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2012 Aug 2
From what I understand (Full disclosure, I know someone who works there) they won't be cycling other breweries, they just have a great relationship with Kichesippi. The Hoegaarden type beer is the Hefeweizen seasonal and it is their own. They will keep their main brews and change up the seasonals. Next up they will have a Raspberry Ale.

2012 Aug 2
AD - It is from K'sippi. I believe they bring in a "guest" brewery for a couple months, perhaps two since they also had a Hoegarden type brew (don't know if it was their own), which I didn't try since I'm not a Hoegarden fan.

2012 Aug 1
Hey Boxers, can you clarify something from your review?

When talking about the beers, you say you had their 'Hell Or High Water' beer. Are they brewing a beer called that or are they serving Kichesippi's 'Heller High Water?'

2012 Aug 1
Usually go to pubs with friends for some good company, lots of beer, pub quality food and a place with a vibrant atmosphere with friendly staff. Big Rig hits on all the prerequisites.

Been here a few times and to date the experiences have all been pretty good for the most part.

The hits...

Really enjoyed their Quatrro Carne pizza which is loaded with cheese and toppings. Their pizza is apparently one of their best menu items according to their wait staff and I would tend to agree. A few of the guys have really enjoyed their chicken and avocado sandwich.

The in-betweens...

Pulled pork sandwich was passable

The misses...

Apparently they will not cook a burger medium and would prefer to serve them well to extremely well done. BIG, BIG miss on the burgers and this experience has been shared by a couple of other guys at the table. The fries were okay, just nothing special.

Their spicy Canadian maple wings, which sounds really good, really missed the mark. Barely a hint of maple and no spice whatsoever. It was almost dry wings with a hint of something.

The beer story...

Not really a beer aficionado, but I usually do enjoy and prefer a good red or pale.

I liked their red, their red, their red, gold and hell or high water beers. Their IPA not so much, had a weird taste before and after consumption. Not a stout fan, so my thoughts on their stought would not be fair. The brown was okay.

Took a quick look at their kids menu and was surprised at how cheap the items are. Might even consider bringing the family for a visit.

The barside is always busy and their staff have all been very friendly and attentive.

Definitely on the list of places to go with friends for beers and pub food.

2012 Jul 26
I have visited twice since they opened and while the beer was great, the food has been disappointing. The prices are very high ($10 for 5 potstickers, $3.50 for a side of gravy, $11.50 for a house salad). The portions are small for the prices they charge (particularly for the apps and sides).

Fish tacos ($13 for 3) had little quarter-sized chunks of bland fish. The fish tacos at Mucho Burrito are a hundred times better than these.
The burger was standard, good bun..but the fries were limp and not at all crispy.
I enjoyed their white beer and the gold. Unfortunately the beer alone is not enough to bring me back. I would hope that they adjust their prices or at least up the portion sizes. I think they could also benefit from a smaller menu.
The menu is so large, it makes me question the 'fresh and homemade' mantra that they want their food to represent.

The service was a bit awkward. The side plate that I was still using was snatched away by a busboy before I could swallow and ask him not to. On the second visit, again there were multiple servers/busboys lurking around waiting to grab whatever it appeared wasn't being used on our table. My beer glass with an inch or so of beer still in the bottom was almost snatched away too. The over-ambitious table clearing was not appreciated, although I suppose management must be directing them to do so.

2012 Jul 12
Went Monday evening with a friend to celebrate Canada's first-ever medal in world-level orienteering competition, by a local girl. Yay!

Service was fine for me. Prices may be a touch high, but not ridiculously so. The menu was... pretty wide. Some things I stayed away from, looked too much like outliers.

I had the fish and chips - how else to evaluate a new pub? It was perfectly okay, nothing great, but nothing bad. Fries however were lower quality and plentiful, I didn't finish half of them.

But what about the beer? They have 5 regulars and one seasonal, and sadly the hefeweizen was not ready yet. My friend had the IPA, which he says is a hops bomb, as the nose certainly shows - 60 IBU. whoo. I had a sampler of the other 4:
- Gold is an ale, not lager or pilsner, and was actually more tasty to me than most light-coloured beers I've had. Fine summer beer.
- Red was definitely tastier, and more what I'd have on a patio as a light offering.
- Brown was... yummy for me. Really yummy. I downed half of the taster at the first try. Bit of caramel taste, bit of hops, bit of better consistency on the tongue.
- Stout was intriguing, maybe more coffee taste than I like (I don't like coffee) but certainly not bland.

The Brown was the overall winner, as both me and my friend got a "small" 12oz glass of it to finish our meal.

He had the beef stroganoff, and as I surmised, he found it very.. eh. Not what I'd get in a pub (like ordering veal parmigiano in IHOP - yes, they have that on the menu).

Desserts were quite nice, an apple pie with a crumbly instead of pastry top, and the kitchen happily accepted my friend's request to switch the ice cream for a slice of aged cheddar (he swears by it.) though the cheddar was "aged" in the slightest sense. Still, he enjoyed it. I definitely enjoyed my sugar bomb - I mean the caramel cake thingie of crunchy goodness.

I'd definitely go back for a nice beer or two with appetizers, especially recuperating from the nearby arcade. Looking forward to trying the hef too.

2012 Jul 5
We've been here twice now, the first time on the opening weekend (when they re-opened after their fire) and then again over the long weekend. We're pretty easy going when it comes to newly opened restaurants and it was mostly smooth-sailing when it came to service but there are still a few glitches to work out (like an incorrect order which, to her credit, the waitress caught before it was delivered to the table). The menu, as mentioned by others, is big; larger than I would expect would be a good idea, but they know their customer base better than I do. The food for us was mostly a success. I had the Fort McMurray burger the first time and enjoyed it. I also had the fish sandwich (think fish and chips but with the battered fish in a bun) which I also thought was pretty good. You can substitute onion rings for an additional $2.49, but you get a pretty modest number so I would probably skip it next time around. My wife had the Asian Shrimp Bowl which she thought was ok but wouldn't order again. The second time she played it safe with a burger which she also enjoyed. The kids enjoyed their pizzas.

The beer was the highlight for us. I really enjoyed both the IPA and the Hefewiezen. The Gold is a beer targeted at the macro-crowd, and is a pretty nice - it would go down well on a hot summer day. I was less impressed with the Brown - tasted a bit thin and lacking in flavour for me. I enjoyed the Stout but not nearly as much as the IPA or Hefe.

Overall enjoyed the visits. It's not a 'destination restaurant' for the food but the food is good and the beer even better. I'm glad to have another locally owned brewpub in the city - the more the merrier.

They sell the Gold in bottles (six packs) and the rest in growlers. Availability of a particular beer to take home (other than the Gold) seems to be hit and miss from my experience, at least at this point.

2012 Jul 4
Made a reservation and went to Big Rig last Friday night. It was a zoo so I'm glad we had the reservation, otherwise would not have waited for a table. Were seated promptly and didn't have to wait long for the first server of many to come to the table. All servers were friendly and helpful except for the one with the touch of sarcasm to his tone when asked a question. Not a huge fan of the multi-server format but I guess it works for them. Ordered the IPA and Gold--sold out of IPA so I ordered the Red. Both beers were very good. Ordered bottled soft drinks for the kids and after some confusion, received them just before the mains arrived. Poutine appetizer was good and disappeared quickly between the four of us. The rest of the food went downhill. Hubby's pizza tasted like "a decent frozen one" when I asked him how it was....son's pulled pork sandwich had the most miniscule amount of pork on it possible and the 6 sad onion rings on the plate that we paid extra for were greasy and undercooked. Daughter's chicken sandwich with avacado and gouda and sweet potato fries was the best meal amongst the four. I had Oven Baked Stuffed Chicken...chicken and stuffing both were very dry, mashed potatoes had a weird texture to them and beyond the carrots, I'm not quite sure what the other vegetable was. The stuffing also had no taste to it at all--just a pasty consistancy.

We left feeling very disappointed with food and stupified by the amount paid for what what we had received at Big Rig. I think they would benefit from a smaller menu and a more concentrated effort on pub style food. On a positive note, we really liked our big booth as it was comfortable and I think if you stuck with the beer and appetizers, you'd likely do all right. Right now I'm not in a rush to go back anytime soon.....

2012 Jun 23
Stopped in for lunch after a morning in the west end. Worried that we would have to wait around for a table given the packed parking lot and the inexplicably closed patio (26 on a Saturday in June???). Shouldn't have worried, the place is cavernous. Never would have guessed at the size from the road.

Experience waiting to be seated is perhaps understandably bumpy given how new the place is. Waitress asks us if we need a table for two... oddly skipping over the 2 couples in front of us. Then, when she goes to get our menus we're asked if we need a table by two more servers. It's immediately clear that this place has WAY too many wait staff at the moment. Not sure if it's a training thing or what, but there is literally a congo line of wait staff wrapped around the restaurant, none of whome are positive about what's actually going on... and I'm not trying to be mean, they're all quite nice and earnest.

Restaurant is all greys and browns with exposed ducts and faux-wood columns. A dozen or so flat screen tvs suggest sportsbar, but the walls are all bare. Would have expected kitschy hockey stuff... kind of missed it surprisingly enough. The bar side looks a bit cosier, but lacks the view of the impressive brewery on the east side.

Out of the IPA and Red a week after opening, not shocked. The Red was good when I had it from a friend's growler, but would have liked to have tried the IPA. Ordered a sampler that conveniently covered their other offerings (gold, brown, stout, hefe seasonal). $7.50 for four six ounce samples, which isn't horrible. That said, I was a bit peeved when the glasses arrived with a good ounce missing from each one. The beers themselves were surprisingly excellent. Not the most challenging styles, but each one is quality. Brown and stout are loaded with flavour, the hefe has some interesting notes to it, and the gold has a good grainy malt that makes it worth ordering. I shouldn't be too shocked, the brewmaster is, after all, from the legendary Spinnikers, but still, who knows what you'll get from a brewpub owned by a hockey player.

Food was not out of this world. I had the chicken and avocado sandwich, which was pleasant. Nice big meaty breast in a, er, "parmesan" crust. Side salad was not my favourite, cough syrup vinagrette I think. Wife's burger arrived late after they mixed her "Philly onion burger" up with the "Philly cheese steak". They should get their money back from their menu consultant. Burger wasn't worth ordering again, though the beer ketchup that were served with the fries was pretty interesting.

Overall, go here for the beer, and maybe some bar snacks. Have some patience with the dozens of wait staff who seem to be trying hard to figure things out.

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Beer 4


2013 Feb 8
I rarely enjoy a beer as much as I enjoyed the seasonal Scotch Ale here!

Rather than try to describe how it tastes, I'll list other beers I've enjoyed so you can see how our tastes match up. I'm not a big beer drinker and I like relatively malty and usually red beers. The beers I have loved in the past include: De Koninck, Boreale Cuivree, Kilkenny, Caffrey's, Beau's Nightmaerzen, Kichesippi 1855, Rickard's Red (draught only), Muskoka Cream Ale.

Most other beers I just don't like very much. :P

This Scotch Ale is something else. Good to the last drop, whereas I often grow tired of a beer half way through the pint.

2012 Nov 2
I picked up a growler of their IPA. Very good on its on. Not so good when your 3 year old pours strawberry yogurt drink into it. Beer + Strawberry Yogurt != Lambic

Pizza 3


2012 Aug 13
Portion sizes here are ridiculously large (not something I ever complain about). I was ravenous when I ordered, and I opted for a small Quattro Carne pizza with thin crust ($16.95). I managed to eat half of it before hitting cheese overload. The regular crust is really thick and looks good too.

As you can see from the picture, this pizza is very well done -- even charred in places. I like this. The flavour was great in an ooey gooey yet refined way. It is touted as "Montreal style" pizza. I'm not sure what that means, but it's fine with me as a once-in-a-while alternative to the scantily dressed thin crust pizzas I've been enjoying from Ottawa's wood ovens.

I would order this again, although I'd probably pay 3 bucks less and just get the straight bacon one. I didn't think the pepperoni, salami, and meatballs added much to it.

Nachos 3


2013 Nov 16
The pulled pork nachos were really nice--the pork is much tastier than the chicken. Condiments are now served on the side and the tiny jalapeņo peppers are good!

2012 Aug 13
At $16, these "pulled chicken nachos" are some of the priciest nachos in town but I bet they're also the biggest. I'm tired of seeing a skimpy flat portion of nachos for north of ten bucks (The Brew Table I'm looking at you).

I tasted one and found it to be the delicious tender-crisp kind of tortilla chip I like so much. It will be hard not to order this on my next visit. I would have to wear my eating pants.

2013 Oct 14
The #4. A plain burger with 2 grilled cheese with sriracha mayo sandwiches with mayo as buns. The sandwiches were buttery and nice, and added good flavour to the burger. I asked for garlic aioli on the side because I love saucy burgers. I'm glad I did, because I found that the burger itself was missing something (bacon, sauce).

I miss the burger they used to have with the onion strings. It was my true love. I have a picture of it, too.

2013 Feb 8
I was pleased with the freshness and flavour of the rings here! Thick cut onion in a crunchy and tasty beer batter. These are classic rings done right, without any unnecessary cleverness or fancy.

Except for the dip. It was unnecessary and overpoweringly perfumed with liquid smoke. I found myself moving it some distance away so I could enjoy the rings without receiving unwanted input from my nose.

At $8.50 this is not exactly a bargain priced plate of rings, but it's a generous snack and it hits the spot with a pint.

2014 Mar 14
Enjoyed the pulled pork sandwich last night here. The pulled pork was tender, juicy, and not too sweet. Sure, it lacked the wonderful crispy bits found in real charcoal BBQ but it was still good.

The sandwich was accompanied by a mountain of totally addictive salted brown thin fries. I could eat plates and plates of these! Dangerous in a good way.

The "brioche bun" was unnecessary and something I'll ask to be left off next time.