the sausage and green pepper. OK. The sausage was a bit 'industrial' but tasty. Green olives were ... well ... green olives. Cheese was real and not some 'cheese product'. I'm not usually a fan of 'pan style', but I enjoyed the non-soggy crust on this one.

- Over all. I enjoyed it for what it is, chain pizza. But I must say, if they are second in the mass pizza market, in Ontario, next to Pizza Pizza, then they got to come to market with something better. And they did ! In spades ! Well above anything I had from Pizza Pizza, including any specialty pies.

- A good value at $9.99 + tax for 2 topping 12" (medium) pan pizza. This was the price with the coupon applied.


- The online ordering system will allow you to specify a configuration above the chosen coupon deal, without any warning. You will only find out at the check-out. (Clever for them).

- Sure the sauce is sweet , but nothing I couldn't put up with. And you can ask for a lite application.


I will go back to try a bacon and mushroom when the hankerin' hits for a quick and inexpensive chain pizza.

2013 Apr 20
close up - got ours well done and there was a nice crispy dark perimeter of crust

2013 Apr 20
took a cue from resident pizza guru Ken V and a few others on OF and decided to try out Domino's new-ish pan pizza. haven't had Domino's since my last review below (!) and it seems our 'za choices were hit/miss at the time.

i can only speak for the Hampton Park Plaza location, but i have to say this stuff is pretty good for a chain offering. so much so we've been back 2x since initially trying it. it's got a thick but crispy crust and just the right touch of greasiness. the cheese/sauce ratio is also spot on. if you are a fan of Pizza Hut's pan pizza (which jumped the shark longgggg ago - my nearest location, anyways) you'll really enjoy this.

sausage/cheese pizza pictured - those are nuggets of fennel laced gold!

2008 Jul 2
The thin crust was reminiscent of Pizza Hut thin crust, or 'Edge' pizza. It has an almost cracker like crust with slightly less sauce than a regular pie. I'd order this again over the regular crust style.

2008 Jul 2
Had some people over for Canada Day celebrations and decided to try out the new Domino's on Merivale. This was my first experience with the chain, save a slice of pepperoni I had once as a child on vacation (my foodie memory bank at work). We ordered 2 pies - one thin crust vegetarian, and one italian sausage/onion on regular crust.

Italian sausage/onion pictured on right - I liked the ample toppings and cornmeal crust. I wasn't fond of the tomato sauce. I know it's chain pizza but man was it ever fake tasting and really sweet.

2008 Jun 16
The reason I like dominoes is the amount and quality of toppings and soft but chewy cornmeal covered crust. Their deluxe pizza is a real winner.

The deluxe comes (in addition to regular combination toppings) with onions and sausage which has lots of fennel so it gives it a really nice flavor. Something I started doing at home when I make pizza.

The pepperoni is also crispy on the edges which is a really nice touch.

I've had the vegetarian pizza and cheese steak pizza there but it was kinda bland. The extravaganza pizza has to many toppings that you can't really taste what's going on. So always stick with Deluxe!

Best chain pizza in my opinion.

2008 Jun 7
Not sure if this needs to be somewhere else on the site cause it's from the new one on Merivale (in mall with blockbuster and swisschalet). Large walk-in special for the month 8.99 one topping. It is thin like a pizza pizza, but crust tastes much better, I watched him take a risen dough and they form it out on what looks like cornmeal on the counter. I've never had a domino's before and I think we'll get it from here a lot. The sauce is good, the pepperoni is a bit greasy, or it was the cheese, but it all comes together very well. I'm not sure I would order the thin/crispy crust from the menu, because the regular crust is thin enough...even for people like us who like thin crust. It's fast too, I guess cause so thin.

2007 Dec 6
There's something about Domino's Pizza that just strikes me as being delicious. I may even prefer it to Pizza Pizza!

Perhaps it's the crust, which is nice and crisp on the outside but still yielding on the inside; perhaps it's because it's, as What to Eat with What You Drink describes, "sweeter than normal" pizza. Perhaps it's because I got Italian sausage on both pizzas, and they make it heavy on the fennel and oregano.

What I know is that I was mad craving pizza last night, so my fiancée and I picked up two large for $22 (thanks Entertainment Guide coupon), and washed it down with a $7 bottle of Sangiovese. A match made in heaven.