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See also: Zaky Grill & Broast
Broasted Halal Chicken and Grilled Meats in the Walmart Plaza at Baseline and Clyde.

Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Fried Chicken at Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Fried Chicken at Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Foods from Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill

2012 Oct 23
Well I am happy to report from todays visit - they have removed the weaskest link with their meals - The Frozen Fries are gone asnd they now are using Fresh Cut fries with the combos - Only complaint now was there were too many on my plate (if thats a bad thing). very good and well spiced I tried the Steak sandwhich combo and it was probably the closes thing I have eaten when I worked in Philly - a real nice Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. Great food, great service and good folks !!

2012 Oct 5
Well ..back again and the sizes of chicken were back to where they were when they opened up. Again, 2 thumbs up !! And they now have a second Broaster installed to make for quicker service. For you East end residents, I was talking to the owners and they are opening a second location at Donald and St Laurent (in the Winners Mall) and expect to open January 2013. Its bigger with 2 Broasters for Customers and additional Broaster in a second area for Catering. Good to see a family business work hard on some damn good chicken and expanding. Well done !!

2012 Sep 4
Finally tried Zaki... takeout 4-piece dinner, late Aug 2012, Thursnite.

I'll get the minor negative out of the way first... fries were meh and dinner roll thing was bleh. Running the fries under the broiler at home gave them some much needed crisp but didn't add flavour. Wouldn't bother with the wasted carbs next time.

On to the spicy bird... it lived up to the hype. Four pieces of meaty, spicy goodness, moist, crispy skin, very tasty. These are not huge pieces, ie the four together amounted to about a half-chicken worth of meat at Swiss Chalet or St-Hubert, but price-wise and taste-wise better than those options. Not the bestest chicken ever in my life, but for a fast-food-style place in a strip mall, pretty awesome.

And for $11ish tax in, can drink included, the four piece dinner is solid value for dollar. Phoned the order in, it was waiting for me on arrival 15min later. Staff were pleasant place was clean, and bright. Will be back, especially because they're open late.

2012 Aug 20
And this is why I usually order 4 or 8 pieces of chicken, without sides. And I also usually phone in my order in advance.

Also, next time ask for the green chutney. yum.

2012 Aug 20
Iíve tried it, and I didnít love it. After a long wait, 35 minutes for a two piece meal (thinking it would be 10 minutes tops). I didnít receive any apology (ie: ďsorry for the waitĒ, nor did they tell me it would take so long). Wait aside, I didnít find the food that memorable. The fries were an unseasoned or under -seasoned (freezer variety). Meh. Hot sauce wasnít good for me, just plain old heat with no real or deep flavour.

The chicken: was alright, it was good, but I didnít find it thaaaat juicy, or crispy or anything. For me it was just fried chicken, that was not so greasy . Ok. Again, I didnít love it. They charged me an extra 2 bucks for white meat; ok no big deal, thatís a normal thing to do. All in all, for $10.10 I was underwhelmed. I wonít go out of my way for Zaki. Donít think Iíll be back anytime soon. The garlic sauce was good though, I would bet it was mayonnaise based as opposed to the oil and garlic base of a shawarma sauce.

Another thing I noticed was that the menu states the combo comes with a biscuit. What you get is a dinner roll, not a biscuit. It was a decent quality roll but its clearly incorrect calling it a buscuit. I was expecting somthing else.

2012 Aug 19
Been waiting 30 minutes for my two peice chicken meal.. This better be good, not impressed so far.

2012 Aug 14
So...I tried to stop in for lunch yesterday, and I was informed that they were out of all chicken. Apparently they sold out on Sunday, and the new batch had to marinate for 18 hours, so there would be no chicken until 7:30 that evening.

If you're coming from far away, you might want to call ahead to make sure they are able to fill your chicken order. Although this kind of thing (I guess?) happens when you do things the "right" way, it can lead to disappointment.

2012 Aug 14
We popped in on Sunday, boy am I glad we did. The chicken was moist as ever, we did two spicy, two normal. And a set of 3 chicken strips. The flavoring on the normal changed, I like it more now, there's more seasoning.

Though the chef said he hadn't changed anything recently, but I haven't been for some time.

The spicy is now done in a Louisana sauce, which is better than the Franks which was vinegary. I think I'm at the point now to enjoy their chicken without the spicy sauce.

BUT!! I'll for sure get it with the green chutney, they only give it out with some other dishes. So you have to ask. It's SUPERB. Unlike any other green chutney I've had. My experience has been around couriander and in some cases couriander/coconut chutneys. But this is tangy, has some heat, and zesty garlic.

They also changed the red sauce, originally I didn't like it, it was off. But she mentioned she went back to her original recipe, and its very good.

Service was great, these guys are genuine and friendly.

I noticed the chicken strips when being prepared started as real cuts of fresh raw chicken breast, not from frozen!!

@Tree Pug, the garlic did kinda taste a wee bit different. But I wasn't sure, with everything being different, save for the fries and the buns. I was starting to think I might be losing it!

2012 Aug 10
I stopped in yesterday and ate some delicious chicken. I have been here twice now and I have a couple of questions for the regulars:

Do you find the chicken salty? My girlfriend's chicken strips were really salty.

Did they change the garlic sauce recently? I do not remember it being so addictively good I even ate the fries using them as a garlicky goodness delivery system.

2012 Jul 17
I decided to stop by to see if things have indeed gone downhill (I was also suffering from a broasted chicken craving). I am delighted to report that the quality of my chicken matched the quality of my first visit.

I admit that I carried my 4 piece combo home, in the digusting heat, with a pit stop at the grocery store, so I blame only myself for the sogginess of the fries.

The chicken pieces were very large! I got a breast, thigh, drumstick, and wings, all meaty, juicy, and tasty. I'll be back!

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2013 Nov 26
I was dragged to this place even after I explained to my buddy about the tiny pieces of chicken. We both ordered four piece meals and it took 20 minutes to get our food. Not a big deal but the temperature was turned down to 55F and we had to keep our jackets on. After about 15 minutes one of the cooks came out and turned the heat up to 66F. I have to say the chicken was juicy but not worth the $ for the a tiny pieces. Seems no place in town serves any decent sized pieces of chicken so sadly for Ottawa this is about as good as it gets. The fries were awful. I would give them worst I have tried in Ottawa so nothing has changed in that department since my last visit. They were dried out low quality flavorless fries straight from a frozen bag. To top it off the bun/roll was so stale when you tore it apart you could see a difference in color on the inside compared to the middle of it. Can you say freezer burnt. I hear there is another boaster place out on Innes Rd that is due for a visit to see if the small chicken plague will continue. Pic is a thigh. It may look average but not that much meat on it at all.

2013 Sep 26
For you East End folks - from Zaki's Facebook Page:

Salamu'Alaikum Ottawa, Hope you are all well - On behalf of Zaki Boast and Grill, we are pleased to invite you all to our grand opening of the East End location this Friday, September, 27, 2013 @ 11:00am! You can find us at the Donald Plaza, off of St Laurent Blvd, our restaurant will be open until 11:00pm. We look forward to seeing you all soon Insh'Allah. Please feel free to contact us for any additional information through Facebook, or call us 613-740-1500.

2013 Jun 6
Yes, it's juicy and not very greasy. On the downside it isn't very crispy. A great alternative to the fries is to get the rice instead. It is seasoned basmati and they were happy to sub it for the fries last time.

2012 Aug 9
This chicken is amazing like everyone said: plump, juicy, crispy, incredibly non-greasy, and lightly seasoned. The seasoning is very mild, which allows you to enjoy the chicken flavour but it might be too mild for some. I tried one of them tossed in hot sauce, and it was nice to have variety but I prefer them plain.

Fries were seasoned and boring. I ate a few of them and left the rest. I took one bite of the unnecessary bun to see how it was -- not too bad. Go for the chicken. ;-)

I'd like to get a 4-piece meal with salad instead of fries/bun. That would be awesome.