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From their website:

take away lunches, dinners, catering, snacks and indulgences

worldly home cooking…from my kitchen to your table

1202 Wellington West in Westboro

Current plan is to open Tues-Sat.

Richard's Hintonburg Kitchen
Richard's Hintonburg Kitchen
Richard's Hintonburg Kitchen
Richard's Hintonburg Kitchen
Richard's Hintonburg Kitchen
Salad at Richard's Hintonburg Kitchen
Richard's Hintonburg Kitchen
Soup at Richard's Hintonburg Kitchen
Foods from Richard's Hintonburg Kitchen

2013 Apr 2

Yours looked nice too.

The pile I got was cooked sticky rice but they were a tad liquidy for my taste. Maybe they were cooking the sticky rice due to the congee they also had that Sat. The bok choy that was in the carton was about 3 leaves and they were raw. I guess they expected me to microwave the bok choy with the meat, thus cooking them. Ended up throwing them into a veggie stir fry. The kimchi was okay but for me I could have it or not have it. The korean broth came as jellie for mine and they were good eaten as jellie too.

I would love to find the beef cheek in more restaurant (a la bourguignon) but the only other place I found it so far was le Cordon Bleu and it was in their $75 tasting menu.

2013 Apr 2
Enjoyed a meal of beef cheeks from here for dinner on Saturday, courtesy of a friend's birthday celebration. Production seems a little haphazard -- we were given tiny rice patties (less than 1/4 cup) with each order, as compared to what FoodTravel appears to have received with her order. Also, we received no bok choy at all. The "kimchi" was tasty and refreshing marinated vegetables (cabbage, carrot, daikon), but really wasn't kimchi in the fermented and spicy sense.

The beef itself was a generous portion, nicely braised, and the accompanying "Korean broth" was good enough that I finished it with a spoon after adding a tiny splash of red wine from my glass for brightness.

All told, this $15 plate would probably go for $20-25 at a sit-down restaurant.

I am not the typical Richard's Hintonburg Kitchen demographic: I like to cook at home and I value the experience of going to a restaurant and having someone else do the dishes. But high-end takeout fills a growing niche for people who are financially blessed, want to eat well, at home (for relaxation, family togetherness, catching up on shows, etc), but don't have the time or motivation to do the cooking.

2013 Mar 28
had a smoked chicken pastry/empanada thing there today it delicious and pretty big

2013 Mar 25
Had tried some samosas at the previous tenant emerald pastry. The front space was small, dark and the samosas I tried were so-so and heated in a microwave. Great change for the space and upgrade on the food.

2013 Mar 23
A different shot of the beef cheeks.

The take out containers are recycled cardboard and are recyclable after consumption.

A few other chefs/ owners from the area came out to wish them well. One got a tour of the kitchen.

2013 Mar 23
One of the daily special was O'Brian's Beef cheeks in Korean Broth with sticky rice, bok choy and kimchi.

The beef cheek was tender and tasty. For the takeout they included 2 small containers of beef geletin and that was good cold. Some of the geletin on the beef was heated with the sticky rice and tbh the sticky rice, bok choy and kimchi was okay but not my favourite.. I am biased toward beef cheeks briased a la bourguignon (in red wine)..

This is only the 2nd place I found prepared beef cheeks in Ottawa. The other was in the 5 course tasting menu at le Cordon Bleu so happy to find some place that does it and ready to go for a fairly reasonable price of $15.

2013 Mar 23
Went to check out the opening of Richard's Hintonburg Kitchen and glad I did since I found beef cheeks as the dinner special :D

Several sandwich choices smoked chicken panini, meatball sandwich, grilled cheese, and pull pork etc. for $8-10. There was also a smoked trout salad. One can add a side soup or salad for $4.

2 soups scotch broth and black bean soup are both gluten free and $4.

Salads are $8 for regular and $4 for a side salad. There is a Ceasar and a roasted beet salad.

Scones and other baked goods such as brownie, coconut tart and apple cobbler at $2-3.25 with biscotti at $1 per cookie.

Dinner specials for the opening day was
1) beef cheecks - yeah!!!
2) duck confit
3) Barley Apple Risotto cake?

There is a congee with some duck confit. A little unusual.

Interesting and good space. Open kitchen and 3-4 eating bars so might accomodate 12 or so people eating in and take out option. I heard Richard say to someone else he knows that he made the wood counter himself.

Large display freezer but mostly empty right night except for a 3 bean vegetarian chili.

Soft drinks is fruit flavoured San Pellegrinos while tasty is very high in sugar! hope they add some sugar free options.

Bridgehead coffee for $2 including tax.

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Soup 2


2013 Mar 26
Had the Black Bean Soup I picked up on Sat a couple of days later. Had a smoky pepper with a bit of kick and lots of vegetables (carrots, celery, tomatoes) and the headlining black beans.

It was very tasty and reduced a little bit more it could easily have become a vegetarian chili.

2013 Mar 23
Wanted a snack while picking up a take out diner. The Scotch Broth sounded good and I ordered that with the Beef Cheek diner special.

The soup had chunks of lamb and lots of root vegetables but did not have any barley in it. I would consider this a very nice lamb vegetable soup rather than scotch broth but I guess the omission makes it gluten free.

I would order this again. $4 for the soup or you can order soup and side salad for $7.

Salad 2


2013 Mar 23
Ordered the side roasted beet salad with the black bean soup to takeout for $7.

Arugula with roasted beets, orange segments, goat cheese and a citrus beet dressing. Very tasty and good counter to the beef cheeks.

2013 Apr 6
Beef cheeks in Korean broth was on menu 2 Sat in a row and apparently are now in freezer order too.

They had Caribbean coconut curry version this week on menu but did not make it in before they ran out.