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2020 Jan 2
This place is great.
I've eaten there twice in the past several months, and both times had delicious chicken schniztel (don't remember the specific flavours I chose), generous servings, and excellent spaztle.

There's also tempting desserts on display lining the wall (the first time I visited I bought some studel and rum balls to take home, the second time I acknowledged that I was too stuffed from my meal)

Being a lunch place and closed Sundays I can't often get there, but it's well worth it when I can.

2017 May 5
I went to JIJ's a number of times, and really liked it, but I was always the only person there. I think it was a good concept, the beer garden type thing, but maybe the wrong location, or the wrong time. I like the new Works a lot too, but the location and hours, and lack of good pilsener is problematic. However, they have been in their present situation for a long time, so it works for them, and that's great.

2017 May 5
Well for one this site has the two of them linked together as though they are part of the same establishment. We started that discussion some time ago but never concluded it in public at least.

And also it is just nice to know. I really liked Schnitzel House (JIJ Beer Garden) and the people who owned it and worked there. It would be nice to know they didn't go out of business but moved elsewhere, or something similar.

2017 May 5
I can confirm.

Been there about a month ago and spoke with the husband and wife owners. They are Slavic (can't remember which country).

And yes, they did own the Schnitzel House (JIJ Beer Garden) . They found it challenging bringing in a night time chef. That is why Schnitzel works is not open late (and no Om-pah-pah music). Their hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm Saturday 10:00am to 7:00pm.

He takes care of the front of the house and she is in the kitchen and enjoy a work-life balance by closing early and taking Sunday's off. Good for them !

There is talk of another Schnitzel House (primarily lunch) in another industrial park.

2017 May 5
Why is confirmation of ownership so important? The menu and quality of food is exactly the same.

2017 May 5
Has someone been able to confirm this place's connection with Schnitzel House (JIJ Beer Garden) ? I looked at the forum discussion to see there was speculation, but no talk of actual confirmation.

If there is a confirmed link, can someone say what it is?

2016 Sep 2
I've been wanting to visit this place for years but never had the chance as they were only open for breakfast and lunch during the workweek. BUT I noticed they are now open on Saturdays as well, so everyone can go!

My German Schnitzel and the Spätzle are described under the food items. The other photo here is my son's Canadian Schnitzel -- with bacon and smothered with melted marble cheddar. He was absolutely thrilled with it! :-)

2014 Aug 28
I was in the neighbourhood yesterday and stopped in.
Ordered the Weiner Schnitel platter and was very impressed. Good pork schnitzel, fabulous roast potatoes and a crisp salad. I'll be back

2014 Mar 1
I felt compelled to write about the “SCHNITZEL WORKS” on Cyrville Rd, in Ottawa’s east end. Folks, the food is absolutely awesome! … the schnitzels, goulashes, vegetables, red cabbage, sauerkraut, spaetzle… etc! is as authentic as sushi is in Japan, pasta is in Italy, pastry in France … everything is made from scratch! This restaurant IS the cats meow when it comes to having and enjoying “real homestyle” European food!
No, I am in no way shape or any form related to the owner or hang out at the restaurant (though I probably should) … I just really like German/European food, its authenticity, and the people who own/run this place … period! With this being said, if your ever in the eastend and want a quick, delicious, breakfast or lunch, you have to try it for yourself and I guarantee you’ll be back for more. REALLY GREAT FOOD !!!

J. Kevin L.

2011 Dec 19
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2016 Sep 2
While they do offer full dinner-style schnitzel plates, the menu focuses on the schnitzel sandwich. There are a good dozen or so options with a diverse array of toppings and sauces. I had the German Schnitzel, which was a fried version of a Jägerschnitzel. The sandwiches are served on good soft Kaiser bread generously adorned with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and pickle. Delightfully priced at $8.99!

The schnitzel (pork) itself is tasty and of good size. I found it a little on the dry side so definitely choose a schnitzel with some kind of juicy topping.

2016 Sep 2
We asked for a side order of Spätzle ($6.99) because we love it so much. Splashed with a little gravy, it was carbalicious! The portion is probably enough to feed someone for a meal. Good to have a place to go for this!