Lebanese food, formerly where Mr.Sub and Go for Sushi was once located.

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2011 Nov 25
So I finally tried Shawarma Prince last night, and I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

I went for the chicken shawarma plate and also got a side of potatoes for hubby. I have a deep and enduring love of shawarma, and I have to say that I am absolutely delighted that this place is essentially in my back yard!

They had two big spits of chicken and one of beef going, and they looked fresh and juicy. The potatoes were being cooked as I was ordering, and all of the veggies were fresh (unlike the sad days-old turnips and hot peppers you sometimes see). I was offered a choice of white or brown rice and I went with the white, which is actually a pilaf with vermicelli noodles. Delicately flavoured and tasty, not greasy. The potatoes are deep fried and highly seasoned - salty (in a great way) and garlicky. The hummus is velvety smooth and delish. My least favourite item was the garlic sauce - it has the texture of overwhipped whipped cream - dry and almost crumbly (strange!) but the garlic flavour was there.

Amazingly, the fattoush salad is mixed fresh right in front of you once the rest of your plate is prepared - they grab a big bowl, toss together lettuce, veggies and pita chips (still crunchy! Not soggy!!!) and toss it is a lovely sumac-y dressing. I would defintiely get a chicken salad on a future visit knowing the salad is this fresh.

The chicken is juicy, nicely seasoned, and had no freaky bits. As the guy went over to carve the chicken, he just kept slicing and slicing, and I thought, surely that's not all for me?? But it was - he stuffed the container so full that it almost didn't close, and I couldn't believe the heft of the container as I walked out with it.

Now for the craziest part - everyone has been talking about the portion sizes. The picture you see is what was left AFTER I ate my fill. No joke. I had four ounces of chicken, a half cup of rice, a half cup of potatoes, a quarter cup of hummus, and a tablespoon of garlic sauce. Plus turnip, tomatoes, pickes, and onion. Salad was in its own container. Remaining is an additional 4 ounces of chicken, a cup of rice, a half cup of potatoes, a few tbsp of hummus, a ton of garlic sauce, and more veggies. Remember this also comes with pita! For $11.95!

Place is clean, staff is super friendly, food is fresh ,delicious, and plentiful. What's not to love?

2011 Sep 15
It's true - Shawarma Prince on Merivale is awesome! The rice there is really aromatic, cinnamon infused. The meat is equally well seasoned and very tender. The portions are LARGE for the $. I think they've taken top spot on Merivale for Lebanese.

2011 Sep 14
I had a chicken shawarma salad .It was too big, tasty juicy and fresh.very generous. today I tried beef platter and it was fantastic.
It looks like Shawarma Prince on Merivale is one of the best Shawarma in Ottawa.

2011 Aug 25
Yeah there are so many shawarma joints with variations on the same name I wouldn't be surprised if none of them are affiliated with each other.

As for reccommending a shawarma restaurant you gave solid reasons why you liked this place and that's good enough for me-;) I head out to Merivale three or four times a year to visit the big box stores and I'm always on the look-out for somewhere to eat other than a chain place. Nicastros, the European Deli and the Dutch Imports place are all good but I now have somewhere new to try!

2011 Aug 25
Yeah.. the map is totally wrong. It seems there are a bunch of Shawarma joints called "shawarma Prince", and I have the idea that they are not necessary the same business. I really don't know though.

The one I'm talking about is on Merivale just after Medowlands. The signage is very clear with a huge "Now open sign".

It's risky to recommend a Shawarma restaurant and make value judgements like (it's one of the best shawarmas in town), but I stand by it. It was very good.

2011 Aug 25
ilikerealfood How far up Merivale is this resto? I clicked on the location link but google maps points me to two locations on Innes and one location on Hazeldean. Is it closer to Baseline? Or further down near Meadowlands or Hunt Club perhaps? Your lunch sounds delicious and I am always looking for somewhere to eat on Merivale...

2011 Aug 25
Although subjective experiences vary, I'm not sure how genuine New User 4076's review is.

I checked out Shawarma prince on Merivale 2 nights in a row because I was really impressed. The restaurant is super clean, the ingredients are very fresh,, the quality of the meat is great and size of the dishes is more then reasonable.

On Monday I had a large chicken shawarma. It's too large - Maroush in Hull large. They have spicy garlic sauce, sweet sauce, tahini, hummus, regular garlic sauce, etc. They have no problem piling on the ingredients, (tabbouleh included) and the guys who work there are genuinely cool)

Last night I tried the beef/lamb shawamra and it was fantastic. Pictured is a small beef sandwich. (not that small eh?) Friggen amazing! I think Shawarma Prince on Merivale is a contender for the best Shawarma in Ottawa. It can certainly hold its weight against Maroush (hull and elgin) and Shawarma Palace.

I dined here with two different friends each respective time I was at this joint. Both of my buddies also really enjoyed it.

They just opened, so they may be putting on their best show for new customers. However if they keep it up, I'm sure they will survive.

2011 Aug 13
I will second JDK on Shawarma De Rosa they do things a bit different. New user 4076 does have some valid points that can be applied to the plethora of shawarma/pizza places when it comes to quality and standards. Many of these places just do not care and are in it solely for the $. I bet most don't even eat their own product.

2011 Aug 13
Sorry New User 4076, I have to agree on some of your points but there are many good and decent Shawarma joints in Ottawa that offer some great non-standard meals. I have spent many months in the Middle East for work and I have tried them all..both good and bad. If you are looking for something "non-standard" and a little different, try the Shawarma de Roza - Shawarma de Rosa at the corner of Prine of Wales and Fisher.. if you try it and have the same comments as you had with the rest of the Shawarma joints, I'll take you out for Shawarma on me


2011 Aug 13
This review is for the new Shawarma Prince that just opened on Merivale where Mr.Sub and Go for Sushi used to be.

The food here shares the same qualities as almost every shawarma joint in ottawa, terrible and unoriginal and I'm sure it will suffer the same fate as the rest of the failed eateries that came before it in that exact location.

The chicken was dry and lemony just like everywhere else, there's no pride in what these guys make, its almost like Lebanese fast food. Anyone that tells you this place is good is a white yuppie that doesn't know any better which seems to be their key demographic because white yuppies will buy anything.

Every shawarma joint in this city has no standards and none of them differentiate from each other, you get the same dry chicken, the same lame spiced rice, the same salad.. This place is nothing special you've had one bad shawarma you've had them all, BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL THE SAME.


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2013 Apr 20
happy to say that portions have not decreased and prices have not increased here at all since opening ~2 years ago. quality is top notch - salad is mixed fresh on order and the chicken is always fresh and juicy. staff are usually very friendly.

it's refreshing to see consistency in all the above at a quick service place like this!