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Broasted Halal Chicken and Grilled Meats in the Walmart Plaza at Baseline and Clyde.

Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Fried Chicken at Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Fried Chicken at Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill
Foods from Zaki Broasted Chicken and Grill

2012 May 17
Chutney and spicy chicken are not on the menu! How did you score this top secret option!?

2012 May 17
So I convinced myself that I really should take a break from my clients proposal and visit Zaki's again.

Glad I did, though I must admit I'm too full now to do any proper work. lol. Lucky I saved half of everything for later.

So I tried a number of items.
Skewer *as pictured
A skewer of Shami Kebab, which is a mix of beef and lamb (as per the Yemeni chick who handmakes the amazing green chutney). I opt'd for the skewer alone which was served with a slice of lemon, hot pepper rings, and a couple pickles. I grew up eating at a pakistani friends house. This is the exact quality of kebab I got there, amazing. I've wandered Ottawa looking for a decent kebab, the lebanese and other ones we get here just don't cut it. The meat had flavor, coupled with the spice presented by it, a squirt of lemon. and inbetween bites of pepper and pickle.. man. This was a great experience. I'd get this again, and as a result of my experience try every kebab on their menu lol. Personally, I'd order the kebabs with naan, as that's how I enjoy eating em.

Made a note to try it next time, as the Afgahi gentleman who is one of the chefs advised. It takes 10minutes, and is made FRESH. Now the naan they improvised for me within a minute to go with my hot food was a sandwich wrap kind, that you get from the grocery store. I know another foodie mentioned they had a prepared naan, perhaps that was it? Or maybe their Fresh naan is baked fresh, from frozen dough.. not sure.

Chicken (4pieces, spicy *Franks RedHot)
Excited to try the chicken with chutney on top, I returned almost solely for this lol. Now when one of the chefs saw me he said he had a spicy chicken he wanted me to try. So I'm like sure I'm ready! Gave me an excuse to come back and try the chutney one, plus who knew, this could have been the best spicy chicken ever. Now this was a different version than the spicy version from Tuesday, which was a dry spice. Today they did their broast chicken, and did a too liberal cover of Franks Red Hot Sauce.
While it was ok, A couple points.
-Franks isn't my favorite, it's found at every mom and pop pub, bar, and burger joint. It's the uninspired cooks idea of flavor.. or ..well. it's the North American idea of spice and hot sauce.

-If they continue with Franks, the application needs to be very light, a brushing so that the skin can absorb it, and still remain cripsy.

-These guys, the Yemini chef, the Afghani, and Chutney master come from a different pedigree, their food has taste (ethnic standpoint), I KNOW someone has a uncle/cousin/great aunt who makes the most amazing traditional hot sauce. They gotta leverage this for their spicy chicken. I mentioned that Franks was something too commonly found, and their concern is of anything traditional not have wide appeal in the Ottawa market. But for them, doing another spicy version is a work in progress, which is great. So I suggested offering a variety of options. Because they're right, you have to maintain mainstream market appeal.

The chicken came with fries, but they were different than Tuesdays batch. Today they had a bit of dusted spice on top maybe? Decent.

The biscuits, what comes to mind is a southern biscuit, or a british one. Here you get a grill toasted bun, very pleasant much to my surprise. I noticed between last time and today.. it was one of the first things to disappear from our plates lol.

Qorma w Rice
The Qorma as a tomato based chicken curry. Similar to something I make at home, not heavy with butter or oil, subtle tastes of spice and tomato. Chicken was tender. The brown nice was also good, the grains were well separated without being oily. The Qorma was another very good dish. Wholesome.

You can really goto Zaki's for a great inexpensive meal, fresh, good quality. If you've read my reviews.. it's almost never I'm this fond of a place.

When are we going again...

Updated pics & Menu shortened link

2012 May 17
I'm on my own this weekend, so if any foodies see a harried looking guy there feeding 4 kids, its probably me. If not just be kind the guy :) Looking forward to this - sounds like a great new Ottawa spot.

2012 May 17
Guess where the family wants to go to dinner tonight????

Damn you blubarry ...damn you !!

2012 May 17
We tried this last night and it is a pretty good success. Again, the 8-piece chicken dinner, but with the greek salad and a couple of naan.

The naan were interesting. Not what I'm used to, but pretty good. These appeared to be pre-made, almost factory made. A bit of onion seed on top was nice.

The greek salad was okay, with big chunks of romaine lettuce from the heart of the lettuce that I don't think anyone ever really likes. Still, it was fresh and clean. There could have been more feta on it than the 6 tiny slivers I found. The yogurt/mint dressing was good.

The chicken was incredible. Nice and moist with a crisp skin. I had asked for the spicy version and I could smell what I assumed would be an over-abundance of Frank's Red Hot. Amazingly, I couldn't taste what I was smelling. It was just perfect. The best fried chicken I've had in ages.

Okay. I got the chicken out of the way. Now I want to go back and try a few other things. Seeing as they are only a hop, skip and a jump away from our place (TRA LA LA), I assume I'll be back often.

As each order is only cooked after it is ordered, you do have to wait a fair amount of time. Bring a book, or a phone with a book on it, or an interesting friend, or whatever. As mentioned before, it will take 10-15 minutes.

$30 for what I ordered.

2012 May 16
I also went for dinner here today. Got 2 4 piece dinners for takeout, 1 hot and 1 regular. Chicken was delicious, fries were average. Price was great.

Will definitely be back!

2012 May 16
Well, since it's like 5 minutes from my house via bus, I know what will be my pre-work meal tommorow. If any Ottawa foodies pop in, I'm the short 20-something with way too much hair.

2012 May 16
Here's a public link with hi-res pics of the menu. At some point they'll have their website updated so this will be redundant.

They told me the 5piece chicken fingers is actually cheaper at 6.99 instead of 8.xx.

I can't wait to go back for their fried chicken, this time slathered in chutney. Mmm. I had a piece of leftover chicken today.. Cold, and it was still crazy moist.. wow.

2012 May 16
I think some form of freemasonic cypher handshake would do the trick :)

2012 May 16
Captain Caper, no it wasn't me, I'm only 5'4", too old to be called a chick anymore and had jeans and a blue rain jacket on. It would be fun though to be able to identify each other. BTW, great photo of the cooker.

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2013 Nov 26
I was dragged to this place even after I explained to my buddy about the tiny pieces of chicken. We both ordered four piece meals and it took 20 minutes to get our food. Not a big deal but the temperature was turned down to 55F and we had to keep our jackets on. After about 15 minutes one of the cooks came out and turned the heat up to 66F. I have to say the chicken was juicy but not worth the $ for the a tiny pieces. Seems no place in town serves any decent sized pieces of chicken so sadly for Ottawa this is about as good as it gets. The fries were awful. I would give them worst I have tried in Ottawa so nothing has changed in that department since my last visit. They were dried out low quality flavorless fries straight from a frozen bag. To top it off the bun/roll was so stale when you tore it apart you could see a difference in color on the inside compared to the middle of it. Can you say freezer burnt. I hear there is another boaster place out on Innes Rd that is due for a visit to see if the small chicken plague will continue. Pic is a thigh. It may look average but not that much meat on it at all.

2013 Sep 26
For you East End folks - from Zaki's Facebook Page:

Salamu'Alaikum Ottawa, Hope you are all well - On behalf of Zaki Boast and Grill, we are pleased to invite you all to our grand opening of the East End location this Friday, September, 27, 2013 @ 11:00am! You can find us at the Donald Plaza, off of St Laurent Blvd, our restaurant will be open until 11:00pm. We look forward to seeing you all soon Insh'Allah. Please feel free to contact us for any additional information through Facebook, or call us 613-740-1500.

2013 Jun 6
Yes, it's juicy and not very greasy. On the downside it isn't very crispy. A great alternative to the fries is to get the rice instead. It is seasoned basmati and they were happy to sub it for the fries last time.

2012 Aug 9
This chicken is amazing like everyone said: plump, juicy, crispy, incredibly non-greasy, and lightly seasoned. The seasoning is very mild, which allows you to enjoy the chicken flavour but it might be too mild for some. I tried one of them tossed in hot sauce, and it was nice to have variety but I prefer them plain.

Fries were seasoned and boring. I ate a few of them and left the rest. I took one bite of the unnecessary bun to see how it was -- not too bad. Go for the chicken. ;-)

I'd like to get a 4-piece meal with salad instead of fries/bun. That would be awesome.