Focus on pasta and seafood (specifically raw) with enough cooked food to keep everyone happy.

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2014 Sep 4
@Wheresdafood - what's that pictured bottom right in your post?

2014 Sep 4
Dropped in last Sunday. Really enjoyed the wine and food.

We ordered the Albacore Tuna crudo...Nice thick slices of Tuna and seasoned perfectly.

Beef Carpacio was good but I find the aged cheese to be a little bit to heavy for the dish.

Squid Ink Rigatoni was al dente and textures were nice.

Oysters were fresh and tasty.

At the end of the day, this place never disappoints.

2014 Jan 21
Visited Supply and Demand for the first time for a friend's birthday dinner the other night. Unfortunately they didn't have our table ready right at the reservation time, but we were able to sit at the bar and have drinks.

Our server was fantastic, he managed to figure out how many course to make out of the random number of plates we ordered and was incredibly friendly and accommodating.

We were a large group, so managed to sample a fair bit of the small menu, and were incredibly impressed. The tuna crudo was the best fish I've ever eaten. One member of our group actually ordered another portion after finishing his shared plate. The table ordered a few plates of oysters and mussels which were also apparently very good.

The gnudi were perfectly done in a brown butter sauce with fried sage, which is to be expected from a chef that came from Town. The smashed potatoes were crispy and kale salad was also excellent.

The only criticism food-wise was for the octopus in the surf and turf, which was apparently a little tough.

All in all one of the best meals I've had in Ottawa, even though I'm not much of a shellfish person. My boyfriend and I have already made plans to go back.

2013 May 20
Not that they need the extra publicity, but Nooschi has some fantastic photos in her writeup here:

2013 May 14
We made our first visit to Supply and Demand last night, and we'll be back.

Based on some of the reviews I had read, I expected the noise level to be a problem, but it really wasn't. The restaurant was full (nice to see on a Monday night) and while there was certainly a conversation buzz, my husband and I had no difficulty carrying on a conversation.

Service was very attentive and professional, and was extremely accommodating. I don't think we are difficult customers, but we know what we like and every request was greeted with a cheerful "can do" attitude. Example - my husband was craving a mojito, which is not on the cocktail list and requires the use of fresh mint. He asked the server if it was possible to have a mojito, and he indicated that he was not sure whether fresh mint was available - it was an ingredient in one of the menu items, but there may not be enough to spare. He checked with the kitchen, and sure enough, was able to come up with a very nice Mojito. Many other servers in many other establishments would have simply said no.

The menu is interesting, perhaps even eclectic. I can think of several friends and relatives who would struggle with it, but we really enjoyed it. Based on my review of the menu on the website together with the one available last night, there are a few things that are constants, but much of the menu changes regularly. As well, all of the preparations are creative and unique, so a timid diner is taking their chances at finding something that will appeal. However, those willing to take the chance are in for a treat.

As others have observed, the house made Parker House Rolls are fabulous. I share the reservations expressed about the duck fat served instead of butter. I enjoy good butter, and would have preferred that. My husband started with the raw oysters, which he enjoyed. He preferred one of the mignonettes over the other, but declared them both very nice. We shared the tuna crudo that so many others have commented about, and I echo their words of praise. It was light, tangy and beautifully seasoned. I had the chicken liver toasts, which were delicious. A creamy, almost mousse like liver spread topped with a sweet and savory compote (onions? Leeks? I forget). It was wonderful, but it was far more food than I expected. I had intended to try one of the meat/fish mains, but found that I just couldn't do it. Instead, I ordered the kale salad and the new potatoes. Both were outstanding - the kale salad prepared with a garlic dressing and crunchy bacon, and the potatoes served in a light citrus dressing. My husband ordered the mackerel, which he devoured. Mackerel is not my favourite fish, but that's my personal taste. He loved it. He also ordered the peas, and frankly, that was my favourite part of the entire meal...tender sweet peas in a creamy sauce with a terrific minty tang.

My husband ordered the cherry cheesecake trifle and it was outstanding. Very rich and decadent, and a large enough serving that if I hadn't stepped up to help out, he would not have been able to eat the entire thing.

We'll certainly return, but I think we'll be careful about who we take with us. Everything we tried was terrific, but with no basic "meat and potatoes" options, some might struggle with the menu.

2013 May 4
My wife and I had a lovely meal here last Saturday. It was packed, loud, and lively! Service was very casual, friendly, and efficient. Water was topped up regularly.

The food ranged from good to great. Here's the rundown:

* Bread (pictured) - Wonderfully dense and moist. Accompanied by super rich duck fat "butter" which I found a little hard to take. I prefer my duck fat crispy. No matter, as the bread is so amazingly moist that buttering is purely optional.
* Tuna Crudo (pictured) - Light and zesty, we loved the touch of mild baby cilantro.
* Chicharons (pictured) - This is apparently the Filipino name for pork rinds (from the Spanish chicharrónes). We both loved the freshness of these, as we have only ever had pork rinds out of a bag.
* Kale Salad - This was great. Nice robust Caesar-like caper vinaigrette dressing works really well with kale!
* Pickled Cauliflower Fritto - Fantastic! Lightly battering and deep frying pickled cauliflower is genius.
* Pork Belly with Polenta - Very rich and wonderful. This was the only main dish we ordered and, featuring a generous wheel of rolled pork belly, it might have been too rich for one person to eat alone. The sweet and tangy onion mixture helped offset the richness of all the pork fat. The polenta and gravy were pretty good too.

You can also see my Beyond the Pale (BTP) "Pink Fuzz" in the picture. I'd heard good things about this grapefruit-y beer and it was pretty amazing. It would be incredible to sip on a hot day for sure, but I'm not sure I'd describe the taste as beer. Somewhat facetiously, I might call this the White Zinfandel of beers. ;-)

For dessert, we had:

* Cherry Cheesecake Trifle - served in a jar with a foil cap (nicer than your average mason jar parfait). Good balance of cream cheese mixture, graham crumbs, and dried (but soaked) cherries.
* Brownie - chocolate ganache, stewed fig center, peanut butter crema (smeared around the plate). Rich and heavy, but very good.

I splurged for the Cave Spring Indian Summer Riesling with my dessert because I love Cave Spring Riesling and was curious. What a great less-sweet alternative to ice wine!

Big thumbs up all around!

P.S. I really should increase the picture size to match modern display technology, but in the meantime here's this photo on IG:

2013 Mar 18
This was the highlight of our visit this weekend. Stopped in for drinks and snacks at 5:30 on Saturday afternoon and got a table with no problem. Ordered some of the excellent cocktails and enjoyed the tuna crudo and the ricotta gnudi. Perfect pillows. This is a lovely room and the service was very professional - Ottawa, you're lucky! Visit and enjoy!

2013 Mar 8
Ate at Supply and Demand last night and boy was it a delicious, if a bit sinful, meal. We started out with a plate of oysters and cocktails. The oysters (can't remember the names), were offered up with you simple sauces and were nice and refreshing.

We then decided to order small plates to try as much as possible. We ordered the tuna crudo (the truffle oil on them was to die for and I quite liked the juxtaposition of the crispy puffed rice with the melt in your mouth texture of the tuna), the ricotta gnudi (there are no words, but Town's former chef knows how to make these, and with brown butter: AMAZING!) and the lobster bacon tart (thick pieces of lobster and bacon stacked on a pastry base, not quite what I expected but a million times more yummy); all wonderful! We could have ordered a bit more healthfully, but those items were calling our name. We also had a side of the sunchoke, and they were good, but I would almost suggest them as a snack instead of a proper side.

My only negative would be my grapefruit cocktail. For $10, it was kind of meh and didn't taste that much of alcohol. It sure went down quickly though!

Dinner for two with a beer, a cocktail and a glass of wine was $130 with tax and tip. I'll be back.

2013 Feb 25
This was my second visit to S&D and though there some hits and misses, they will see me again.

The hits: on the plate, duck tartare is my new favourite dish. Perfectly balanced and scrumptious, with just enough perfectly toasted crostini for mounding the tartare. I could eat this several times a week. The cauliflower fritto was another brilliant creation, with hints of smoked paprika (if I got that right) and a nice tang to the light dressing.

Service was another hit. It's clear everyone is on their game, but they are relaxed and gracious at the same time.

The misses: SO loved how they cook fish to perfection, but the undercooked chickpeas and overly salty and oily fennel slaw that went with the fish needs some acidity to perk up the plate. My tuna/prosciutto meatballs were bathed in a lovely tomato sauce, but the consistency/texture of the meatballs and the slightly undercooked beans were not to my liking. And lastly, the salt factor needs to be judged across dishes. We use salt in our home cooking but there was far too much salt present at S&D and it nixed the other things that were working well. A bit of adjustment is all it needs.

The kitchen took these comments in stride and offered a complimentary dessert. We were thankful but regrettably too full to accept.

Will definitely be back.

2013 Feb 22
For dessert, there was the Arnold Palmer triffle, a chocolate cake and the bread pudding.

The bread pudding in one word yumm... Crispy on the edge, with a bit of syrup and custard and a scoop of cinnamon ice cream.

Paired it with a glass of Spearhead Morrocan Brown Ale and the dark slightly caramel flavour went well with the dessert. Only drank half of the draft since I am driving.

I was sitting at the bar and the service was brisk and very friendly. A few interesting cocktails went out in martini glasses.

Another couple at the bar shared what looked like the triffle and they seem to have clear the jar so it must have been good.

Overall a nice addition to the Ottawa scene. The menu is small and even if you don't find enough you like for a full meal here, it could be an good stop for tapas / small plates.

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