Focus on pasta and seafood (specifically raw) with enough cooked food to keep everyone happy.

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2013 Feb 22
For dessert, there was the Arnold Palmer triffle, a chocolate cake and the bread pudding.

The bread pudding in one word yumm... Crispy on the edge, with a bit of syrup and custard and a scoop of cinnamon ice cream.

Paired it with a glass of Spearhead Morrocan Brown Ale and the dark slightly caramel flavour went well with the dessert. Only drank half of the draft since I am driving.

I was sitting at the bar and the service was brisk and very friendly. A few interesting cocktails went out in martini glasses.

Another couple at the bar shared what looked like the triffle and they seem to have clear the jar so it must have been good.

Overall a nice addition to the Ottawa scene. The menu is small and even if you don't find enough you like for a full meal here, it could be an good stop for tapas / small plates.

2013 Feb 22
Also ordered the fried sunchoke with chili, rosemary and pecorino.

Very interesting since my mom grows them (jerusalem artichokes) and I had a cream soup made up of jerusalem artichoke and topped with bacon in Paris in Jan.

There was a bit of pecorino cheese sitting on the top. I would have preferred the fried sunchoke to be tossed with the pecorino so the cheese is more distributed. It is served in a small cast iron dish so difficult to mix it without making a mess.

Tasty but a little too fried for a regular pick. The beet dish someone else at the bar is having looked very interesting so might try that next time.

2013 Feb 22
Was in the neighbourhood at Capital City Luggage to pick up my Briggs & Riley rollaboard from reparis and decided to check out Supply and Demand based on the reviews and wanting to support a new restaurant that was hit last week.

Was also going Petit Bills so did appetizers and dessert here. Had bites at the greek place when it was trying to be night clubby with blue walls and funky lights so much prefer the blue on white seahorse? wallpaper.

Had the Tuna Crudo and the tuna was fresh and tasty. Not a fan of cilantro but only light hints of it on the palate. The sprouts add a little contrast but I like my raw fish fairly plain since the star should be the fish so did not take that much of the dressing on the plate.

The puffed rice was interesting to try but for me the texture contract was only a side note and while the color contract was interesting, it was not critical for the dish. I prefer red tuna over albacore tuna but would definitely order this again.

Had some Pink Fuzz on draft. You can taste the grapefruit in the flavour profile. This reminds me of Blue Moon with orange that I liked many years ago before they got bought out and went mass market. This actually paired decently with the tuna.

2013 Feb 18
Visited here at the beginning of February and had some different observations/experiences from Brian Mc – I guess this is normal since, at the time, they had only been open for about two weeks.

Firstly the décor: I thought the restaurant had more of a Paris brasserie feel with the mirrors on the wall and the tiled floor – nice to see something different from what has been popping up around town lately. I like the fact that you can see into the kitchen and, although there is a substantial tradition bar, there also seems to be a smaller bar directly looking into the kitchen (next time I want to sit there!).

Also, our service was incredibly fast, almost too fast (I think we were only there for just over an hour, although we ate a full meal). I felt a bit rushed and would have liked to have lingered longer. It also was quite loud with all the hard surfaces (not a complaint, just an observation).

And lastly, the place was completely full early-ish (~6:30) on a Tuesday night. Good for them!

Overall I found the food to be enjoyable, although it was not one of my favorite meals.

We started by sharing the raw dish of slices of albacore tuna which were dressed with lemon, truffle oil and cilantro. What was referred to as “puffed rice”, but in my opinion tasted more like uncooked grains of rice, scattered on the plate slightly turned me off what was otherwise a very delicious dish.

The two mains ordered were:
- grilled trout atop nicely flavoured chickpeas, fennel and apple slaw. This was my preferred dish. The flavours went well together and the fish, obviously fresh, was very tasty.
- I was not so thrilled with the pork dish which had two pieces - a fillet and braised belly (according to the menu). Although I was surprised by how moist the meat was, I found it was bland tasting without some sort of sauce accompanying it. It came with creamy polenta on the side and a mixture of kale and pine nuts. These sides were great but I wished the helpings were larger.

For dessert we tried the bread pudding which was perfectly paired with a scoop of spiced (cinnamon perhaps?) icecream. I particularly like this desert because it was not too sweet.

I would be willing to return and try some of the other menu items, particularly from the raw section, although I think I will wait a while.

2013 Jan 25
First Friday service. Nice space, sort of fishmonger feel with loads of white tile and navy blue.

Funny how much Ottawa has changed in the past 5 years. Showed up for dinner at 7 and the place wasn't full until 9.

Friendly service, if a touch slow, though I don't mind trading time for banter (some might).

A thumbs up for their beer menu. Beer is all the rage now, but so many restaurants mistake "local" for good. S&D's offerings are good. Wine menu is full of reasonable choices.

Menu is a bit confusing with "raw" "small plates" "from the garden" and "mains". Things are cleared up by the waiter quickly enough. Essentially a choose your own own adventure restaurant, part proper meals, part small plates. Bit annoying, but not a big deal.

Bread and butter were glorious. That's a pretty good clue of where this is going. Chewy rolls with a wonderfully nutty brown butter. Almost Chelsea bun like, but not too similar if that makes sense.

Start with tuna crudo with cilantro and puffed rice, beef tongue with crisps and tuna mayo, and Brussels sprouts with anchovy juice and bacon. All well-prepared and tasty. Tuna was fresh without being a cliche lime-cilantro type deal, managed to preserve the tuna flavour, puffed rice was a nice addiction. Beef tongue was the only miss of the night. Not because it was badly made, combination was just a bit off. Tuna mayo overpowered things. Tongue had a nice texture and (I think) flavour, but the mayo just made things taste like a tuna fish sandwich. I'm sure there's a better accompaniement for it. Brussels sprouts were wonderful, nice bite with a good bacony/fishy saltiness.

Main courses were trout with chick peas and apple/fennel slaw and pork fillet and belly with polenta, kale and pine nuts. Tuna was surprisingly hearty, with a real Spanish flavour, like it was cooked with chorizo. I was a bit worried about the pork being dull (a bone for the meat eaters) and it wasn't particularly exciting, but it was definitely tasty. Pork fillet was perfectly cooked, belly was melt-in-your-mouth with a nice bit of crisp, and the pine nuts were great little treasures.

Desserts were wonderful. Only two on offer, which was actually kinda nice, freedom isn't always a good thing. Root beer bundt cake and Arnold Palmer Trifle. Bundt cake was delicious. Cinnamon ice cream, heavy cake with a nice crunchy outside. Lovely rich caramel sauce. Can't really comment on the trifle, my wife was happy enough with it apparently.

$180 for 2 with per-dinner drinks, bottle of wine, and after dinner drinks. Great meal. Makes you feel good about where the dining scene is headed in Ottawa.

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