Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
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2014 Jun 25
I tried this place for the first time on Monday evening (location chosen by my dining partner).

They have all you can eat ribs on Mondays for $21.99 and that is what my dining partner went with. I chose the blackened catfish served over collard green with a side of the mac and cheese ($19.99).

The catfish was honestly amazing. Collard greens left a lot to be desired. The mac and cheese was okay, but not as good as my mother's :)

My dining partner seemed to enjoy his ribs.

The cesears were pretty decent.

The place was fairly empty (6:30pm). Great patio, and clean washrooms. Great location, especially on a nice summer day. Friendly, attentive and helpful servers.

Would I go back? Likely not. Not enough lighter options on the menu. For the price paid I'd rather have gone for sushi or BBQ'd at home.

2013 May 6
I went here on Saturday night after looking forward to it all week. I do like meat!
Upon arrival, we were seated on their awesome patio. It was a lovely night. I ordered a pint of Shocktop (yay!), four ribs and brisket, with sides of beans, cornbread and tomato-feta salad (In retrospect, I don't understand that choice, either).
Unforchies, it was completely disappointing.
The rub on the ribs was tasty but overpowering. The meat on the ribs was super dry -- like they had been reheated a couple times. I don't know if that was the case, but I feel like I could have oven baked some grocery-store ribs and had better results. So sad.
I won't venture too much into brisket-judgment territory since it was only my second time eating it. I did not enjoy it like I did at the Smoque Shack about a year ago.
I enjoyed the beans and cornbread though. I don't want to talk about that silly tomato feta salad thing. 'Twas B-oring.
To top it off: weak Sangria, pretty steep prices for what you get and a very phoney server. So sorry, Fatboys. I wanted to like you real bad.
Final mark: C- (nice patio?)

2013 Apr 25
Has anyone been here lately? I am going on Saturday for a Birthday party and am wondering what would be worthwhile to order.....


2012 Apr 13
Fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, chilli, and corn bites all good; beef brisket just so-so, a little bland. The sides are quite pricey.

The atmosphere is fun and relaxing. Service was excellent. However, they do have to try harder on the food front.

I understand the owners sayings that they just opened, working on things etc. However, I don't want to pay for their 'testing'. I want it to be a place where I know the meat will be good each time.

Fatboys has some way to go... let's hope they do because it has the potential to be a really great joint.

2012 Feb 21
Fatboy's brisket slider, juicy and tasty. Things seem to have improved. Didn't taste the sides on my second visit though. Deep fried pickles in the background.

2012 Feb 21

2012 Feb 21
I went back here and was pleasantly surprised!I had the pull your own pork sandwich, generous mound of smokey tasty pork. My friend had the ribs and they looked like they had a lot of meat on them. he enjoyed them. Didn't have any sides.

2012 Jan 29
Up until the end of the year I lived around the corner from this place. I saw that the florist shop was gone and observed it empty for a bit. Then smiled when I saw the permit sign in the window. Watched various phases of construction in person (and later on line) and yes even answered the call when there were issues with locals and them getting their liquor license. Heck I even wanted to work there! I resisted the temptation of going there in the first weeks of being open as I wanted them to hit their stride before experiencing their food. Needless to say I really wanted to love their food.

Three of us went there on Wednesday night, which was the the night before their official grand opening. *sigh* I really wanted to like their food. *shrug* Its not that it was bad per say just not great and rather underwhelming.

I can get into specifics later but for now, this is what we ate:
Memphis Ribs - Pulled pork - Beef Brisket - Competition Style Chicken - Smoked Chicken Wings

And on the side: Coleslaw - Bacon Mac & Cheese - Smashed Potatoes & Barnyard Gravy - Southern Collard Greens - Kanzas City Cornbites & Maple Butter

2012 Jan 25
We had Ribs, with Beans casserole, Mac n' Cheese and potato salad. The only thing that was sort of ok was the potato salad. Ribs were anorexic and tough, Bean casserole was bland, Mac n' Cheese was KD'esque runny orange fake cheese sauce with micro amounts of bacon sprinkled on top. Good homemade mac n' cheese made with tasty sharp cheese isn't that expensive or complicated to make is it? Potato salad was decent with a sort of hint of mustard from what I remember. Side portions were pretty small. When I think BBQ, I think big, this was all meager. The ribs almost looked pathetic in the serving dish. No local beers on tap. I liked the BBQ sauces; the hot one had a good kick. Service was good. The band playing that night was too loud.

Really hoping they will learn from constructive criticism of reviewers and improve cause I'd like this place to succeed. Owners seem to have lots of marketing sense just need to find a really knowldgeable and talented BBQ chef to run the menu/kitchen!

2012 Jan 12
That post on Facebook was three hours ago probably after management read something on urbanspoon they didn't like,the reviews I question were posted two days ago.