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2009 Mar 28
We first went to the Coconut Lagoon in the fall of 2008 and the four of us enjoyed it tremendously; I haven't had as good an Indian meal in Ottawa since I last went to the original Nupur on Bank in the Glebe (not the New Nupur or any other incarnation since) back in the late 1980's or so. The food was exquisite in presentation and in flavour - the deep, rich flavours of the Kerala region. Two weeks later Anne DesBrisay reviewed the restaurant in The Ottawa Citizen and gave it the best review of an Ottawa restaurant serving Indian cuisine that I have seen. I think it was darn near as good as the best Indian food Toronto has to offer. My only quibbles from my first visit (and also my second) were that the lamb was a little too fatty for my liking (I will add that I think I may have a lower tolerance for fatty meat, even lamb, than others) and the mango lassi, while you couldn't ask for more flavour in it, is far too sweet for my liking - I'd like a lot more yogurt in it and a lot less sugar. I'll see if they can fix the lassi a little more to my liking next time or else try something else. We will return for the food, the service (attentive, quick, knowledgeable), but maybe not for the decor which is mainly pictures of the Kerala region of southern India. One last observation from our first visit - the place was full when we sat down, and looking around all the other customers excepting my friend and I were women; I gather that they knew a good place to dine out for really good food at a reasonable price.

2007 Nov 1
After many positive reviews I ate at Coconut Lagoon.

We had an assortment of dishes served in a lazy susan at the table.

The food was ok, not great, and the dishes were room temperature.
We should have sent the food back but we had waited a long time and were very hungry.

As a result of the food not being HOT we experienced discomfort that evening and will not be back to Coconut Lagoon.

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2010 Feb 21
Totally disappointed after hearing so many good things. The food was lukewarm, chicken in the butter chicken was dry, vegetable korma was basically just sauce. The only thing that saved it at all for me was the excellent gulab jamin I ordered off the menu for dessert, the Chai tea, and good service.
I have decided to give it another go and order off the menu, we'll see what happens.

2009 Oct 24
Long wait, but good buffet, and well worth the price ($12). One plate of rice, chickpea salad, chicken masala and butter chicken kept me full all afternoon/evening. Awesome naan.


2019 May 22
The vegetable thali was very good. I donít remember all the items but it included eggplant, chickpeas, lentils, among other things with a couple of spicy items. It came with a bread.