Schnitzel Works [Food/Vendor]

2011 Nov 3
Has anyone tried this place on Cyrville Road? I'm pretty sure of what to expect, but want to know if anyone has blazed a trail ahead already. I couldn't find any reviews or mentions of that name.

I mean, it could be an offshoot of a particular burger franchise. I don't know.

2011 Nov 3
I believe I heard that there's a connection with the old Schnitzel House (formerly on Wellington, Absinthe now occupies the space). My source could be wrong.

2011 Nov 3
Oh man, I really miss Schnitzel House (JIJ Beer Garden) . Their food was extremely good and their beer selection was as well.

2011 Nov 3
I'm not even sure Shnitzel House is still open. I tried calling a few times after i first spotted it months ago and no one ever answered.

Which was disappointing because i too miss JIJ's.

2011 Nov 3
I think Bank st Sausage supplied some of the JIJ products.
I only remember this because they had a link on the Bank st Sausage website with the JIJ webpage- and I tried calling the restaurant and no answer.

We also supply our products to other fine hotels, stores and restaurants i.e. Marriot Hotel, Chateau Laurier Hotel, Swiss Pastry, Saslove Butcher Shop and OrlinkĄ¯s Butchery.

You can taste our sausages at JIJ Eatery Snitzel House at 1208 Wellington Street.

I actually do not really eat Shnitzel thesedays, as my parents use to make tons growing up and I just don't really get around to eating it.

I know Bank st Sausage has a hot lunch most days (not sure of hours,best to call and see what they make).
I went once and it is a few hot dishes, sausages,not sure what else.
They might have Shnitzel some days,no idea. Went 1+ year ago.

Just saw this while doing my daily deal browsing :)

Swarmjarm Schnitzel works deal $5 for $10 food.

Schnitzel Works serves up Ottawa's best gourmet schnitzels from around the world. Famed for their previous location on Wellington Street - Beer Garden & Schnitzel House - their new restaurant features the freshest, crispiest and yummiest schnitzels in Canada. Explore their wide selection from classic German to Canadian, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Slovak, Greek and Hungarian schnitzels, and delight in their service which is open Monday to Saturday for breakfast, lunch, catering and take-out.

2011 Nov 3
Thank you. I think this is exactly the information I needed.

I always enjoyed going to the Schnitzel Haus on Wellington. I talked to the owner a couple of times and he did indeed get his product from Bank St. Sausage. I used to go there a lot for lunch and the odd game of footy on the telly.

2011 Nov 4
Schnitzel Works sounds like it would be good-
but looking at the location it is almost 1 hour from where I live by bus.

So for me, guess I'll just go to Bank st sausage as it is 5 minutes away from my place!

Will be curious to see how the Schnitzel Works is though!

2011 Nov 4
If I remember correctly, the Swiss couple that ran Schnitzel House (JIJ Beer Garden) had a small deli section when they first opened ... but closed it down due to lack of sales/interest. (Some) product came from Bank St. Sausage.

I hope they have a less garish sign on there new location. I know, signage is very subjective but I a few people asked me, after seeing the sign: "What IS that place ?".

2011 Nov 4
Swiss? I could have sworn they were Serbo-Croatian. I used to hear a lot of Slavic being spoken around there anyway. And the owner's name was Joshko (pr: Yoshko) which sounds more So-Cro than Swiss, to me at least.

2011 Nov 5
Could be So-Cro .. I remember they were proud to say they where NOT German.

2011 Dec 17
From what they've told me, they are Slovakian.

I'm a semi-regular client at the Schnitzel Works and the food there is awesome. The fact that the Cyrville overpass is still under construction makes it awkward to get to, but it's really worth the detour.

During Oktoberfest they even had a special menu with home made Spatzle, Rotkohl, Bratkartoffeln and Speckraut. (spelling?) All of which where delicious.

I recommend going at least once, if only to try it.

2011 Dec 19
I've been to Schnitzel Works 3 times now. They have some sandwiches on the menu as well as schnitzels. On the menu they have the "World of Schnitzel" which are schnitzel sandwiches with different toppings. They have sandwiches representing Canada, Germany, Italy, America, Greece, Mexico, Spain, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. My favourite (the one in the picture) is the polish with sauerkraut and melted cheese. The "World of Schnitzel" sandwiches all cost $7.99 and are HUGE! You could easily split one between two people, I prefer to eat it all though! My other favourite is their perogies which are awesome. It's definitely a great place to checkout at least once.

2011 Dec 19
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