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2011 Aug 9
We tried the Family Mixed Grilled ($34.95) from the Hazeldean location today. Three meats: chicken, beef, and kofta kebabs. A mountain of noodle-rice and potatoes. A giant tray of fattoush with pickles and peppers. A generous tub each of garlic sauce and hummus, and an entire bag of pita.

Quality was uniformly high. The kebabs were all good: tasty chicken breast, lean steak, and nicely seasoned kofta. Plenty of yummy garlic sauce. Good hummus. Nice salad and carbs.

Shawarma restaurants offer some of the best food value anywhere! This is roughly the price of four fast food combos but is way more substantial and it's real food.

It takes some time for them to prepare these platters. I called in my order at 4:15, asked for it to be ready at 5, but showed up 8 minutes early and it was ready.

Nice one!

P.S. These are massive trays (12"x10"). The peppers are not pepperoncini sized -- you can tell by comparing them to the sliced tomato. ;-)


2010 Apr 20
I've been a few times, including today, and the food is always pretty good. The shawarmas are above average, especially compared to other sources in Kanata and Stittsville. The chicken was super moist and delicious today! I usually get the full platter, which recently went up in price ($11.50) but is still a good deal compared to most restaurants. It's a pretty standard platter: tons of meat, lots of potatoes and rice, pickles, tomatoes, fresh salad in oily dressing, and a pita.