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Perogies at Brothers Beer Bistro
Brothers Beer Bistro
Brothers Beer Bistro
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2019 Jun 11
My first visit because the name sounded funny to me... lol! And a little out of where I normally hang out. I really liked the simple but cozy decor.

My friend and I started with one the beer flights and while some items were not available, the server some really good alternatives.

Then I couldn’t resist the buttermilk fried chicken, pictured. The chicken rests on a container of spicy fries. The sides were really fresh. The potato salad was delish!

Definitely checking out again.

2018 Feb 6
We hit up Brothers on Friday night looking forward to trying Steve Mitton's menu. We weren't sure what we would be getting since the menu on the website is not the same as the downloadable version. Turns out that the online menu was the right one.

TL;DR: Everything was a bit underwhelming.

We had the deep-fried rabbit nuggets, kim chi and duck sauce. Think popcorn chicken, but with less meat. the kim chi was more like sauerkraut with red bits in it. The duck sauce was spot on. Overall, not a memorable dish.

Smelts, tartar sauce and lemon was pretty solid. The smelts were filleted which is not something I'm used to. the breading was light. It was a solid dish.

Braised pork belly, Niagara peach salad and green onion relish was a bit confusing and too sweet. The pork belly part was good, but the portion was tiny. We didn't find the peach salad worked very well with it.

The Welsh rarebit was the best dish of the night. Really tasty and well balanced, but really small for the price.

The bottom line: We won't be going back anytime soon. Although the service was very good, the food was only average. Another thing that plays against this place is the room itself and the ambiance which is a bit rundown and too casual for the price point.

It's unfortunate for them that Bar Lupulus is doing the same thing as they are, but with way more atmosphere, better food and a better beer menu. Hopefully they can adjust.

2017 Dec 15
We dropped in for lunch this week to try Steve Mitton's new small plates menu. The list of options is quite long and everyone was pretty happy with their food.

I went with the Beets ($9), consisting of a delightful grilled slab of halloumi sitting on a puddle of mustardy dressing and topped with tender baby beets, sliced almonds, and orange zest. The flavours were great, if a little too sweet (yeah, that's how beets roll).

To accompany this relatively light plate, I chose the Frites ($5), which arrived quite dark, well sesasoned, and with a little cup of mayo for dipping. Given the name, I expected thinner and less seasoned French bistro style fries, but these were tasty and filled me up real good like. And of course "Beets and Frites" has a great ring to it.

This first visit was a promising one. Worth a revisit!

2017 Nov 29
Can confirm that Steve Mitton is going to Brothers Beer Bistro.

2017 Nov 26
Sounded like Mitton was pretty happy at Whalesbone. Interesting.

2017 Nov 25
I hear that Steve Mitton from Murray St is going to run the kitchen starting soon. Yeah, count me in.

2017 Nov 12
The Croque Madame ($15) was a solid lunch choice. A grilled Swiss cheese sandwich made with beautifully crunchy sourdough and wonderfully smoky ham, topped with mornay sauce and a fried egg. Kudos for including both salad *and* fries on the same plate.

The salad had a nice dressing but the greens were almost entirely escarole, resulting in an almost overwhelming bitterness. The fries had excellent flavour but lacked crispness. Don't get me wrong—the quality of everything was high and these are just quibbles.

2016 Feb 3
Back for another enjoyable meal at 3B's on the weekend with dd, her dh, their 2 yr old, and his sister from Newfoundland who we had picked up at the airport on our way in. We love this place, and dd and her dh have been quite often.
New to me was the addition of 'Mids' to the menu, dishes that fit in between appetizers and mains in size and price. Great, I thought. So I had a Left Field Brewery Eephus Oatmeal brown ale, quite tasty, and had an appetizer and a mid - Parisian gnocchi and short ribs, and enjoyed both dishes. That left room for dessert, a coconut crême brulée that was very well done and I enjoyed every last bit.
Others had the same gnocchi, the paella, the perogies, and the sea bass, and some truffles for dessert, and were all satisfied with their meals. The almost 2 yr old was well accommodated by the staff, as she usually is at 3B's. They provided some fish and rice for her dinner, and some soda water to drink, and she was happy with her meal too.
Good food, good beer selection, good cider, good staff. All good at Brothers Beer Bistro.

2014 Mar 18
I went here last night for St Paddies day with a friend. I enjoyed the two beers I had, and I decided on a lark to try their $15 charcuterie plate. I am very glad I did. What I picked was the Avondale Cheddar, the smoked duck breast, and another cheese that escapes me at this moment. My goodness, the duck was divine. Melt in your mouth tender and well smoked. The cheddar was also pretty nice I felt. Overall, I'd recommend this place.

2013 Mar 24
Date of Visit: March 13, 2013

Brother’s Beer Bistro attracted me initially after I saw a grilled octopus entrée on their online-menu. When I visited the place recently, however, I was disappointed to discover that the offering had been discontinued a few weeks earlier and I almost went elsewhere. I didn’t, as it happened, and, though the meal I ended up having wasn’t exactly spectacular, by any means, I still enjoyed a pretty nice evening…

The Food
Tuna Tartare ... Rating: 3 out of 5
Steak Frites with Roasted Brussel Sprouts ... Rating:3 out of 5

Even though the two dishes I ordered were less than well-executed, I enjoyed excellent service, some really good beers and a pleasant atmosphere. I would be happy to give the menu another chance sometime and I rate the overall experience at a decent 4 out of 5.

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2012 Jun 2
Well I was a bit underwhelmed at their chicken and waffles. For a $24 fried chicken plate the portion size of a chicken breast and the bone attached to it was a tad on the small side. I did not really get the Kichesippi flavor that it was brined in and the coating was no better something seemed to be off with the seasoning. Guess I am still remembering Lady&Sons fried chicken so my judgment may be a bit biased. The waffles were on the dry side and the slightly bitter syrup/sauce did not really do it for me,some butter probably would have helped. The slaw was ok and gravy helped but could not save this dish. I guess I just couldn't not get passed the price for chicken. Zaki blows it out of the water.




2012 Jun 2
The perogies were the hit of the evening but again a tad on the small portion size with only three small ones. The pig cheek was melt in your mouth packed with flavor and quite the treat. I had to use some bread to sponge up all that flavorful sauce another perogie or two would have helped with that dilemma.