Lebanese food, formerly where Mr.Sub and Go for Sushi was once located.

Shawarma Prince
Shawarma Prince
Shawarma at Shawarma Prince
Shawarma Prince
Shawarma Prince
Shawarma Prince
Shawarma Prince
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2016 Sep 3
Don't let the grim, Merivale Road architectural bleakness put you off; there's good food inside!

2016 Sep 3
This place is still going strong. The chicken shawarma sandwich and potatoes combo always leaves me stuffed with garlic-infused goodness. Tasty and fresh food, a clean restaurant interior, and nice staff makes this my go-to lunch stop whenever I'm on Merivale Rd. around noon.

2013 Aug 13
For what it's worth PL, they'll add more, even tonnes more, of any topping you ask for, no charge.

Aside Re Karara, great choice - i suggest calling ahead with your order if you're doing takeaway.

2013 Aug 12
During a recent shopping trip to Merivale I decided to make a lunch stop at Shawarma Prince. Since it was my first visit there the young man serving at the counter was helpful in assisting me make a selection. I decided on a mixed shawarma sandwich consisting of beef and chicken. He began with a pita, added hummus and garlic sauce, a lettuce leaf, two tomato slices, a couple of pickled turnips then an adequate amount of beef and chicken. It came with a side of potatoes with garlic sauce which took up half the plate. Although I was pleased with the fact that the garlic sauce was not overpowering and I felt I was given a sizeable amount of meat I found they really skimped on the toppings. I would have loved to have less potatoes and more toppings and I also found the food quite salty. I was drinking copious amounts of water for about 24 hours after until I no longer felt thirsty. Next time I head out to Merivale I shall try Karara instead.

2012 Mar 31
Just wanted to give an update -

Hubby and I have made this place part of our eating out rotation - I'd say we go about once every two weeks or so. Hubby has switched from the veggie platter (rice, potato, salad, dolmades, 2 falafel, hummus, roasted veg) to the falafel plate (rice, potatoes, salad,5 falafel, hummus) and finds it much more filling. Just a thought if you're looking for quantity.

I have been getting the chicken salad, and I ask for extra chicken. For an extra $2, they pretty much double the portion! Last night the guy making the salad put on the chicken, walked away, paused, came back, added another scoop, and with a smile said, "We're going to feed your real good."

I just can't say enough about the guys that work here - they are ALWAYS kind, welcoming, and generous. They recognize us now and get we a "Hey guys!!", which is awesome. You really don't get that a lot with take-out places, and it's a huge draw for us, in addition, of course, to the quality of the food.

2012 Mar 27
I had a beef plate here earlier today and, while the flavours were good (particularly the salad dressing), everything was very, very salty: the meat, garlic sauce, potatoes, hummus and salad dressing. My beef and my husband's chicken were also overcooked. I might give it another chance if I'm in the area and craving shawarma, but I wasn't wowed. Of the places I've tried in town, I think I still like the place in the food court of the Minto building on Kent the best, but can't remember its name. The garlic sauce is good, the meat is flavourful and the potatoes are not greasy. Their chicken salad is delicious.

2012 Mar 17
Dropped by for a chicken shawarma platter at 3:00pm today. The cost (including taxes and a drink) is $15.00 and change, and worth it, in my opinion. The serving was large enough that I could only eat 2/3rds; the rest was brought home in a take out box. The different platter items (salads, potatoes, chicken, etc.) were really fresh and tasty, and the young lads working behind the counter were polite and quick. This is one of my 2 favourite places (the other is Shawarma De Roza) to get shawarmas in Ottawa.

2012 Jan 17
I've been there twice so far this week, and have definitely found my new shawarma place. We live by the airport, so typically get shawarma planet or Andalos, but no more. The food is SO good here! On Sunday, my husband, toddler daughter, and I shared a vegetarian platter and a mixed shawarma platter. We had enough food for the 3 of us, plus leftovers for my husband for lunch the next day. Everything was very tasty and tasted fresh. The service was wonderful - they gave us extra turnip pickles and regular pickles after mentioning how much my daughter loves them.

Today, I grabbed a small falafel wrap before work. Absolutely fabulous. The owner was there, and I was very impressed - his last question of me was "Tell me something about here that you DON'T like". And honestly, I couldn't come up with anything. I still have the potatoes and garlic sauce waiting for me in the work fridge :-D

2012 Jan 7
i'm not a huge fan of shwarma places or lebanese food or all that kind of stuff, but boy was i ever impressed goign to this place, Rice was delicious, potatoes were a lil greasy but still good, there chicken is delcious, i had their wrap once too and one wrap can feed me for days, its HUGE, there portions are huge and its delcicious. I don't mind paying 15 bucks for the amount of food i got for the platter and just for 10 bucks i got the largest wrap ever.

place is soo much better than andalos down the street. i'll be omming to this spot anytime i'm feeling shwarma, not too bad that i just live on meadowlands too staff is super friendly aswell

2011 Nov 25
So I finally tried Shawarma Prince last night, and I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

I went for the chicken shawarma plate and also got a side of potatoes for hubby. I have a deep and enduring love of shawarma, and I have to say that I am absolutely delighted that this place is essentially in my back yard!

They had two big spits of chicken and one of beef going, and they looked fresh and juicy. The potatoes were being cooked as I was ordering, and all of the veggies were fresh (unlike the sad days-old turnips and hot peppers you sometimes see). I was offered a choice of white or brown rice and I went with the white, which is actually a pilaf with vermicelli noodles. Delicately flavoured and tasty, not greasy. The potatoes are deep fried and highly seasoned - salty (in a great way) and garlicky. The hummus is velvety smooth and delish. My least favourite item was the garlic sauce - it has the texture of overwhipped whipped cream - dry and almost crumbly (strange!) but the garlic flavour was there.

Amazingly, the fattoush salad is mixed fresh right in front of you once the rest of your plate is prepared - they grab a big bowl, toss together lettuce, veggies and pita chips (still crunchy! Not soggy!!!) and toss it is a lovely sumac-y dressing. I would defintiely get a chicken salad on a future visit knowing the salad is this fresh.

The chicken is juicy, nicely seasoned, and had no freaky bits. As the guy went over to carve the chicken, he just kept slicing and slicing, and I thought, surely that's not all for me?? But it was - he stuffed the container so full that it almost didn't close, and I couldn't believe the heft of the container as I walked out with it.

Now for the craziest part - everyone has been talking about the portion sizes. The picture you see is what was left AFTER I ate my fill. No joke. I had four ounces of chicken, a half cup of rice, a half cup of potatoes, a quarter cup of hummus, and a tablespoon of garlic sauce. Plus turnip, tomatoes, pickes, and onion. Salad was in its own container. Remaining is an additional 4 ounces of chicken, a cup of rice, a half cup of potatoes, a few tbsp of hummus, a ton of garlic sauce, and more veggies. Remember this also comes with pita! For $11.95!

Place is clean, staff is super friendly, food is fresh ,delicious, and plentiful. What's not to love?



2013 Apr 20
happy to say that portions have not decreased and prices have not increased here at all since opening ~2 years ago. quality is top notch - salad is mixed fresh on order and the chicken is always fresh and juicy. staff are usually very friendly.

it's refreshing to see consistency in all the above at a quick service place like this!